Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tomato - Week 1

Its Cherry Tomato... all the way from Korea!! lol! :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stew Siham

Was groceries shopping with mummy last weekend and passed my a bunch of siham (what is siham in english? shell? what shell?) feeling hungry.. i managed to paster mummy to buy some, while i offered to cook... ;)

I remembered during college days, the groceries shop downstairs of my flat, uncle used to sell lots of siham.. very cheap also.. like RM1 a big big packet..

Then we will just boil it with lemongrass (to remove the smell) and eat with chilli-soy sauce mixture..

-finger lickin' good-

Then one day, Nina, from sarawak, came over to visit and offer to cook her mum's dish.. stewed siham.. It was sooooo delicious I got the recipe from her. I kept it in my "special" recipe book and decided today is the day to try it. :D


1 Big onions, sliced. 2 cloves of garlic, chopped. and 2 Small onions, chopped.

A stick of lemongrass, chopped into a few smaller pieces. 1 chilly, cut and cleaned (i remove te seed as well cos I dint want it to be too hot) . 1 ginger/yellow ginger(kunyit), cut into strips. 5 tbsp of Oyster sauce (more if not tasty enough), 5 tbsp of Dark Soy sauce, oil, sugar, salt, a shake of pepper, ajinomoto(msg, or optional if u opt for no msg food) water(depending in the amount of siham you're cooking), and of course, Siham

Make sure washed the siham off its dirt first.. soak for a while in water and use a brush to brush away those soil. Especially the "folding" part of the shells...

I have limited pictures.. cos I was busy cooking.. and nobody help me to snap pictures... :(

I snapped the pre-cook pot.. and thats my "recipe" book on top of the wok :P

~So, heat up some oil, and fry garlic, chilly, lemongrass, ginger, small onions until a little brown.
~Add in Siham and put in water, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper.
~Cover the put and let it boil.
~Put in Big Onions

See! so simple.. and delicious.

try it!!! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look Out Point Ampang

Remember 2 Hari Rayas ago I went to a look out point which I hd no idea which part in KL cos I dosed off during the journey? Well, boyfriend brought me there again a FEW months ago..

Well, compared to 2 years ago.. look out point definately have changed.. From 2 restaurants available, now there were atleast 5 cafes opened. The middle east cuisine wasnt there anymore (i think) and we have to pay RM2 for parking down the hill and an additional RM3 for parking higher up, which was for the jockey's fee..

So, environment had totally changed.. totally not going there again.. :(

Anyway.. pictures.. we planned to watch sunset there and dinner. but the sky was so hazy... hmm..

boyfriend feeling dissapointed... lol


we decided to sit in Gasoline.. since I've been to their main cafe in Pandan Indah and it wasnt bad...

food I ordered..

Fried Calamari and Ice blended coffee with coffee jelly..


dont order..

their calamari wasnt fried well enough.. and their coffee sucks.. >.<

but order ady.. must eat lor..

Boyfriend kept taking my picture..

Its like the whole process of me eating a piece of calamari

opps the squid came out..

ergh.. chewy...

tulan ady.. cos boyfriend kept snapping..

so, he snapped his ownself pulak... -___-

this kitty kept looking at me munching my squid..


see, so hazy...

milking her own kitty..

ah.. lights are up..

we decided to go other place for dinner...

and boyfriend brought me to a steamboat restaurant in Jalan Peel ( outlets near carefour)
the special thing about this steamboat is.. the "soup" are porridge. Pumpkin porridge to be exact.


this is their special meatball.. there's minced meat inside..

not a easy job lor.. how they do it ar?

very chewy.. :P

the blogs end with me pic enjoying tasty steamboat.. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mei Mei's 19th Bday...

Opps... it seems that I've neglected my blog again =/ And Im blogging Mei's birthday celebration like after a month? gosh.... =/

Well.. I have no reason why I dint blog.. probably blogging days are gone.. =/ I do take lots of pictures.. but then i couldn't be bothered to blog :(

Oh well, I brought Mei Mei to Italianies for a simple dinner.. She ordered a chicken, (signature dish there but as usual.. forgotten the name now) while I ordered thier signature beef (medium well done) and boyfriend ordered their signature salmon... :P

Of course, we pose with da food...

My beef sirloin..

And boyfriend's Grilled Salmon..

Closer pic of my beef to make you hungry..
well, if you like beef :P

ok my make up melted cos I was out the whole day and no, I dint bring my touch up bag.

Forgot to rotate this picture..

Actually, 3 dishes is kinda a lot for the 3 of us.. should have just ordered 2 dishes..

Dessert: Creme Brulee.. :P
Couldnt resist not ordering dessert.. but then I think its a lil different compared to the Creme brulee I had in Italianies The Curve?
Ok.. I got nothing to talk about ady.. :(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A day to Everland... again!

