Monday, October 19, 2009

A trip to downtown MyeongDong

Here... some pictures of my "reluctant-to-go" trip to MyeongDong that I said I'll blog out soon..

Chuan May, who "jumped" to Cathay Air last year had a flight to Korea, and so coincidently Gyna and me both just arrived from KL in the morning.. May wanted to go MyengDong for some shopping and asked us to come along...

I just spent so much in New York, I was kinda reluctant to go out again as Im afraid I'll spent again.. >.<
Since its really a RARE case of us meeting up together.. we decided to go along.. even though we were so tired after the nidnight flight and had really hard time getting up from bed after 2 hours of rest.. T__T See.. we are such a good friend :P

First stop..

was a stall selling wigs.. and Gyna tried 1 on and ask me whetter it looks real or not. But it was a little expensive.. so we dint get it.. lol..

Second stop

was another stall selling random stuff.. including this big size sunglasses.. just in time we snapped before the seller "shooed" us away for playing with his stuff and not buying.. :P lol!!

I nearly bought it.. but then.. where am I gonna wear it?

Not to forget to stop by the BIG and nice Forever21 in Korea.

Forever21 is Forever21.. their stuff are so much.. most stuff are cramped together.. just like in KL.. even though it is a 3 storey store.. @.@

And cos Korean currency are lower that USD, it is slightly cheaper here compared to USA and of course.. KL.. ;)

Its called "Hoot Bang"

Or, written on the sign, "Whang Hu Dook" (Whang's kueh)

same meaning.. Bang means bread, Dook means kueh.. (as in kueh for kueh melayu)

Hot bread with sugar and peanuts inside.. its really delicious, and only sell during autumn/winter season.. kind of food to keep us warm.. :)

Cream Puff..

yummy! hmm.. I already search for the recipe to make cream puff.. who wanna join me? probably making it this 2 days of so. :P i hope *cross finger*

Cream puff's creme are "pumped" inside the pastry after its baked.. to keep the creme cool.. ;)

They are actually a device to pump them in..
my recipe told me just to use a piping bag fill with creme..

Look inside! :D *slurp* mouth watering already..
Creme Puff is also called baby choux.. which is smaller in size and cuter! :D

The streets of MyeongDong #1

The streets of MyeongDong #2

Spotted: May buying Laneige for her colleague.

And Gyna browsing the stuffs in the next shop...

Beauty credit store.. of KBS something.. some kind of "famous" store in KL now right? Well.. its not in Korea.. =/

dont get cheated..

A truck selling different kinds of seaweed..

This is like another area already.. not more shopping haven.. its called NamDeMun..

Where most Koreans, Hongkies, Japanese, Thai and even Malaysian get their stocks their accessories and clothes and other home stuff in bulk and resell them else where..

We came over here to look for some shops selling stuff for nails but it was Chusok (korean New Year @ our mooncake festival) and all shops were closed. :(

well.. no problem shopping in NamDeMun, but everything have to be bought in bulk . Eg to get a pair of cherry earings, you gotta get a minimum of 4 same pairs of earrings.. =/

Back to MyeongDong..

This is sugar candy.. where sugar are melted and shaped flat and stuck with a stick.. kinda like caramel candy.. and its RM3 a piece..

I took this pic while waiting for May to shop. Gyna and me were kinda her "escort" that day cos both of us really spent a lot on our previous trip and we had shopped enough so we dint get attracted alot.. compared to May.. So instead of browsing the shops and stalls, we WAITED for her outside or beside the stall.. lol!

Common.. the only big thing I bought were a red snake skin pumps. And a headband. And 2 rings. And some stuff from skinfood. Thats all.. :P

We decided to get some dinner before heading home.

Japanese Shabu Shabu wtf.. in Korea.. :P

May craved for bibimbap so you can see a bowl of bibimbap at the corner.. and some korean pickles to match..

yeap.. i believe that's it.. ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tomato - Week 3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another baking post...

Sigh... Im back to nothing to post dilemma...

Why you ask? I can happily tell you:

I sucessfully refrain myself from going out in Hawaii.. haha.

