Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crocheted hat, and more shopping hauls... =P

Here's a sun hat I've promised to do for Candice...

lol.. I was pretty sastified.. I followed the pattern from here... but I added extra lines cos my yarn is a 40g. If I follow that pattern without adding my own lines, I'm afraid this patten will only be suitable for a child's head.. lol... Though my first hat might not be that perfect.. but I think its ok... =P

*ok Im so doing the praising myself here... -__-" *

Anyway, my next hat project is gonna be for my own, and I have bought dark blue yarn for that.. ^_^

I found a yarn shop called "Haby&Wools" in Ampang Park. This shop have more yarn choices.. but of course, nicer yarns is more expensive..  But, of course, it wasn't as expensive as that shop I've visited in Pearl Point Old Klang Road.. -__-'' This shop is apparently been there for a long, long time. I believe so, cos I remember going there for some sequined threads for my self made retro pants for that "Induction 70's Concert" 2005 in college ;)

double knitted yarn 50g
I bought a few of these (RM19.90 each!!) and decided to make some little shoes for Soo's baby girl.. I asked the shop keeper and she said those yarns I used to make the sunhat is too rough for baby's leg.. And of course, I can also use this yarns to make other things. Maybe for my own future baby? =P Or make and sell them... hehe..

I also bought a book there that have some patterns with I would love to try my hands on...

sigh... cost me RM69.90..

But I tried searching this kind of pattern online, and I cant find it, or I'll have to pay for it.. So I might as well invest in this book which have at least 8 patterns inside.. =)

This is an English pattern book.. which means I also have to be careful to know confuse myself (I followed American's pattern and style due to most tutorial in youtube is American's...)

hmmm... you know lace vest is back on fashion? =)

but Im not sure WHEN will I be starting them, or can I even successfully make 1 that is wearable.. lol.. So I spotted some nice lace vest in Nichi that I might get them first.. =P

Jaspal have them too, but waaaay more expensive~

I wanna make this top also!!! =D


In another shopping chapter, these are stuff I bought from paperwishes. An online shop in USA... I sent it to Washington, where Gyna collected it for me.. and it nearly went to a whole world before reaching me.. Kinda took 1 month also.. LOL

Ok, it dint go to a whole world, just Korea-Penang-Korea-KL... and finally to my hands from LeeChin.. LOL...

Templates from the company...

I cant afford the Slice Elite yet.. and they have these template where I can trace many kinds of pattern and cut them up.. yes lotsa fussy cuts.. but hey I dont need to get all kinds of punches..

Some cost USD 1 (sales) and other cost up to $6.99.. If I dont remember wrongly~

Alphabets stamps!! =D and some mini stamps.. and a pack of girlie embelishments..

a book of papers for me to play on
Its vintage pattern, and its for me to use when I start to venture to 12x12 LOs.. (is LO = layouts?) apart from its pattern only on 1 side, and slightly thinner paper material (but its written there improved to heavier papers) but its alot cheaper than buying piece by peice..

I think these are like a dollar or so.. so I just click buy.. lol..

I WILL venture to try up soap making in the future.. =P


Okay. Call me silly, or stingy.. but I had an idea to NOT buy the Tim Holts distressing tool.. I used that once in the SnC class.. and it was pretty much like an office stamping tool but have some velcro tapes and foams on it.. So I ask mummy if her office have unwanted old stamps..

Mummy got some back for me (pretty much) and I removed the rubber from the stamp, stick and stapled the velcro on it.. bought a piece of felt form Art Friend and cut them to mini pieces... and....

 Who cares if the wooden stamp is a bit dirtied and old? LOL =D


You have to pardon the dark look.. my iPhone is not listening to me =(

I did tried it.. looks preeeeety okay on that sample...

Another silly thing I did... I am / might not purchase a die cutting machine.. cos that is very expensive I believe, getting a die cut machine and its many kinds of pattern and the cover thingy to cut the pattern out.. compared to a Slice Elite.. and die cuts can only cut 1 pattern into 1 size.. and of course, space is very important to me...

But I like that TimHoltz tattered flowers very much! Especially I saw many experts out there having them and making very, very nice flowers.. So I came out with this silly idea: I googled for the largest size of TH flower pattern, check out their actual size and resize that picture to their actual size.. then I printed them out, and stuck it onto a hardboard.. and cut them out!! =D

Benefits of a Multimedia Diploma.. haha.. -__-"

Taadaa!!! =D

Looks real right ; )

Well.. it involves more fussy cutting.. cos when I need those flowers, I will have to trace them onto a paper I want to cut, and cut lotsa layers of it (if I need 10 petals, I have to fussy cut each and every piece of it o.O" ) hard work.. but till I have my own cutting machine.. hehehe..

I kinda got this ideas from those templates I bought.. like since I dont own a machine.. why not have template instead.. Of course, I also like TH's bird cage.. but that is TOO MUCH fussy cutting.. Im gonna skip that.. =P


Last but not least for today, I had a LOVELY surprise yesterday!! (not really a surprise, but just didn't expect it..) Suddenly got a call from the postmen in the afternoon, that they have my parcel, in front of my block, I was like "huh" I dint order anything did I? But remembering the date and kinda thought what it was...


