Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nah! I blogged!


Caught memorizing Moral Values for tomorrow's SPM's Moral paper... funny thing is he took a chair and sat in the porch to study.. -___-

Sis, hiding in the blankets while I snap this... online in the room...

I baked... Mocha Cake..

Dint wanna elaborate much.. same cake baking procedure.. just a different in taste and a bear mould.. Got this teddy bear mould from a shop in Tropicana Mall.. I think it was on sale.. :P

Funny thing is, I have plan to bake/cook something this trip home.. but dint go out to get any ingredients.. When I finally decided to carry my butt up and away from the laptop and Facebook, it was already 9.30pm.. I check all the stuff that I need to bake.. got everything I need, except egg... which left only 1 after mom used the rest for dinner..

I dint follow the recipe excactly I found(Mocha cake with starfruit topping)... cos after measuring 180grams of cake mix, I still left 60gms, so I poured all in and add an extra egg instead of 3.. and added 60grams of butter to instead of 45, 60ml of milk instead if 45ml... and at 9.30pm, I cant find starfruit, so I change it into orange..

The recipe wanted 150ml of vanilla whipped cream, but I only have 100gms from the last bake and so I open my other Chocolate cream to subsidise... lol.. I even changed the 60ml milk to chocolate milk cos there isnt any fresh milk at home.. only ducth lady choco drink mummy bought for brother... lol..

Lol, I even had kahlua for the syrup.. but in the end I dint use it cos dint wanna open my liquor yet.. :P

The cake was a little plain.. so I added some icing on top..

See... its like I HAVE EVERYTHING at home.. waiting for my dispense.. mummy had been nagging me I bought so much cake mix, icings and creams... there's no place to put HER stuff... lol.. so my aim now, ban myself from baking aisle in the supermarket, and try to make/cook something every trip im home... before everything I bought goes bad..

My Teddy-Tubbies... LOL

Monday, November 16, 2009

Couldn't be bothered ady...

Just feeling lazy to blog, or even post some pictures in FB...

I blame FB... so many games to play... addiction... once im done with games i kinda got tired.. and offline.. LOL

I have Bali trip pictures, still in the camera.. Random pictures from Sydney... Road trip pictures in JB-Melaka..

And some pictures I took for SouledSisters..

ALL.... Yet to be shrinked and upload... sigh...

Will try my best to do it asap *finger crossed*