11.43pm Sydney

It was all because of the st***d Australia customs.. they want me to declare what I bring in... and then CONFISCATE it... T____T

I brought milo and nescafe they take.. (cos that time milk in China got some problem remember?)

I bring maggi cup noodle with curry and they said got chicken in it (which it doesnt) and took them away also... (ok that was Atlanta)..

So decided not to bring a single drop of food to Sydney... >(

And guess what?

I just shopped AUD110 worth of groceries from the supermarket downstairs.. T___T

What I bought probably can last for 2 days with me non stop munching and chewing in the room.. I promised myself to not go out (ya right, wanted to go Blue Mountain but no kaki... ).... yes I still spent that much.. T___T

What I got was just food and snacks! no clothes or "unnesseceries" stuff!!

a box of kellogg's cornflakes AUD 5.79
3x cup noodles AUD 3
Fresh lite milk AUD 1.54
3 litre mineral water AUD 2.80 (cos the tap water here tasted funny.. )
Seedless grapes 1kg AUD 6.93
Longan 1.132kg AUD 9 (ok i know its expensive but i I LOVE longans!!)
TimTams AUD 2.89 (ok this is useles.. i tot just incase i needed more snacks)
Tuna snack pack AUD 1.69
Slimming energy bars AUD 2.60 (ok i never tried this before.. I thought I'll buy one to try and see do I feel full longer)
Chocolate milk AUD 2.69
Fruity Jelly x2 AUD 1.79 (I need snacks!)
Snack pack AUD 1.99
Crinkle Doritos Mini AUD 1.29
Mars mini pack AUD 3.99

Cadbury bars x4 AUD14 (to bring home)
No bake cake x2 AUD 10 (no need bake cake.. just freeze and eat.. nice what.. bringing it home to try)
A home magazine AUD 5.95 (just wanna read some homey stuff ;] )
Foot Insole AUD 2.24 (for my work shoe.. its gettin really uncomfy.. )

see.. just like that!! RM330!! OMG!! T____T

By the way.. I got some free snack by spending that much.. Since I bought so much stuff.. the cashier gave me lots of bags.. and so after I put my change back into my bag, he was already keying in another cutomer's item.. and put it next to my pile of stuff.. I thought it was my pile and took EVERYTHING back into my room.. I only unpacked everything after changing into my pjs, and found out I have an extra bag with Doritos and it's Salsa dips. a pack of cashew nuts, and a big bottle of pineapple juice (which I dont drink)..

I thought the cashier keyed in the wrong items for me but after checking my receipt.. it wasnt.. :D And since I've changed into my pjs, im too bothered to bring it back to the supermarket.. which.. yeah.. I got free Doritos.. :P

anyway... by the time im home and you notice im fat.. just keep quiet ok.. ;)

So.. some Everland pictures.. like I said, nothing much to snap cos main purpose is just to ride thrilling rides.. and since I already took so much last year with Soo.. I dint bother to take again this time..

FYI Everland is located a slightly outskirt from Seoul.. And its one of Korea's big theme park.. Been there last year with Soo..

This time, Olivia drove me there.. together with her bf and her cousin.. FYI, Olivia is a Korean crew who once worked in Singapore Airlines.. so she speaks fluent Singlish, and we flew together in my last Frankfurt trip.. so we kinda clicked as she was so excited to meet a Malaysian crew wtf~ we keep in touch via MSN, and since both of us were in Seoul that day, we decided to go out.. ;)

some random pic i snapped..

This is Olivia...

Her Cousin bought us those ears.. lol!

do I look cute? or my shirt is cuter? :P

I love this picture!

This is Brian and Olivia's bf.
I forgot the bf name.. cos he dont have an english name and couldnt speak english at all wtf.
Brian lived in NewZealand for 10 years so he can speak fluent English...
We forced both of them to wear the bunny ears and take pictures.. lol ^_^
We were queueing for this:

Someting called Rock n Roll?
One of the thrilling rides.. Looks like a claw thingy that keep twisting us.. :D


Passed by Animal Safari and went in to look see...

Some minature fox which I forgot the name.. but it's so tiny, it looks like Chi Hua Hua from far..

Korean Squirrel
Which is not vegetarian.. but omnivor.. eats meat and fruits too..

Tinest ape species..

Baby Gibbon!!

Here's the ride I dint take last year.. T Express..

Cos the queue was 40 minutes and Soo dint wanna play with me..
This time it was a weekday and summer was about to over so no queue..

T Express is the biggest and longest roller coaster in Asia made of wood..

So they said.. *shrugs*
The best part was the decending about 90 degree down..
Oh I found this in Youtube:

Probably the best vid among what they have.. ;)

Ferris wheel..

They wanna ride but in the end decided not to cos kinda slow moving and long queue..

right.. so that's all from Everland.. :)
sien liow.. not going again for at least a few years.. o.O