Monday, May 26, 2008


Gonna be out of the internet world for a few days... internet upgrade. well i hope its a few days.. not weeks... cos you know la how telekom people work. can promise 1 day but take 3 days one... sigh...

still. handphone's not dead.. call me for yumcha or anything.. movies, clubbing, warehouse sales.. I have 7 DAYS OFF this time.. dont let it waste again.. :-/

Till then..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Portsmouth England

This time, im gonna show you : Portsmouth. Another place in england that's 2.5 hours from london. Its a port, something like Melaka in Malaysia, with lots of historical english building.

Jian Lun, JULIE'S BOYFRIEND. NOT MINE. currently stays there taking his degree in University of Portsmouth so went to visit him.

Plans are just simple: shopping in small portsmouth, tour around and a bbq - english style in those big green parks full of grasses and without dog poo, muds and puddles, and clubbing at night - english style.

that's where i was. :)

Pardon me but i wasnt happy with some photos i took, cos i look ugly.. :( kinda got lazy in makeup-ing that day thus some pale faces. sigh. So im just gonna show you pic w/o me in there. Or maybe you guys dont like me posting my own pics here too? then this time sure you're happy to see less of me. And if u dont like to see me, what the hell you doing in my blog page???

And im kinda lazy today.. suffering the monthly woman thing. so im just gonna blog short.

the bachelor's pad.

city hall.. where when jian lun grad he's gonna stand there and have graduation photo. haha

then, just a short visit to some historical dockyard...

to see some old historical boat and a navy boat. there are museums but sorry alison not into museums...

the many complicated cables that controls and pull the sail.

then spotted this funny named bar.

I'll name mine HEHE BAR AND GRILL next time ;)

note: edited

update: hey, i took time and concentration to change the color for your laughter. I know it still sucks but gimme some credits ok!! :(

Spinnaker Tower. Viewing tower of portsmouth.

funny tree isnt it? Cos the wind there so strong (its seaside and london is windy) thus the style. haha...

and jian lun told me the weather there is hot, and said its seaside, so i brought along tube tops, shorts pants, bikini and sunblock. - thinking its gonna be a fun beach day there..



the temperature like 18 celcious, sunny with LOTS OF WIND. And i only brought along 1 sweater. T____T

Den we watch a hovercraft from near... its a lil blur, cos i compressed it to the lowest size as possible for viewers in the slow internet world aka malaysia ppl to load it easier.

Hovercraft coming

Hovercraft leaving

Anyway, bbq england style is this:

TAHDAA!!! instant bbq pit. cost just a few pounds.

open the cover

light a match

pit is ready in 5 minutes.

jian lun why dont u get 1 and bring back. we do bbq in julie's garden. haha.

our food. only chickens. chicken breast and drumsticks cos wings are hard to eat.


gonna get marinade in nando's lemon and herb flavor.

haha. so now i dont need to go nando for its chicken. can make it at home.

marinade in process...

the chef.

do you feel hungry?? hehe...

yum... - my fork nearly melted in the bbq process.... -___-

In the end our short bbq kinda ended in 1 hour. -________- and I wanna leave quick, shading myself away from the sun cos i forgot to put sunblock and scared i'll sunburn myself in the sun. :P It wasnt hot, cos it was very windy, but i am still afraid of the sun. One time redang is enough. I got so sunburn I took me nearly ONE YEAR to get back my mediumly fair skin back. *sobsob*

i was covering like that most of the time T_____T

Cos we bought so little food for bbq, in the end, we are hungry again and jian lun brought me to this spanish restaurant, La Tasca.

yummy? GBP27 with tips and tax... ;)

skipped clubbing though.. cos i was tired, and i dint bring clothes pretty enough to go club and not in the mood to club anyway...

well, end of portsmouth.... ;)


Nearly miss flight the flight to london, cos I woke up late, dont wanna elaborate, but its not a good thing, bad record. sigh. Luckily my purser is ok with it. phew.. but the company isnt... :(((

So I hate the sun, but guess where im going next month???























Im gonna go hawaii!


bikinis and sun block - check - Here i come!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have an urge... get myself an ipod nano. I dunno why.

like im planning to get it for my coming birthday, or at least paster somebody to get it for me.. hehe.. but I want it NOW.

I know, i already have a psp bought by the same need-to-buy impulse. sigh. and i hardly play it now, cos its not that cold anymore and I dont need to bring bulky coats so I can stuff my laptop back into my luggage again. Im also lazy to convert movies to mpeg4 and watch it in a tiny screen compared to my 14" laptop screen.

i just cant seems to leave my laptop cos im too bored not go online. And i dint have off-duty flight this two months, no time to use my psp.

but i want a nano.

im tired of my shuffle, for i cannot see or choose what song i wanna play. like sometimes i forgot what song i put in there and wanna know the name, i cant. and nano have more features!! of course, also more space compared to 1gb shuffle. (i know they have 2gb now, but mine is 1gb version and no im not getting the 2gb one!)

i know, i was happy to engraved it.. since its done now im bored... :P

somebahdee get me a nano!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Im stuck in seremban for the weekend!!

