Monday, March 31, 2008

I hate amateurs

I hate amateurs... dislike. hate. whatever you call it.
somehow I dont feel they are professional enough to service me.

not to mean that I only go to expensive places.. but there ARE difference between professionals and amateurs

the story goes like this:

The package i signed for the dermatologist where i've been visiting so far is going to end soon, so they had offered me a new package. Not cheap, it can round up to rm1500++.. so feeling its too expensive, I dint accept the offer yet..

So my senior told me her dermatologist are better, cheaper and using the same product too.. so what the heck, i went and try it today..

result: PAINFUL painful facial...

It has been months since I had such a painful facial.. I hate it when they use that extraction steel thing to extract my pimples and black head! summore use needle to poke my skin (cos my skin covered the pimples blablabla)

stupid painful steel

My current dermatologist doesn't use them ok! They professionally uses fingers. And only 2 person in that whole center are qualified to do extraction. not just any juniors... hmph! and even they do poke my skin with needles (they have to cos of my skin condition) but IT IS NOT EVEN PAINFUL!!

Summore the steps they took are really so cincai one.. they dint even examined my skin before starting my facial! Even the steam they use also so cincai.. I langsung tak kena the steam also.. might also be the reason the extractions were sooooo painful...

Summore I already told them its my first time there, of course they should give me a good first impression for me to return! but they dint lo.. argh...

Im totally going back to my current one for packages..

Another amateurs i wanna say, would be those "chap pha lang" hair salon..

Konon-konon they have a up to class deco of the salon, vogue name.. but quality teruk one.. im not talking only one but many salons also like that.. or maybe cos what ever i want them to cut they gave me a different look than what i want. so i dont like them!

just because they went for styling class, pegang gunting also got style but doesnt mean their cutting is nice lo.. cheap... summore charge me rm30 for that simple trim...

another amateurs case I blogged it before, here....

aih.. i dunno la... call me picky.. call me spendrift.. but I prefer to pay for a service that sastifies me...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are you lonesome tonight?

Im listening to Elvis Presley - are you lonesome tonight... light& was broadcasting it while i was driving to the tailor with mummy... (the tailor thing, i'll blog next time) kinda make me wanna listen to it again and again...

that's me, when I like a song, i'll keep listening to it.. till I get bored or found a new song... till people get tired listening to it. I remember fish got tired of me listening to Corrine Bailey Ray- just like a star- till she closes the room door and play her own music.. :P

Then went to pasar malam today... it has been ages since I went there...

It reminds me of my form 5 moments, after add maths tuition, we will hop into FQ's car (cos his bday was early and he got a car) and go pasar malam. buying ourselves bubble tea, ai yee ping, kueh and mihun... sometimes even clothes and shoes selling there!

those were the time..

then there was still stalls selling pirated cds, what else... buy la!

And today pasar malam dint change much.. that old couple still selling their ai yee ping.. (seremban ppl reading this will know who) except, i think their price are higher today... same ppl selling kueh apom, same ppl selling crepes, same ppl selling bubble tea.. lol

anyway.. this another nothing special post.. I think im running out what to blog again! flights for this month left only short trips to korea and return. there's nothing much about it. And im flying tonight... off duty again - at least tonight i get to sleep... hehehe...

tell me dear.. are you lonesome tonight.... la la la la la ...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

yak yak yak...

Whenever im waiting for the crew bus in the airport to office, (sometimes standing/waiting for 15 minutes cos i just missed the last one by 30 seconds) I tend to notice...

korean are st***d... sorry.. i afraid koreans read this and sue me...

or maybe I should rephrase it to stubborn or ego.

or silly...

Cos the gate, have 2 automatic doors. one for EXIT only and the other, just next to it, ENTER only. Now, korea drives on the right. so surely the entry from outside is on the right rite?

but they just loves to go to the left door.... which WILL NOT OPEN on the outside...

you get what i mean?

they are silly enough to stand there for a whlie, blur, then only go to the right door.

And their doors are written, in korean, english, chinese and SIGN LANGUAGE, the exit and enter thing...

Sometimes, alison here act nice laaa.. point them to the right door. actually i did it only once.

A Korean lady, in her 40 maybe, clad in a faux fur coat, maybe a fake LV, but trying to enter from the left door.