=D =D =D =D =D  


deep edge punch lattice heart

Edger doily lace...

deep edger butterflies...

scalloped dots..

punch around the page combos- vintage florals

punch around the page combo - double heart...
and a leaves punch I forgot to take pic.. =P

So HYPER-LY excited!! =D

Now, I'm not gonna tell you how much I've spent.. but I can say I love end of the month.. hehehe... and no more reason why I don't have this or that to scrap? I hope so..

Im kinda in a brain freeze.. dont know how to scrap.. Im guessing Im putting my aim too high (wanting my LO to look like those experienced experts) and so spending time to coordinate embelishes.. but I forbid myself on getting a kit.. I wanna try coordinate things and colors myself!! Which takes time..

Im trying to listen to those experts out there, dont use too much time on a piece of LO.. hmm.

*finger crossed*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog neglected... again!

I neglect to post again.. but after all.. I wasnt even productive these week.. :(

Just got back from 4 days Ipoh-Penang-work trip with Hubby.. 2 days work, 2 days play~ ^^ Then again.. I have not much pictures with me cos I feel ugly with my breakouts and fats.. TT_TT

buy estima.. lol.. very strong..

Saw this car in front of us in our Ipoh stop. Apart from the metal that got crushed, the light and even the car plate is still good and intact! And it is still drive-able.. wow! =D

Nice car number.. :)

2nd day in Penang..

Ok I photoshopped my breakout away... =P

My fav Penang Laksa.. ^^
 Never get bored. yet. Our penang trip 2 years ago we had this Penang Laksa 3 days consecutively on our 3 days there.. ^^

And what a coincidence! That Penang trip was in April 2008 and this trip was also in April! =D


This kind of things makes me happy... =P The new place in Penang: Strait Quay Marina Mall... Sadly.. cos its new, it was pretty empty..

You can say I post this cos Im showing you all my accessories.. =P

I look like im not wearing pants.. =_=

My photographer cum driver cum husband... hahahaha..

Paparazzi pictures.. lol.. like Im a celebrity.. hehehe..

I was looking for that Charlie Brown cafe Gyna told me..

more paparazzi pictures.. =D

found it... @ 2nd floor...

But we dint sit and have a drink.. apparently they drew charlie brown's face on the cappucino.. :)

Stayed 2 nights at another hotel Hubby booked via his HR dept.. and we decided to stay 1 more night in Batu Ferringhi for the seafood bbq and Gyna found a service apartment for RM160 per night with 2 rooms..

Pool view from Sri Sayang apt 28th floor..

Seaview..  with paragliding activities..
I want go play!!! I just want to know how is the feeling of it gliding in the air with no safety bars.. lol..

The multi-million Ringgit villas..

Hubby just read in the newpaper that houses in Penang are even more expensive than KL! And those semi-Ds there might just cost 5M for such a large land, and facing the sea.. o.O"

Camwhoring @ the balcony..

and edit my pic with photoshop.. here.. I let you see the breakout n fat face me and after the editing..
  I used to have that edited face... =( Its either cos of getting older, the face grew wider too.. =( partly fats, partly bones.. you think those "face roller" works? shall I get 1? hmmm...

ahh... sunset!

I have a few more sunset beach pictures with Gyna on our day 2.. wait I get from her.. =)

Bbq prawns @ night
  Regret dint take much pictures.. but it was too dark.. but I should have used Hubby's camera right.. hmmm =(

Killing the crab!!

Actually.. that was washing the crab we JUST killed.. lol.. Justin (Gyna's hubby) got all those seafood fresh from his "fishing village"... "kampung fish", prawns, tiger prawns, sting rays, 3 crabs!

First time doing this.. and its so nice to bbq at the beach (apart from no light) and drink beer, chit chat and watch the stars with sea breeze blowing and the sound of the waves.. hmmmm =)

So gonna do it again!!

Lol... I was supposed to just brag a little bout Penang and show you my knitted sun hat for Candice and here I am with ALL the Penang pics and no hat.. I'll do that on my next post.. lol..

Now, Im gonna go busy with my Sophie Kinsella- Twenties Girl book I started reading on my trip ;) Need to read more books that I've bought but not touched. =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mummy's Bday Card

I am a last minute person.. really.. =(

I have more than a week to start making Mummy's birthday card, and yet I finally did it like at 6pm till now... T_T

Same to Daddy's birthday card... T_T

And those crafties that I have made, was pretty much a guilt last minute.. cos I was worried I'll never start on any once I start working.. Then when Citi havent call yet.. I got back to my procrastinating self... TT___TT


I crocheted the heart from a pattern in free tutorial.. then added my own scallop. hehe..

Confetti of loves... hehehe..
  I have a wicked idea to trick mum.. but I hope it works.. =P

Raised borders..

Im gonna stick the card around and make it harder to open.. so Mummy need to use a little force and those confetti can "fly" hehehe.. hope it works..

I used a tape glue to seal it, so now I'm hoping the glue sticks well, and my trick works.. hehehe =P

My heart punch..
  From Daiso Taiwan RM3.8.. so cheap right... after all the punching I think the blades aren't sharp anymore.. =(

I think due to last minute, I dont quite like my card... hmmm... hope Mummy thinks differently.. I'm affraid Mummy jealous that Daddy's card's nicer.. =/

In a second note:

I finally organised my rhinestones... hehehehe
They are parts that I bought some time ago, still have some more where I am gonna decorate my psp.. sigh.. I dont know when I can fight thru the PROCRASTINATION DISEASE and start working... TT__TT