Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gingerbread house~

If I can blog about it means it dint turn our as a failure.. :P

What I found online:

Got light inside the house leh!! im going ask daddy to fix a light for me next year!!

Yes, its so fun imma gonna make it again next year! I really hope..

I also hope I get to BE AT HOME next year as well :(

It has been 3 years I dint celebrate Christmas ever since this job T__T

No, I dont have enough annual leave to spare for Christmas.. Unless I worked for another 10 years.. Cos I have 19th December every year o take for someone special~ its either Christmas or the someone... since im not celebrating Christmas religiously, I'll have to skip it. :(

Some shrubs I took in Atlanta deco... the hotel changed so much ever since I last visit a year ago~

OH OH I saw REAL mistletoe! Sadly it was in airport and I dint whip my camera up quick enough to snap it .. :[

So... Gingerbread house... need:

Most of the dry ingredients I've got them last year from gingerbread-man.. so yeah I saved a lot this year ^^

I found my recipe online by searching "Gingerbread house recipe" so Im not gonna list out what excactly I have...

Sifting the flour.. We have to use a pot instead cos my "mixing" bowl broke and the biggest bowl I can find is this... :[

Melting the butter...

Eggs... some how the light reflecting made a smile... LOL...

Brown sugar~

Mixing sugar and butter together...

Adding in some flour and mixing it till it become dough-y

Then have to use hand to mix...
For cleaniness or not making your nails dirty.., use a glove..

me and my ugly home look~
So kinda have to fridge the dough for 2 hours or overnight, so I decided to make it the next day...

Meanwhile I went to prepare some tracing card for the house pattern..

The harden dough...
Shape it flat, and take a card pattern and "trace" it onto the flatten dough...

Like this...

bake it in a preheated oven in 180C and 11-15 mins.. or till brownish...

See my oven mit!!! :D cute leh...

I made some "stained glass" with candies.. but dint really work out well...

A lil burnt here.. cos oven too hot and I baked it for 15 minutes.. :(

Totally BURNT and not edible... even the dog dint touch it T__T

Some extra dough so I took out some other biscuit mould and bake some other shapes.

Mixing icing..
Icing sugar 2 3/4 cups + 2 egs whites + 2 teaspoon of lemon juice (optional)

hehe... u can see some burnt pieces here also.. I actually made an extra piece cos I know I always have clumsy mistake like this... :]

Sticking it with icing...

Then I noticed...



No wonder I have extra dough to make biscuit!! cos the recipe is meant for just enough!!


Mummy convinced me to replace it with aluminium foil... and not baking another batch (I still left a lil flour and butter...)


My perfect gingerbread house (a lil burnt but still edible and its inside) became NOT PERFECT T__T

Still! Christmas spirit shall not be broken!!!

Mei mei did this.. She thinks its ugly..
So mummy added more smile to it.. -__-"
It was sooooo scary...

So it turned into a ninja... LOL


Bro also wanna try decorating... since he's free from SPM ady! yay!


"Nah u deco the colors"

I Keel You...



Cousin Joanne came to join the fun... tho she dint do anything.. except eating my cookies..

Aunty did this.. lol..

Decorating another house..
Hehe... done by mummy...


I added the chimney and a lil santa I had from my last year's christmas cake (yes I kept the santa cos its so cute and you cant/hard to find in KL)

Finish... :D


Cousin Wen thinks its fun like art class and started deco also LOL

Not bad!!

Merry Christmas 2009 peoples..!!

From me, who's celebrating from Korea~~~