The door did not open. So I was standing near the door, so kind heartedly *ahem* pointed her to the right door, not did that she dint smile at me as a gratitude or silliness of her, she sees me invisible and walk to the other door.. nose pointing upwards...

damn it..

I'll never be so kind anymore...

This silly thing aside, well, a was in the the korea-kl flight today, but off duty.

Means, im travelling as a passenger, wearing normal clothing and act like passenger also laaaa

what i wore...

okok, i know maybe the dress is a lil shorter but well, i'll be sitting for 6 hours, with blanket covering what... so no harm done...

but today that ham sap korean pilot dunno why laa...

So I went duty free shop to get some stuff.. i'll miss that train that carries the team to customs.. then while waiting for the next aerotrain, I met our flight's pilot..

Weird is, he dint get any duty free stuff, but he was late taking the train... (normally pilots go out first cos they dont need to clean/tidy up the cabin) so only him and his first officer.

so although Im wearing normal clothing, I wore my ID tag too.. and so he saw me..

Since he saw me, I went over to great him...

Well, he said im pretty.. *ahem ahem* then was trying to make conversations with me.. all the way till the customs.. I walk as quick as I can after customs to avoid him (he has been eyeing me the whole 5 minutes journey in the train.. the longest train ride i ever had)

but I have to stop to collect my checked in baggage. So he catches me, says his goodbye.. you're thinking now he's polite...

the thing is, good bye good bye la.. no need to turn back 4-5 times trying to WINK at me and wave frantatically... -__-

I'll wear pants next time. no more dresses!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


After sooo long been in and out of Korea, today I found out the pretty and relaxing sauna I always go in the hotel is not the famous Korean style steam bath /sauna.

Let me introduce... Heasoopia.. a steam bath/sauna place 20 minutes from airport...

Its a steam bath / sauna area, with hot waters from deep sea, and also herb, which claims for better health...

Well... I did not take any picture, in fact not I DON'T WANT TO but I CAN'T, or else you will be seeing naked me and the other Korean girls/ladies/women in all sizes and age...


Yeap, steam bath and sauna here, we don't don pretty bikinis or t-shirts but we are wearing nothing but our own skin.

No we are not ashamed that our breast are smaller, flat like airport, dangling, fat, stretch marks, or we are "bushy" underneath.

And Koreans takes cleanliness seriously. We shower before joining the pool, and we do not pee in it...

There are cleaners, working all the time, cleaning... and while dipping ourselves, our expensive toiletries never got stolen or taken...

So, words aside, I'll show you what I got from their website... (not that you can read.. neither do i...)

their locker room, there are 1000 lockers here, and it is not vandalised...

their deep sea water pool. hot, about 60 degrees Celsius..
I jumped up as soon as my feet touched the water ok!! I don't know how they can dip their whole body in it for so long...
Of course, there were also the less hotter ones, cold ones with massage, and normal pipe water ones... which me and Gyna went... (duh, you think I go explore alone?)

I mean, I'm used to the hotel's jacuzzi 40 degrees.. but 60... oh no...

these is not in the ladies room. maybe the guys one...

This is like a dome shape, dry sauna. you need to crawl in.. using charcoal i think..

and the steamy one.. bigger, better...This is the OUTDOOR one. brewing herbs for us to dip in. Imagine today's weather is 1 Celsius and we were in there!! and it was raining and windy too...

but as soon as we dip in, we don't feel the cold as much as we were before dipping in..

oh, there were this infrared room too... no pic that I can show though... and I don't know the purpose of the infrared to our body..

and if you are lazy and willing to pay... bout 10000 won (rm32.5) they have professionals "ah ju ma" clad in black undergarments to scrub your WHOLE body.. all you need to do is just sleep there.. they have varieties of packages range up to rm 150 too...

oh, "ah ju ma" is not sexy lady.. but auntie, not pretty type, fat.. maybe mother of 3, tummies.. just that they always uses the bath.. their skin is real good ;)

after 3 hours in there... I have a pretty smooth skin... emmm... :)

will visit again!

