Saturday, June 9, 2012

I wish to write more happy things in here... but...

things than make me annoyed seems to make my mojo to write more than happy stuff.. cos where eelse could I rant?

Just because I've done my things and am free to online, or do nothing, Im asked to do woliau stuff like "designing a chop" that can just simply be typed out in less than 5 minutes. WTF.. I said no need la, just write what I want in  paper and pass to the person that orders the chop. But she said prepare it "so the boss can see" wtf..

The thing is, yes just copy or type from the sample we found from other people's invoice. But there is also Chinese words there, which I am incapable of typing. So it's actually a waste of time just to make me do work.

You watch out la, by Monday, the boss wouldnt care what we write. or he wouldnt be seeing that piece of writing I wrote. Cos its just wuliao things she ask me to do.

She seems just cant bear it that I sit here and do nothing. And I seriously dont know what she is doing as well. And don't blame me that she have plenty to do cos she DELAYED doing her accounts like those receiving stock stuff. And I cant help cos its in chinese... And she who BIL depends on to everything. You cant blame me that I have nothing else to do.

I cant do the weekly statement cos she is the one receiving the payment and other things and checking the CN or DN and what bill received payments and which not so I who know nothing cant't help but look.

She can ask me to change those "Bill agent" stuff just now but she didn't, and in the end she done it her ownself and now she WILL call herself ALMIGHTY cos she did it. Not me.

And no I do not what to count stock! Cos all stocks are so fucking imbalance. No 1 seems to help me if there is error and I have to find the solution. Wheares if she count, Onn (when I ask him to count he seems to put me on hold) seems to be scared of her and will help to count. Never bother to ask for Cheong's help cos he will put the blame on everyone else but not him. And in the end I have to find ways, stupid ways to shift codes around. WTF la..

Just like yesterday.. also pretty much got free around 3-4pm already. And she ask me to do another wuliao thing like checking stock balance so the Boss can know what he needs to order when he comes back. The thing is, after I prepare them (on a Friday) and Boss comes back on Monday, stock balance is different again and I have to do it all over again. Isn't that double job? She just want me to do something!!! WTF!!!

Not just this but also the previous time where stock arrive, she ask me to measure all things and record it down for her which actually in the end there is no use of it. She just want me to do extra thing. What kind of person is that?? Just because she have to count the cost I have to accompany her and do such extra work?

And those measurements that I measure isn't same at all with those that stated in the received form. So really, what was the use of measuring? And I found out during the second time stock arrive (cos boss in hurry to open the boxes and ask us no need to count and I looked at her and she said its ok) and I ask her why she wants me to count last time she just say just want you to do extra. WTF!!!!

Damn annoyed with her at time with her bloody attitude. I dont know how BIL tahan her. No wonder he is so fierce with her at times.

So I have to have 2 faces and control what I said so that she knows a little about me cos she is really this busybody person that pasang telinga to everything I said. Even when I did not go yumcha on sunday she just wanna know where I went! WTF! Just wanna know what I did, and since she dont dare to ask Henry, she ask me when she sees me.

Not just this, when I noticed she dint go bank in the morning and still arrive late like @ 10am and still she can say she go bank. Who knows? I cant follow her right. Only waiting fir a chance to get her phone and friend finder her! >(

Just cant wait to leave for SG ASAP. sigh!