Monday, February 28, 2011

Newly done ~

I told ya I'm excited to blog... lol... I manage to "force" myself to scrap a layout! Alison must not procrastinate anymore! Lotsa things to do! (or play)

First Layout..

 I tried to use Distress Ink I just bought and make the white paper "old age".. but I think I dint get it successfully... I think I should have you brown paper instead... Then I punch out the blue flower and layer it, add a pearl in the middle and glitter the petals... ^^

I even tried to emboss the side, but I guess my "embossing stick" dint work well.. lol.. cos it wasn't visible..  


Yes, I am too "kiam" to buy those fancy-ready-made-expensive flowers imported from the USA.. at least, not yet.. And I know even if I bought it, I "sayang" to use them and in the end it'll be hoarded.. T_T

I also should have used some fancy papers instead of solid brown T_T.. but I bought like a stack of them!! And I promise myself to finish them and those plastic holders I bought before venturing into 12"x12" Perhaps next time I should layer the background also.. hmmm..

More details added..
 The layout was too empty, and hubby thinks so too, so in the end, I added more pictures of him with funny poses.. I dont quite have any idea how to "masculine" the layout, so I made borders using smaller flower punchers. I tried using just straight cut borders but it was too boring.. must utilise my punchers.. mwahhaha! Oh yeah I have a few flower punchers and it will be even more as time goes by~ Im planning to get more border punchers, scallop punch in different sizes (so I can more more different sizes of flowers) round punches, larger flower punches (largest now is like 1") larger heart punchers... With punchers, I cant repeatedly punch a pattern out again and again, anytime, anywhere.. at least I wont be "sayang" to use them.. hehe...

I know Im hoarding too much punchers.. Until I can afford a die-cut machine that's it! :D (cost at least RM800 for starter kit!!)

Painstakingly stuck them one by one with tweezers and added glitter glue in the middle.. ^^

I some how have repeatedly printed lotsa similar pictures, in different sizes.. which I now regret and learnt my lesson..

At times I wish to get my own photo printer so I can print whatever I want, anytime.. no need to go to the shop to develop pics.. Then again.. I HAVE NO SPACE!!

I'll make sure I have my craft-cum-study room in my future house.. haha

finished product ^^

I know right! more flowers !! hehe.. trying to stick to a pattern and color theme? :P

this time its blinged with diamante..
*note to self - buy more bling-bling @ different sizes! :D

I've Decided

to not open a new blog... just blog my "crafts" here! :D I mean, since i no longer/hardly travels anymore, there might be nothing much to blog... so.. yea.. :)

This was my first trial on crocheting.. those single crochet, double, round...

Then I decided to paint my nails for CNY...

and my leopard nails.. :P

I bought some manicure pens from the pharmacy in New York.. now I regret I dint get all available colors.. only hav black and white.. but its not cheap. USD 8.99 before tax O_O"

This is my first attempt at scrapbooking..
I wanted to scrap for a very long time, and hubby actually agreed to it, bought some stuff to scrap, but then due to work and procrastination, it was delayed for like more that 1 year... :P

I printed some Tioman photos during our first trip for some time... Kinda simple, photos.. and stickers.. And being an amateur, I bought lotsa A4 cards to scrap, not knowing pro-scrapbookers uses 12"x12" for more space..

2nd attempt..
 Flowers were bought from some shopping trip long ago.. (imagine how much stuff I have hoarded) Now I'm thinking to improvised this flowers by putting some blink in it.. ;)

The borders were some tape I bought from a London museum's souvenir store.. Imagine how long has that been? Its like I never fly to London more than 2 years already! And I remembered its was early in my flying career cos I only visited London museums in my first 2 flights.. Cost me a BOMB then for that roll of tapes. 10 pounds = RM70 then.. O_O! 

nice huh?
 This was a RM80 class I joined last Feb 15. To make a mini album. This box was purely made from new tin case that now had been tinted with alcohol inks and embossed to look like a rusty treasure..

This 1 class made me learnt a lot on embossing, tinting, crackle painting, embelishing and even stamping... ^^

There is a mini album inside...


Lots of details in the making..

Took 4 hours to make this thing! It's an album and you can put own picture inside but since its a class, pictures were replaced by vintage models..

Nice huh? :D

Necklace I made myself... :D
I saw this similar necklace selling online (OU? Martha?) and it was USD100++! So I thought I can try to make 1.. Bought some beads online, tho it was kinda tough to find similar beads,so I got what I can :)

Heheh.. its definately a lot cheaper that buying the original! But being first time beading such a large thing, the handiwork isn't as nice ofcourse! (all hidious knotting hidden behind!) :D

There's like a whole list and pictures of I want to do things in my folders! And now, Im kinda focused on crocheting.. cos I saw this new item selling in a scrapbook store, its doillies made from crocheting and they are selling it at RM12+ for a piece (I think, for some 4" size) and I thought, I can always learn how to crochet and make it myself... Its a lot cheaper compared to purchasing, and I can make and use as much as I can as a roll of thread is really alot. Its just a matter of my patience to dealt with.. :P

Cos I do have this bad habit of NOT WILLING to use whatever I bought.. I feel "sayang" to use them.. :P So making it myself I can always remake them! :D Will definately post what I had done soon! :D

Oh! Im so into blogging now! Like I have so much to share! :D Perhaps it was the long hiatus that made me wanna blurt everything out now! Or maybe Im too bored at home.. lol!