Friday, March 21, 2008

April's Schedule

all righty.. schedule's out again.. no more atlanta!!! woohoo!!

finally im flying to london again. the short 10 hours flight and nice buffet.. hehehe.. can watch malcom in the middle and the simpsons there too!! hehe

I went there 4 times in the begining of my job, but i havent get bored of it yet.. hehe...

also another 2 times to chicago.. its another long flight as well, but not as long as atlanta.. but then in between the 2 chicago im going, day off only 2 days?? that's real tiring man..


ppl said we are "married" to korean air.. no freedom... :((

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What had waitressing in the air done to me?

Chipped nails...

until its soooooo deep that my sensitive skin exposed.

Not only one finger... all of them!! chapped, chipped, broken, blunt, uneven... u name it i have it!!



that dark red on the left, new mark from accidently kicking the push cart last flight.

the drying mark on the right, my OWN heavy luggage fell on it. A week ago...

my pinky toe nail: I had on those expensive and pretty pedicure done and look what the cabin shoe done to it?

and the skins... cracked skins, harden reddish skin... results of the shoes as well...


thank you for your concern...

Monday, March 17, 2008

PSP continued...

so, what happen to my psp?

its a long story... and it hasn't even finished!!!

First, this down-right illegal downloader try to get free games online. found some, but had trouble putting it into the psp.

Also found some website, selling unlimited game downloads. but a lil too expensive to buy it for my own. so now, im looking for anyone who's interested to share that account with me. and we can share the password to download games we like! they even have movies and song... so they claimed...

and i have some review its not a bad cheating your money kind of website...

So meanwhile, went to a game shop somewhere in seremban (amazingly, seremban still have games shop compared to lowyat) and wanna get a few games to play during my trip to Frankfurt.

then, I found out my psp needed an UPGRADE so it can install "pirated" games. s***-mo****-F****!!! (see, im not cursing.. it's just full of ********) :P

cost me rm80, plus i bought a "remote-control" earphone, after some bargaining, got it for rm30 (compared to US selling at USD30) but im not sure is it original or not.. lot of fake things nowadays...

TO MY HORROR.... they are selling.....


damnnit! oh, they have lavender, green, blue... WTF!!

im not sure how genuine are they, or maybe its from Taiwan or Japan. unlike US which sells them only in Black, White and Silver...

but one thing, to console myself, they're selling the psp at a higher price, with only 4gb of memory. they have 8gb too but a lil tad more expensive than the price i bought mine... still i wonder how much is it after bargaining... sigh...

and to console myself again, black is good for me after a few years.. takkan at 25 im still using a pink psp? :P sorry ppl who still likes pink at that age... :P

but then by then they might have psp version 5000? with better features? who knows... sigh..

I failed at consoling my own self!!!

then I ask the shop manager, can I trade in my new-1-week-old psp for the pink one, he said 2nd hand psp, no matter new or old, trade in price is only around rm200...

200 only??!!
any how, I threw aka kept aside the psp case i bought from US. its so cheap-made-in-china with cartoon cloth in the inside! and the earphone is not even from SONY!!! not to say its software, un-useable at all!!!!!!!! shit. wasted rm100 there!

and bought something cheaper and nice for its casing... :D

did you see that pink writing over the corner?

zoomed in

my attempt to sew my name in the furry casing... FAILED!!! MISERABLY UGLY!!!

can xinli please do that for me? pretty please with sugar on top? :D

okok, back to my game. so after upgrading my psp, and since i paid like rm110, i had those games free of charge!! good eh?

but since the upgrading kinda reformatted my memory card, I connected my psp to my laptop to put in my songs and movie again..

guess what happen??

virus detected!!!

now, the thing about my anti-virus software is, its so up-to-date and sensitive, so any worms, trojan, and virus can be detected straight away and automatically cleaned!!

which means it also jammed my memory card

which means i need to reformat it

which means no more games inside!!!


oh well, no time to go back to the shop, i just put in the whole season 4 of desperate housewives for Frankfurt.. sob sob :((

Im going to go back there after this trip and COMPLAIN!! REFUND!!!

eh.. the games are free wor...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Frankfurt again...

So, i claimed Frankfurt is boring.. unless I've got plenty of cash to get myself those expensive leather brands.. which.. i don't...

So this time Frankfurt, i fly with another junior from Osaka Japan. at least she has better command in English than those Koreans.. speaking to her is not a problem.

Toshiko and me











































my very first Louis Vuitton!!

nice eh?