Surely such a waste not to go out in such a beautiful island? An island everybody wish to step foot on but yet I get to go and not get out of the room?? Well.. if you're there alone.. its a different story..

The first time I was in Hawaii I ran out to the beach in my bikinis.. very excited!!

But alone. Full stop.

And the excitement was gone in 2 minutes. Staying a float alone in the water watching other people having fun with siblings and friend/lover.. cam whoring alone.. and walking alone.. haih..

and people tend to approch you when you're alone.. "where are your friends? are you alone? can I join you? "

Gosh.. -___-

So those other trips to Hawaii were spent shopping in factory outlets and malls.. Occasionally I'll get to meet up with other coleagues and we'll go for dinner/drink/walk/shopping...

And this time I managed to stay in the room and watch movies I brought over.. :)

A success! :D


Its either there's something wrong with me or did I grew a little matured as im reaching 23?

One. I managed to refrain myself from going out in Hawaii,
Two. and on a no-choice-but-have-to-go trip to downtown MyeonDong in Korea, (will blog later) I only bought myself a shoe. If you remember my previous post.. I ALWAYS come back with heaps of stuff..
Three. I stopped myself from buying the US Cosmopolitan monthly fix magazine. (Im in LA now as im blogging) I used to love it alot, for its sexy info and gossips.. but these 2 months I found it a bore to read..
Four. Also stop myself from entering the pharmacy nearby (kept telling myself I have nothing to buy in there, dont go in and purposelybuy something) ;)

I believe this four accomplishments is pretty good already.. I wanna see how long I can keep up.. :P


Argh I've decided to post some picture anyway.. Some "baking" I've done.. already snap those pic and even resized it for blogging.. will be a waste not to post it..

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Cake

bought a box of mixture from Sydney...

there's Crushed biscuits inside, mousse mix, and choco flakes innit.. I'll just need to buy some milk and butter..

choco flakes...

butter are to mix with the crushed biscuits..

and flatten into a baking pan..

measurred milk and mousse mix..

blend it up..

till it becomes fluffy..

once its fluffed up the amout kinda folds 3.. how come ah?

pour into the bakng pan..
pardon my look.. :P my fringe is irritating and its really hot at home...

pardon the mess on the table too...
that's how messy I am when Im doing something... but I promise I'll clean it up mummy.. :P

flatten the mixture...

add in choco flakes

Freeze it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes, cut and serve!
YummY!! :D
*dint have the after picture cos bro ate it without asking me.. and he made a mess cutting it... not a nice presentation.. :P

Monday, October 12, 2009

New York Times Square~

A day in New York... Starts with a morning "professional" cam-whoring..



a little peek of what's outside the window..


First Stop: M&M's store

millions of EDIBLE M&Ms.. yummeh!

What color you want ah?

You can store it in bottles, plastic bags...

Halloween containers..

With Mr Yellow M&M

Skitties is also from M&M leh :P

Who wants M&M's bag?

M&M's candy dispenser #1

I nearly bought it.. if my luggage would have an extra space T__T

M&M's Candy Dispenser #2

M&M's Candy Dispenser #3
This is a fortune reader.. poping yes or no..

Damn nice chess set...

Bloody expensive... :(

M&M's Candy Dispenser #4

more M&M's

collectibles #1


#2 cost USD3000

Collectibles #3

Collectible #4

Facial tissues!!

Back to Times Square..

Had salad for breakfast..

I forgot the name of this cafe but we can mix our salad and its quite nice! I mean.. I hardly have salads.. and now I found that I salad are mixed with sweet dressing like sasame ginger.. it taste good!


*its located next to hardrock cafe*

I bought it :P

Thats Madamme Tussauds the wax museum in Broadway.. :)
I might go and visit it next time.. or watch a broadway show.. or Riley's Believe It or Not.. :)

Me... tired looking after a day walking and shopping..
cos its midnight in Malaysia.. and we walked a lot!!

I should censor this.. :P

take a pic with this mascot and get a mascara for FREE!! :P
anyway.. the mascara was useless.. no volume or curl also.. not even waterproof!

I love my leggings.. ;P got it from Korea.. cool eh?

Hershey shop behind..
was late. dint wanna go in ady..
right... nice day shopping and walking ;)