Monday, December 29, 2008


Mum got snatched today. Got me worried sick. Luckily she's fine.

I've heard many many snatches before. but not on my love one please?

The case:

Mummy and Daddy fetch me bro to swimming class early in the morning. On a SUNDAY MORNING. Cannot choose other days ah?

Then they went to this kopitiam for breakfast. And it's very quite. Only a few tables are seated.

An Indon came and order a drink to takeaway. Went to the back of shop wanted to order some other thing. But actually to survey me Mummy's purse. And just after hearing him order, he actually ran to me mummy and grab her purse, which she put on the lap.

Mummy gave a shout. Dad looked up, dint even notice what happened and ask "What?"

Mummy even got the time to tell dad her purse got snatched.

Nobody was actually alert on a sunday morning. Like everyone is still BLUR on a Sunday Morning. :(

Daddy tried to chase but duh~ failed.

Purse gone. Handphone gone too cos mummy like to put both of them together in her pouch.

Luckily Daddy always carries the Creditcard emergency no in his phone. Called to cancel the card. And do so many other things.

Worse is Mummy dint even tell me. Mei sms me in a monotonous "By the way mummy purse got snatched so dont bother calling her phone" WTF????


~Dont put phone and purse together. Atleast 1 gone the other is here.
~Have emergency numbers of your creditcard company in the phone, or somewhere / something you always bring along other than in the bag/purse.
~Nowadays putting handbag on the lap also dangerous. Have to sling and hold on even while sitted to eat/drink. SIGH....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clumsy and not happy about it :(

It started with me losing my fav black gloves.

That glove that accompanied me during the last winter and early winter this year. That gloves that have visited Frankfurt, London, Paris (where me and Maria shared them cos Maria forgot to bring hers) That gloves that had played with the snow with me - twice. Got them in Frankfurt, just bout RM20. But its nice and warm me enough.

I believe I threw them onto the bed, and the duvet covered it, so I dint see it and I was NEVER able to see it anymore now. :(

Now, yesterday, I fount that I lost 2 bottles of my OPI nail polish. Same case. Left it on the bed and the duvet covered it. This time, in Atlanta.

Was putting on colours on my nails and cos its wet and sensitive, I just left the color and the base coat on the bed. And I fell asleep. Next day, dint see anything while I check out and its gone.

I dint even notice it till when reach Korea, and Gyna wanted to know the color code cos its a nice color.

I open my nail color pouch and................. its not there anymore. :(

2 bottles. one of them is BRAND NEW.

Why am I so clumsy??????????

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I saw this online

Then I remembered: I have 2 of its cookie cutter at home! :D It was during some sales after Christmas and cost only 99cent USD. (wtf rm3 here la but cheap what...)

So I decided to bake. No matter how busy I was that trip home.

Owh, this post supposed to be ONLINE like last week before Christmas. but heck I was damn busy!! :-/

Start. 11pm.

I know. Such a time to start! Was supposed to start at 10pm lor, but to find my current all-purpose flour at home was.. spoiled! Someone forgot to seal the bag properly after using!!! 666!! (ehem.. who else uses flour and cook at home now? me.... :( )

10pm ady. mini market also close la right? luckily my aunt have some for me to spare! :( have to drive to her place to get it.

And I was checking the kitchen to see what I dont have earlier that day and I just saw the flour box I dint check inside so I thought the flour is still good. :(

ok continue.


Kinda lazy to take pictures step by step, so only some peek before I focus all of the cuteness and fun-ness in decoraating them! :D


This is Mei's work.

This is OUR work:

- in striped pants and bows, bikini, and dresses
~got clown also leh. Mei's work.

- in dresses and pants and shorts and bow ties
heck got green slimy creature / boogie man / flubber. lol!

more -in striped pants and bikini and a white ghastly thing

Mei's got too into decorating and finally admiting baking is fun.. or actually decorating is fun.

in many many more looks! even got sad and angry one can? lol! polka dots pants you want?

Some repeated patterns were made cos at first I thought to wrap it up and post it out to my friends as Christmas gift. but found that the icing melts/will get destroyed if its in a plastic bag and squashed by so many tons of letters!

I did send out some cookies: to fish, elsie, and stacey, but without the icing :P I told them to imagine it. hahah!

So, im gonna make Gingerbread-house next year. Recipe also ready and bookmarked. ;)

If im pro enough~

this will be my second outlook if i cant do the above.