Speedy 30 Damier brown.

my very first most expensive possession.

nah... its not mine. bought it for Mrs rich mumma friend i know.. hmm

She has been bugging me to help get her one ever since I started in this job!!

how i wish its mine though..

still... i can still flaunt it while its in my POSSESION!!

it is still considered mine now. cos i paid for it and she haven't pay me yet.

hmmm.. what will happen if she's not paying me? i'll die!! paying off the credit card next month!! :(

LV aside, frankfurt is best for......?

replenishing my chocolate stocks!!!

yum yum...

and since its easter soon, everywhere is selling easter-themed stuff. from chocolates, to home decor, even boiled eggs from the buffet is easter painted!!

some chocs i bought:

papa and mumma Hachter.

I know, the brand's never been heard of before, but its still chocolates!

a happy family...

these are their cousins, came over to visit... ;)

After Eight, my favourite and also some products from Ferrero

do you know, a bar of After Eight in duty free shop (that size) KLIA cost RM29.90

I got them here for Euro 2.99. bout RM15..

So no matter my bags fits or not, no matter its damn F***ing heavy, I'll bring them home...


kinder bueno in hippo shape.

easter egg shaped chocolates... what flavor you want?

Dunnel (dunno what's that)



and milk!

I wanna like open all up and deco it for a pic esp those bunnies.. but some of them I'm planning to give away as souvenirs.. so all pics are in its own plastic bags!

managed to camwhore too!!

notice im holding something blue in my hand? that's the easter egg they had in the room-welcome-dish...

also do notice my bed? damn small.. im lucky im not fat... how to sleep like that??!!

well.. after 11 hours of flight, if its as hard as the floor, you can still dose off..

Oh well..

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Trip 4

nothing special, below are gonna be full of lame rantings.
As usual, 13 hours outbound flight, room sharing with korean. Go shopping alone...
Still i can shop a lot. (PSP?)

Then in quest looking for a shirt cousin christine ask to get. In the end, couldn't find her shirt, but got my self a Guess top, Ck shirt, a pair of skinny slacks and a sexy bare back top. :D


but all got discount leh

and Guess and CK is no big deal in US

cheap. but im not telling how much.. :P if not later i wear it out and you people know and... malu laaa!!!

though inbound flight takes 14 hours and 10 minutes at least atlanta flight is not so troublesome.

most passengers taking atlanta-korea flight are guai-los and vietnamese...

less in flight sales; easy communications; less demands; less to worried about complaints...

except, certain times, meal choice find itself in trouble. cos guai los like to eat western and no one wanna have korean food (standard food are 50% western style, 50% korean style for passenger to choose)

and i notice guai-lo can simply chat with anyone!

the incident im mentioning was 2 passengers, completely dont know each other, came to the galley to get some drinking water. then they stand around the galley area (near my jumpseat, make me stand for 10 minutes cannot sit) to stretch up and while holding that cup of water they can chat like 10 minutes or so...

completely strangers!!

another one was this papa (with the cutest big-eye baby!!), want me to warm up his baby's milk. so I ask him to sit while waiting but he said its ok, and again stand near my jumpseat (cannot sit again) for like 5 minutes and chatted with another passenger who was also stretching there...

then they were the polite guai los who keep saying " you are so kind; very kind of you; yes please; thank you very much" which can actually make my day/my flight a better one...

then they'll ask how much is the beer/wine/liqour when they wanna order cos other airlines (esp USA ones) charges for alcoholic drinks. then we have to say its free of charge.. lol

vietnamese got other story.. some couldnt speak english but they are US citizen/ PR. i do wonder why, and they are damn rich can afford to fly to atlanta lo. expensive ok...

then this flight got la, a rich mumma vietnamese. got 3 children... den very expensive mama looking 1, but english broken 1.. but can afford buy lots of inflight sales item.

then speaking of children. why do parents with babies or kids just cant tapau their milk from home for the flight? instead keep requesting for milk for their babies.

u think airplane is farm ah?

got cows on board? can provide free unlimited amount of milk?

then no more milk they complain, their child/baby hungry.. stupid...


my monthly dose of US Cosmopolitan

also bought myself a book.. dont know when i'll start reading it..

its spring in US now... flowers are blooming...

what else... think thats all... not such a long ranting after all.. :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yoh... :(

Yoh... cos of election i cannot/not allowed to go kl and get my psp games...

was looking forward to get some games to play in Frankfurt.. cos not planning to go out.. hmmm

now what?

summore silly me forgot to get the media manager software that can convert videos and games to compatilbe format for my psp.. no drama to watch also... hmm..

o to keh?? (what to do?)

sigh sigh sigh sigh..

another weekend wasted..

