Thursday, September 25, 2008

Im blogging and im hungry~

Hmmm.. hungry... I want food.. I want to have some yummy cakes.. maybe cupcakes? Where to get cupcakes at 2.45am in Korea? Cafe also closed dy hor... Well, starve. I can do it.

Anyway.. if you've noticed, October's schedule is out, delayed for 3 days due to some winter schedule thing-y.. And there's a TWO WEEKS FLIGHT!! again!!


Well, as there are too much crew now that 25 new crews from KL had join us, and only ONE daily flight from Korea to KL, (thus too much foreign crew for one flight), company has decided to restart the 2 weeks flight... lenghten our flight trip so we can still be on duty in Korea-KL flights... If im not mistaken the last time was like a year ago.. sigh...

Where to next month? Well I did say I want new destination.. wish kinda came true.. but its LA and New York.. Been there ady leh.... Just that my last trip was also a year ago.. this LA flight will be my second time. And with the same senior i went with a year ago! haha.. how coincidence!

not sure.. I doubt we'll have time for Disneyland... I hope we can.. or a visit to the American's Chinatown sounds fun! :P

And New York - though I've been there like a few times when first I join this company but the fact i've never visited Statue of Liberty or the Big Apple city itself. Cos our hotel are like sooooo far from the city (so its cheaper wtf.. kedekut sial..) travelling to the Big Apple takes time and it'll be so tiring to be on duty again the next morning.. hmmm..

ok lah.. enought of ranting.. time for some long delayed pics.. Below are some pics of the food me and boyfriend had in this small cafe name Big Happiness (i think, boyfriend said that in Chinese and I translated it.. :P) in Jinjang.. or is it Jalan Ipoh already?? I dont know.. but somewhere behind the 2 dimsum cafe lah.. If you know where..

Anyway.. what so special about this place? Well, it not only serve normal chinese food, but also special homemade food. Created by the owner himself.

Well, as usual... I forgot their names.. but i can explain a little bit of it with my weary memory.. -___-

this are something like crepes, but with banana and coconuts inside.

closer view...

What can you see? Sushi?

Yeah, kinda look like sushi, but the rice are replaced by breads!

special right? hehehe..

erm... this is erm... i dont remember.. erm.. but very... erm.. nice...

erm... forgotten too.. erm... tasty..

okok... i remember this.. spring roll! yay!! but instead of jam or butter or cream its spring rolls with kaya (Malaysian jam that made of lots of eggs and sugar.. )

And.. and.. argh i forgot the name.. Karen are you reading this? is this what you mum made last time i was there? What is it again? it taste like it :P

finally.. pumpkin tau fu fah.. there were many varieties but boyfriend said this is the best..

I mean you normally have tau fu fah (made of soy beans and steamed to perfection) with sugar syrup or gula melaka but this is different lor.. haha...

see how boyfriend enjoy his pumpkin tau fu fah! :P


and moi!

Im still hungry............... hungry............. hungry................ :-/

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Imma Superboy!

Ma little cousin. now age 7. When he was 5, I hold his hand during a family shopping trip and he looked up to me:

"jie-jie (sister) can you be my girlfriend?" with that pair of sincere eyes you get to see in puss:

I...... was........ speechless........ -____-

its either he gets too much tv, or he has his daddy's gene. :-/


already good looking at 7. what will happen at 17?? haha!

opps... forgot to rotate before posting :p

something irrelevent:

A nice rich cake i tried in Station 1 OUG a few months back.. lol..

took pic of it cos it was pretty~

Another irrelevent:

Full pic in Pavilion. ;)

with boyfriend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Background change


Finally a change in the background! :D Enough of that booooring blogspot basic background.. hehehe..

Simple. I know.. maybe later i find a nicer one, or have time to create one myself, i'll change it again.. or till next year.. i dunno.. :-/

Meanwhile.. im trying to create a picture/graphic for my title part. Trying to dig and squeeze my memory in photoshopping and design.. hmm..

Nothing interesting to blog jor... except lots and lots of random pictures of me.. and boyfriend.. :P

Shall update again soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seoul Cultural Experience

Happy Mooncake Festival!!


ya la.. i know its going to be over in 2 more hours... -_____- im not in Malaysia this year to celebrate though.. was flying back to Korea from Frankfurt. So im in Korea now.
It is also the biggest holiday in Korea, but it is called Chusok:

"Chusok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving, is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Chusok means a great day in the middle of August. It occurs during the harvest season. Thus, Korean families take this time to thank their ancestors for providing them with rice and fruits.