Or worse comes to worse..

Time finish: 4am.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need to learn BLACK MAGIC

Can someone tell me / show me where to find BLACK MAGIC or VOODOO?

I dont care its chinese, voodoo, malay or whatever.

I need to JiNX the BLOODY KOREAN AIR SCHEDULER. F***ing lazy guy and bad attitude and terrible.

Gave me 2 Atlanta and 2 NewYork. The Longest and Horrible flight. EVER. And so little $$.

I wan cry.

please please please share me some voodoo jinx.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hawaii again~

In Hawaii, even xmas trees deco is different.

Apple store's xmas deco...

My BLOODY EXPENSIVE sushi dinner. Cost me USD30++ (RM120)

What i craved for was only this:
Hawaiian poke. USD 7.

But seeing such a small amount with 5 pieces of tuna, compared to the previous one FULL of freshes tuna I had in the Hotel opposite, I decided to order an extra:

Some Volcano Errupting sushi thing.. I dont even remember the "special" name. USD 19++

And it SUCKS. Fish wasnt even fresh like the hotel's. And such a little amount for such a bloody price! damn it.
Im trying to console myself, cos I skipped lunch and dinner the other day, i have them all now at one go wtf. -___-

Well.. thats all the photos I took in Hawaii!! Cos no time! Cos of some stupid winter schedule, I dont have a day off there! I reach in the morning, leave the next morning wtf! I not happy la! I was rushing and planning everything before I even fly to there! Like I need to go to the outlet again, straight after landing to return some unsuccessful coach bags I was trying to sell (thats y I love US) but that amount was then used to get me more Coach stuff. For MY OWN. no more selling! Hate those "intersted" buyers and their questions and cheapo budgets! :@

Outlet itself took me a whole day, then a short walk to the Duty free shop there, wanna check some prices and also got myself a new Dior Supermoist Compact Foundation (i really need to cos my current one is finishing) but now I regretted cos I believe Korea's duty free selling cheaper. :(

Wanna also get myself a Verlor Pink Juicy bag but I've once again over budgeted this month... SIGH!! :(
Maybe if I have more trips to Hawaii next time.... I believe Juicy in Hawaii is cheaper compared to any other US since their tax are lesser.. dunno.. anyway.. not that other US area I go have Juicy..

And you know what? when you're longing to go back to a certain places it never will. Wonder why is that f**king scheduler so evil and lazy? Lazy cos he thinks changing our "route" to new destinations are a tough job. hmph! FU! whoever you are!!! *show finger*


Something's peeking.. what's that you ask?

Its a Xmas cake!

From Dunkin Donuts. Such a cute edible icing deco!
I bought them. Why?

Cos if I get a cake, I get this muffler/headphone for free!!!

Cute isnt it? :D

the teddy bear even has wings!! :D

Yeah, it functions as the wire holder. You put the wire into his butt. *ehem*

the deco. orange flavored biscuits.

cutting the icing filled cake. And you know what? icing wasnt too sweet at all!

Inside are just a simple chiffon cake.
Still.... its Yummy :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Nintendo Ds Lite

I show you....

My Nintendo Ds Lite!! :D

Got it from Sydney Duty Free Shop for like RM400. Well, with out the memory card la..

But I kinda regret getting a Black one. Cos I've wanted a white or the aqua. Dont wanna have black again like my PSP. But they only have the choice of pink and black in the shop, i dint want a pink cos it might look childish and im thinking probably boyfriend dont wanna play with it if its pink. :-/

oh well..

Im gonna try selling or swaping it online :P

Anyway, I then came back to kl to get the memory card which the guy gave me free unlimited games download, a casing and screen protector after lots of pestering to lower the price.

total was rm190. so my nintendo actually cost RM600. :-/

Well atleast its 100-150 cheaper than KL.. :)

The game im currently addicted to..

And I proudly show you my GOLDEN achivements.

All gold medals in making food: miso soup, kebab, boil rice, fried prawns, spagetti and omelette. Hahaha!

If mummy saw this she'll surely ask me why dint I do that for my studies. -_____-

So many things to play! Like

pounding on rice cake/flour.

Grating radish

barbequing mackarel!

heck can even make ramen can. HAHA!!

so far havent explore other games yet. but will soon cos i've completed Cooking Mama! :D

So, who's willing to swap my Black Nintendo to White or Aqua? :)

Please Please Please!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Like sooooo long ago i've ever step foot on the grounds of George Town. Like 11 years ago? where I was only primary 5 and the journey that took 7 damn long hours with daddy's old car then..