And I hate it!!!!

Is my thinking more childish that my circle of friends? cos I wanna go out. play. shop. club. chill - NO ONE. wanna go out with me. all busy with their fucking weekends. @#^&$#&

I was, well, once again looking forward to this off day. cos like i said I hardly get any off day on weekends. So I thought this time i can go kl and chill with my friends. But as i call fish this morning, just before i go out and take a ktm to kl, she said she wont be here for this wekkend. she's going back to penang for wesak.

WTF she celebrating wesak meh???! she's a catholic!

wtf i should be considerate that she hardly goes back to penang and have her beloved family around, unlike me who always complains stuck in seremban. NO i dont give a damn!! I hardly gets weekends off and I wanna go out play!!!

I want to be intoxicated - with window shopping, food, movies in the cinema, alcohol, smoke, loud music, gossips!!!

Pelly askked me to go barcelona - but provided im in kl so she can fetch me. but i have no place to stay! and pelly shares her room so i cant bunk in there!

Daddy pulak nagging yesterday ALL THE WAY from KLIA to HOME that I SHOULD SPEND MORE TIME AT HOME, esp we are moving soon. WTF!!

I had plans like hangout with candice, maybe go for manicure, since i cant do pedicure cos my toe nails chipped - deep, so i've cut it off... but in the end canceled cos fish cant accomodate me.

Im like ranting and blaming like its all her fault. and i know if she read this she'll be like "im not the place for u to tumpang!" or "dont u have other places?" but yeah, so far i know she have no time to read my blog - my best friend dont read people's blog, and she deleted her friendster too cos some fucking-asshole-stalking-jerky-ex-boyfriend-stalking-her-till-she-have-low-blood-pressure. im not sure though when she's have quit now and planning to be out-of-job for some time for so call relax or planning to get her degree - i'll wait and see how she's paying her kancil out-of-job!! grrrrrrrr!!!

When I suggest some ppl to go out, they have like dont feel like it, dont tell me last minute or no $$ or AA. Im not stingy but I dont like paying my part to the club when I go with the guys! And so if i wanna go club i need to plan like 1 week ahead izzit???!! What happened to spontaneous planning???

Im currently intoxicating myself with a whole big box of after eight. See you again when im FAT.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rudesheim Frankfurt

Well, who knows Frankfurt is not only for LV and chocolates?

, i dont know till now...

Frankfurt have Rudesheim - a small town near the Reins river where white grapes are cultured for the famous Reisling Wine

It was a Sunday, and ALL the shops in Frankfurt does not open on Sunday and for the first time ever, Alison here plans to sit in the hotel room, not stepping out. So I brought my laptop, psp, magazine, maggi mee cup and snacks. Really really don't wanna step out of the room if possible, except for morning buffet breakfast...

But who knows this team was so nice to invite us -the regional crew- along for their outing? Well, since we (me and another Hong Kong crew) haven't been there before, why not?

pics galore!!

the Wiesbaden train station - to transit to another train in track 1

Rudesheim Station

nice German-Europe style pavement

I know some other places have too.. *roll eyes* - just excited!

did u see the tiny wire at the back? its cable car!

first, wine museum

nothing much, a small building with old winery items...

a medium size wine barrel

some antique thing

a big o barrel

and a cute kid!

some mini wine yard

Drosselgasse street

I wanna get a nut cracker!!

not cheap, cos its a real quality of wood that can crack nuts open! But to think again, hardly eat nuts, and nuts in Malaysia are those easy to crack cap ibu jari nuts...

*good thinking alison! you are attempting to think twice before buying and saving!*

one of the outdoor restaurant...

To say, it was soooo sunny that day, but windy enough. Don't need a thick coat, just a cardigan can do... Just love this kind of weather... I wish Malaysia have it too!!! :( i tell u what, Malaysia damn hot till i wish i can quickly return to work and enjoy the wind here! Hot till pimples popping up like popcorn!

Queuing for gondola...


nice scenery isn't it?

these are grape trees growing in process

And i spotted a few visitors walking between them. Sorry, I'm too lazy to walk, prefer to take gondola instead

Reins river

Grace and me

our assistant purser

Few from the team

Some war statue on top of the hill

my future home, i want a BIG WINDOW like this!

ambik gambar pun ada style

this ice-cream cost RM15

So must enjoy it kau-kau

Wine tasting


For the first time I'm tasting a very nice white wine. Well, I dint know how to enjoy wine. What ever dry, semi-dry thing, i have no idea. But this reisling wine, not dry and smell nice.. i bought myself a bottle to bring home!

Who wanna try it with me? :D

I don't know does it taste the same, but the type I bought is reisling ice wine, its kinda more expensive than the normal reisling wine... :P

And Im totally gonna find out more about wine now. Since I heard the company is sending us for business class training soon... sigh.. stress..