The celebration starts on the night before Chusok and ends on the day after the holiday. Thus, many Korean families take three days off from work to get together with family and friends.
The celebration starts with a family get-together at which rice cakes called "Songphyun" are served. These special rice cakes are made of rice, beans, sesame seeds, and chestnuts. Then the family pays respect to ancestors by visiting their tombs and offering them rice and fruits. In the evening, children wear their favorite hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and dance under the bright moon in a large circle. They play games and sing songs. Like the American Thanksgiving, Chusok is the time to celebrate the family and give thanks for their blessings."

And I learnt that from Arirang tv... LOL!!

Im not here to blog bout Chusok ok...
Went to a company organised trip around korea last week. Purpose: to get us foreign crew to know more about the Korean culture.

Amy and me.


Cruise in the Han River.

Korea major river that divides South Korea into 2.

passed by this building. kinda famous in Korea. Can see it in a few tv ads in Korea.

Got briefed by the organiser (guy in white) and his translator(lady in black)

Our "cruise ship"

It seems that this is a very special cruise ship. It only takes VIP and we a invited to ride it.. FOR FREE!!


A 10 years old boat. with the MAXIMUM speed of 30km/hour. Gosh... -___- i drag the 1 hour journey down the nothing-to-see river bank. Tourism Korea is trying to follow other famous country with their rivers around the world: promoting their river.. But London got London bridge Korea got what?? And this the ship's 92nd trip down the river.


wtf is going on with me?

KUL crew: Me. Amy, Celine.

the sucky group picture.

Cos the bloody China crew use her big ass head to block us. We were taking picture behind when they ask for group pic, thus we were at the back. 30 of us = nearly 30 cameras taking turns to take pictures! Imagine how long we posed! At first she's suppose to bend half so we are visible but after a few shots she got tired and stand up, NOT CONSIDERING THAT THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BACK!!


My outfit of the day...

dont i look soooooo sweet... hehehehehe... :P


Bongeunsa Temple.

A very ancient temple in the middle of the city! It is said to be 1200 years old with 13 sub-temples inside!

the main building

With paintings and murals telling the story of the origin of Buddha and master's teachings.

And inside filled with 3300 private small statues of the Buddha.


look: ancient building inside, skyscrapper outside.

in front of Maitreya- the Buddha of the future statue.

Which said the Buddha will come in another how-many-billion years later..

only US highlighted.. :D

Laughing there cos the cameraman dropped one of the CHINA CREW's camera.. HAHA!

the 150 years old building.

and some ancient designed walls.

Lotus flower making:

We were brought into a room to make lotus flower.

petals laid in the middle of the table for our use

my choice of petals

First you need a mini paper cup attached with a wire.

the first layer of petals

Me concentrating in making the most beautiful lotus.. :P

my 90% finished lotus

Celine and her colorful lotus

And then the monk that only speaks Korean and thought us how to meditate. A 5 minutes meditation were done but most i did was trying to fall asleep without dropping my head.. lol...

Tea Ceremony:

Drinking tea consist of five senses. Listen to the water flowing into the pots and cups, Smell the aroma of the tea. See the color of the tea, Feel, and Taste the tea

the set up.

After pouring hot water into the teapots.

Putting in tea leaves

Pouring it into the cups

Putting it onto the saucer

Putting it onto the serving tray

our tea, with little sweet snacks to match.

And a souvenir from the temple.

ME and my lotus: trying to act cute.

Big drums and bells


or other word: octopus bibimbab. The famous Bibimbap meal that the Korean L-O-V-E-S to eat. even when they are in other countries.. THEY CRAVED FOR IT. I dunno why.. -___-

Why I wont crave for nasi lemak when im away from home geh??

That octppus that soon become this:

Red hot and Spicy..

The veges

And you mix in rice

And all the octopus and sauce. Mix it up and enjoy.

Half way thru... T____T

Candid shots:

Extreme Break Dance Comedy

A non-verbal comedy done in a Break Dance Routine about 5 prisoners trying to break out from the Prison - in a very very hilarious way!! :D

the cast of the day

no pictures afterthat cos we were not allowed to take pictures in the teather. But I did found one of us in their website:

You see, she sat at the "special" seat where she was pulled out to act for a few minutes and result she got a Breakout magazine and a photoshoot!

A recomended to go and watch when you do come to Korea! ;P


their tickets cost KRW50,000 (RM150)

Photoshoot. This time WE STAND INFRONT!

Well end of trip! :)