Like I was ditched for 4 (FOUR) times with the family's holiday: Hanoi, Krabi, Cameron Highlands and Kuala Selangor... ok la, 3 times cos i dint wanna join the boring kuala selangor and choosed boyfriend instead :P

Anyway.. it happen when Daddy said he still have like 7 days of annual leave uncleared and asked for my suggestion. And I said Penang, cos we dint go there like so long ago and I also misses Fish, who went back there for 5 months ady. Yup, thats how long we dint see each other :(

Coincidently I got 4 days off, so we decided to go for a 3 days 2 nights trip.

First, a stop at Ipoh town for the famous Ipoh Taugeh Chicken Rice for lunch. YUMM!

We decided to eat in this shop, cos it's famous and there were so many people eating that we have to wait at other people's table for them to finish and leave. But looking at the crowd, its worth the wait compared to other empty shops. :) thats how Malaysian thinks, the more people in that shop surely there's something there better than the other shops. :P

see, they even have that sign saying their shop is the famous one. haha. -______-

And look at that amount of bowls!!

Our lunch, with some noodle to match. Taugeh (bean sprouts) and White chicken in delicious sauce.
ok.. its just some soy sauce with sesame oil. or some combination like that.. but its delicious!

We are very the hungry!

See.. empty liow..

Then continue our journey to the north...

Passing the Penang Bridge, which is under some renovation...

Checked into the hotel, and rest up.


Meet up with Fish... and Mark [her best friend and soon to be distanced cousin ;) ]

Brought me to this bar in Batu Feringhi where we sit on the chairs on the sandy beaches and have beer...

Fish, me and our beer

with Mark, who's trying to act cool

Then I ordered a shisha.. like so long we dint have 1 (I remember college weekend times we will go NZ mamak for RM10 shisha)

And we chat till morning.. how terrible 2 girls and a guy can finish up 2 buckets AND another jug of beer. Haha...

Its fun sitting there burying our naked feet into the cool sand and chat with the background of the waves... hmmm.. :)

ME taking picture with Mark.

Me TIPSY taking picture with mark. -______-

Day 2

Watching tv, while waiting for others to be ready and go out. I slept for like 4 hours and a little hang over lor ok.

then we went to this famous old shop in Penang Road:

Look at the crowd!!

The famous Cendol in Penang.

Even Singapore's Phua Chu Kang also came here before! lol!

See how daddy enjoying his!

mummy too! :D

And the D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S Penang Laksa... *Slurp*

Yummi-ness I craved for it at night and the next day but we have other places to go..

Penang Char Kuey Tiow

They have this big prawns with it lor!

And you have to wait like ONE HOUR, take turns to order..

well.. mummy cheated.. im not telling how.. but we got them in 15minutes.. hahaha..

Then we walk around the old Komtar building (daddy insisted just to see how is it like after 11 years after his last trip) Then we went to the newer shopping mall, Queensbay mall for a lillte walk and return home.

3rd Day.

7.00 am

the sun is not even out yet.

Can you see Penang Bridge?

Had a breakfast date with Fish before she goes to work and me going back home. Had some Prawn noodle at the hawker stall nearby and talked and talked again~
then returning to the hotel for a little swim in the mini pool

with our "gear"

Trying to climb ontop the water bed. You can see brother behind slipped out from the bed, haha. atleast im sitting on it. :P

still struggling..

Got it! :D

me and bro, me in my polka dot-ty bikini-ki! :P


We are so skilled now we can turn around. hahahaha!

this is mei..

she cannot swim today.. ;) too bad.. so she's our photograper..


nope, i dint upload wrongly again, mei took me like that...

WOW!! Bro can surf! haha!

Check out, and continue out journey to Batu Feringhi. just to look see..

Mei posing

Daddy recording me taking his picture.

Moi posing la.. apa lagi..

more poses from mei...

never fail to camwhore la ofcourse!

And the jumping shots!

opps not so nice.. :( its not easy you know, jumping at the same time the camera clicks.

the best after many, many, many trials.


And we took the Ferry back to mainland, just like 11 years ago..

And stop at bidor for our dinner at the Famous Bidor Duck Noodle in Perak :)

with soup


yummy? Go road trip like me. :)