Friday, March 7, 2008

I've got ya!!!


u laalalalalalalalalalala

*imagine: me holding psp in my hand, dancing around the bon fire. chanting PSP! PSP! PSP! PSP!*


i dont really know what made me really wanna get one.

At USD 169 (black basic package) only with a charger (US plug port some more, got to get a converter plug or something). no memory card, no games nor demo.

So i got myself a 8gb memory duo stick. Malaysia dun have yet ok!

but its freaking expensive

but then my psp is cheap

i haven't really survey KL price yet, but a friend told me Singapore is selling around RM950. no memory card, but free 1 game.

but they also dont have the new 8gb memry card.... hehehe

my first game

cos I wanna test drive it as soon as i bought it, i cant wait to go back kl and go get a game. so I spend USD 19.90 (RM60) for one UMD game... or whatever its called. outdated one too. (cos latest game selling at USD 39.90 [RM120])

Im such a freaking big spender... have to go rehabilitation ady...

anyway.. total-up my psp with 8gb memory card is around a basic psp selling in singapore without memory card... good leh!!


gotta go back to test drive...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lotte World

Yes!! finally accomplished one of the "wanted" things list.

Lotte World with tungi (same batch training in korean) May...

Lotte World: indoor theme park in Seoul

We hardly ever have any chance to have the same day off since november 07.. This month i will be meeting May twice same day off in Incheon + 4 times same flight with her.. :D (its kinda stress though cos she's more hardworking than me :P)

1.05 pm from entrance of Lotte World.

look at the escalator! its spiralling upwards!


this thing is at least 3 meter tall! no kidding...

there were parade going around too...

then I found this bunny hairband.. cute not? hehe..

got lots of pattern some more! bunny, devil, donkey, question mark (?), wings, spring-mini-balloons.. etc..

I notice that koreans just love to get this things for fun, the only time they can wear silly and no one bothers cos you're in a theme park.. other time would be... party?

oh of course.. the dating or honeymoon time... they will wear the famous-you-can-buy-anywhere-couple-shirt and wear to where ever they go. including the same jeans (or at least color) and even shoes! no one bothers.. its like their tradition. try wearing the same t-shirt in malaysia (except valentines) you'll be in the center of attention!


water fumes.. trust me, genting's one is better!!

Giant loop.
Where they keep spinning you.. but i guess this machine is like so many years outdated, there's not enough excitement in it!

Then we ventured outdoor... something newly built not long ago...

looks like disneyland isnt it?

queuing for the roller coaster...

these are love boats! sadly it's closed for winter...

this thing ROCKS!!!

it swings more than 180 degrees and very fast too! then its located next to the lake so its even scarier... SHIOK!!!

having some light snacks. corn. weirdly though, korean corns tastes different...

some lame ride...

this is like for kids to play... genting's better...

You'll get heart attack riding this. far far better than genting's space shot. It's like as high as 12 storey building? and just drops down unexpectedly... the worse feeling is waiting for the time its gonna drop down...!!! try watch the vid.

by dark, we return indoor, cos outside is REALLY cold...

and play merry-go-round!! hehe..

safety first, they have seat belts for this ride!

want some cotton candy?

then you can ice-skate there too...

night time parade... the same day troop but this time with lights..

we tried korean caritecture (is it spell like that?) drawing/painting..

look like me not? dont think so... :(

same as May's... only the hair look alike!

Done Lotte World.. next time, skiing? or Everland?

Lotte world rating: 5 out of 10 lah...

we nearly miss the last bus home. (at 9pm?)

anyway.. here, I wish May....

HapPy 24th BirThdAy!!!
muakz muakz muakz!

see.. mei-mei so nice teman you to theme park leh... I celebrate my 21st alone ok... :(

your bday present... from me... hehe...

haPpY HapPY BurFdaY!!!!!