Saturday, December 21, 2013

#throwback First crafty-worthy project I did

Hi ya...... Blog... Readers...?

Ya. I abandoned ya'll again... Sorry~~

So I'm gonna join a tag crafty workshop tomorrow @ scrap-n-crop (it's free and "sponsored", just bring own stash! And that's how a started rummaging my boxes of "treasures" and found this: 

Back in 2011 I guess.. My first "Vintage Mini Album" project. And how I started hoarding craft worthy tools. Lol

I don't remember if I ever blogged bout this yet. But yeah Imma repeating it today and post this to me " I made this" album in fb later. Teehehehe. 

How I found S&C? Started my first ever scrapbooking with some simple stickers and silver pen on A4 paper, and feeling not satisfied with the end work, I started googling ideas how to scrap better and started taking down pictures and examples in the world wide web.. Till date I have at least 2000 pictures took down and ideas and reference. But only done 3 layouts :( I blame on time, space and procrastination. :((

Anyway when I found those references I started looking for the tools they use to create and lead me from USA online scrapbooking stores amazon and eBay to finally trying to look for stores in Malaysia and online (don't have a car then. Shop online no need people to fetch me and wait for me impatiently.. Lol)

And how I found S&C :))

And when they offered a project and I didn't even know what mini album is... I join in to see what's in it. 

And from that class I learned what is crackle paint, stickles, emboss, tinting, ways to "vintage" a brand new metal box, and so many kinds of stamps out there that I can use and want them all!! WOW..! *over-board-hyper-to-the-max-wish-I'm-a-millionaire-and-buy-them-all*

Enough talk and more show: 

    The inside


    The mini album inside

    Album; standing- first page

I am supposed to add in picture to that white space but such a small album and then ago I didn't make and print such small picture to put in

But give me time today and I still will not put in pics. I'll make a BIGGER one. This is too small~~

    Album; standing- second page

    Album; standing- third page

Yup. I'll redo it bigger one day. Lol

Ok night!!! Muakz!