Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life of a married couple...

What do they do? also movie, dinner, shopping? what else that is exciting that a married couple can do? Something to perk some fun in?

No im not bored of married life.. hello.. how long i just got married?? but I do feel old and a little frustrated by thinking what to do... especially for weekend..

I love weekend, cos we can both sleep in (I somehow dont feel comfortable to sleep in late during weekdays when Henry is off work.. I wake up aroudn 9.30-10am.. ) I love to go out.. but when going out means nothing but stress and unhappy mood, I feel going out is a chore... if u know what I mean..

Everyone goes out on weekend.. shopping, malls, movies.. this equals to jam everywhere.. weekday jam, working hour jam, weekend also jam.. it make going out a chore. When Mr Lee face traffic jam.. he start cursing.. I HATE WHEN HE DOES THAT.. I feel like he hates going out!

But he's the one who feels weekend is a waste if dont go out.. he is the one who ask me to go out.. he is the one who ask me where to go.. I wanna go buy a printer.. but he said no place to put... since here in bukit bintang ady.. again ask me where i wanna go.. I suggest go sungai wang but there's nothing I can do there going there with him cos he always show me a "sien" look when I go into a shop just to look see.. and another "sien" look when he's leg is tired from a little walking (no matter he's wearing light weight shoe, or slipper, his legs get "sour" very fast! ) or another "sien" look when I really bought something..

I just dont dare to buy things infront of him! not cos he'll scold.. I rather if he scold.. but he give me words that I dislike hearing.. like buy la buy la, i no eye see ady! or please save ur $$.. money hard to find... now ure not working... bla bla bla.. and im sure he'll say that dont i have enough shopping in taiwan?

also there's no space at all in my wardobe.. T_T and I need to get some space to hang my uniforms soon.. T_T..

Somehow, after everyone knows you're married, they hardly come disturb you or invite you out. They expect the married couple have many other things and plan to do or wanna spend time together... I rather have more outgoing friends atleast to pass time talking and chatting..

Maybe because Im not working now, I feel there's not much topic for me to talk about.. We both have laptops and we just each wanna have alone time surfing the internet.. Even when we are out in cafe.. we dont talk much but facing our own laptop.. doing out own things online.. and its so noisy out there... just cant talk much can we?

And Henry rather hide in the room all day then going into the living room to relax and watch some tv.. (or when he do, only the freaking boring sport chanel) Im not sure does he still feel this house is not his? While he hide in his corner surfing the net, I, who doesnt own a corner, (or hell, my corner are too full of my stuff to hide me) I am the "laptop nomad shifter" sit a while on bed, sometimes on floor, sometimes my dressing chair.. sometimes the living room.

Speaking of privacy.. apart from hiding in the room, there's no privacy elsewhere.. cos I hate when people ask me what am I doing.. or while im enjoying doing something, people cut me off by talking and asking.. which if i dont answer, i feel rude.. like how I hate when henry does that..

Which also come into the topic (or my other lame reason) why i've yet to be able to do my scrapbooking, blinging, knitting, beading... cos there's no space in the room and no privacy in the living room.. haih.. no table for me to do work

I want my own home! Home where I can have my own wardrobe, my own table and racks, a nice cool garden for me to sit, relax with a cuppa and read books!!! If Henry did buy that condo.. how nice... if Setia Alam is not so freaking far.. how nice! I could have been living in my own home, doing my things, my way.. A HOME where I can do a little amateur gardening.. I already feel zen... haih..

Henry keep saying wanna keep those $$ and start a bussiness.. but TWO years! and yet nothing had been done.. and $$ getting little cos we keep spending it.. he also wanna wait for next year when housing $$ goes lower and get a house.. I just feel frust sometimes cos I cant wait!!! This little room and condo is too full of people and other people stuff to have my stuff around!! argh!


I just have so much to complain about.. and there's no one I could talk to cos Im afraid other people will say im childish, not understanding.. or my married life is not bliss.. :( I dont wan that!

And I dont understand.. why I can take my time to go help henry when he need something from me while when I want him to see something he takes his time? I feel unfair.. eg: he doing maybank credit card payment and need my help and I was surfing and he give me this "tsk" (cicak call-irritate way) and I have to quickly go help him or he'll be very dissapointed that i have no heart to help my own husband.. only care my own stuff.. but when I ask him to see d room or rates in japan (he ask me to search and I have to do it like asap) and he took a lil time finishing his game before coming to see??? I hate that!

And when Im just kidding dont let him scoop my taufufah and he became no mood cos I dont share? I was just kidding!!! I dont understand why is the unfairness?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 things come at once

korea called... im to fly to korea on 8th nov. 10th is health screening test. 11th training.

suddenly dillema hit me... like i have <1 month more of holiday. My plan to get pregnant and hav another 18 months to decide my career failed. I am to work again. To fly again.... Can I stay up for midnght flight and time difference?

Being a Libra is tough... I am now weighing my thoughts and I cant decide...

I can wear my beloved boots and winter coats again... I can go shopping in hawaii again. I am gonna go buy more baby clothes.. I can go shenzhen and hk in june and not worried i wasted the ticket

I might/might not be able to celebrate christmas /new year /chinese new year if i fly. nor henry's bday..

Henry is not back yet. On such day he suddenly have dinner thingy with sengheng. and was busy when I wanna to call him and tell him my period came...

I dont know... Olivia Ong's music is making me tear.. But Im not sure what tear is this? Tear cos I lost my baby? or lost my plan? or feelings im still thinking from the book i read??

I finish reading 3/4 of a book today. Trying to immerse myself into the story and not think. I finish the book I started. Finally. For a long time. I can tick a check box for finishing a task I wanted to do during this 3 months holiday.

I've yet to scrap a single piece of photo I printed. I've yet to learn how to knit. I dint start on the bead I bought for my jewellery making. I dint stick a single bling to my psp or nintendo yet. I dint do any nicer pedicure for me yet.

What have I been doing so far? I think i've forgotten.. and I have no idea where to start...