So that's it for today, perhaps I should take some pictures of stuff I hoarded and show you guys! haha!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Im Back! :D

Im back! Trying to blog! LOL...  though it might not be having much pictures anymore.. cos i got lazy in photographing.. and much pics are in FB, and im on a "long holiday"

hehehe.. Yes.. i WAS pregnant...


Cos I just had a miscarriage bout 2 weeks ago.. my darling baby, sex still unknown, heartbeat just bloody stop pumping at 9.1 weeks. WTF.

was planning to collect more ultracans pics so I can scrap an album out in the future wtf..

Of course im sad! but then the crying and moaning had pass... except some days where i'll see some pregnant woman passing or cute babies on strollers and me staring at them.. :(

This blog is also back open to public, well, I shifted some "p&c" post to my other personal blog, that blog that only hav my frust and heartache or stuff i just dont like to share with much public.. hehehe..

So a little refreshment on what happened during those hiatus months.. let me see........

Flew back for like 1 month + before I knew I was pregnant and stop again @ Dec 2010. Then Christmas and CNY was coming, me just thought I'll sit at home and prepare for celebrations, no need to frust I wont be home.. hehe..

Xmas 2010
CNY / Valentines Dinner

CNY day 1 in Genting.. That's why im donning a jacket..
My last A&F investment before I stop flying again.. haha :P
 Celebrating with a "new" family this year, it sure is different.. like no more daddy's tradition of CNY music playing all month long and extremely over CNY decos at home.. So in this new home I actually am the lively person trying to make decos and buy decos (of course, im not working, all paid my Mr Lee.. lol) While MIL keep making lotsa CNY cookies and I help a little.. (well I cant wake up at 5am and help her right, by time im awake she's 90% done)

I made this 100% Chick Biscuit
No, there's no chicken inside, just a name...
"Kai Chai Beng"

Fried "ngaku"

Pineapple Biscuit, purely 100% homemade (including the fillings)

Almond cookies
 And much more...

Spent 1k in angpau giveaways... thanks to Mr Lee's extremely big extended family and friends (he got like 5 aunts and 5 uncles from mum's side and all have 2-3 kids -_-" ) and our first year hav to give double angpaus.. lol..

Then a week after CNY, found baby's dead, and had a D&C.. and a 2 weeks confinement period.. need to "bou" my uterus.. lol..

I have not yet inform KE... hmm

In my state of mind now, I've decided to quit Korean Air. Well, it is perhaps too long holiday previously, or KE just changed too much, during my 1 month+ working, I found myself dragging my butt to fly..

You see, im considered a "senior" now and having no bussiness class code yet, perhaps due to my performance record (I dont kiss butts and had a 3 mths ill leave) no code offered to me yet. So I dont mind working in EY, just that I hate that senior duty they gave me, but yet I cant do it MY WAY! Everytime I need to do something, I'll have to ask the AP's permission, and need to be alert of her style! and nowadays, those new juniors has no more respect to us foreign crews anymore!! Just hate it.

Other reasons are away from home, lonely trips, same destinations, no career advancement.. bla bla bla..

After all I believe 3.5 years is enough.. need to find some other ways to advance my career? You see, I cant depend on KE, anytime by 2013 my contract wont be renewed, and Im done. Futhermore, Im not the only one. The management had been terrible this 2 years that 60% KL crews quit (havent count other bases) even 16 years seniors quit! What am I to not??

I'll definately miss travelling to USA and shop cheaply, I'll miss wearing winter clothings and boots.. I'll miss Frankfurt's coffee machine, the boot shop selling affordable, nice, comfy, stylish boots, the craft shop and chocolates... I'll miss Hawaii beautiful sceneries and outlet shopping, I'll miss Korea too! the food, groceries, cosmetics, shopping... I'll miss winter... I'll miss sleeping in 5 star hotels and free saunas, definately miss that bath tub in korea!! Tho im not fretting cos I'll die die get a bath tub in my future home! hehehe...

I already miss Amazon shopping.. T_T

Haha, this is what I promise myself now: I will save lotsa $$$ and go travel as much as I can, atleast to places I dreamt to go, afterall, AirAsia is expending.. la la la~


Oh im itching to open a new blog about me and my craft.. Have been a bit mad in purchasing and surfing online reading other people's blog bout scrapbooking.. And tho I have been procrastinating a lot, I did some beginer's crocheting, a little scrapbooking (2 page so far, hope I'll get my butt up and do more) and a little beading..

Getting a new blog open so I can organise my craft there and personal blog here.. hmm.. shall I? hehehe..

Orite! Think Im done for the day! Blog again soon I guess?? hehee..