Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something random...

What?? I really have nothing that I feel special to blog about!! The SAME F***ing trip abroad, I've already cut down on the shopping trips (recession now wtf) so I dont have that whole bulk of shopping bags to take picture and show you, none enormous buy like burberry or psp of that kind to show off.. (though I did fall in love with a Coach bag lately.. but bf said no) no one having birthday celebration....................

The one and only picture I had with my very first visit to Manhattan City, New York

After 10 times of flying to NY, this is the FIRST time I visit Manhattan, but it was a NEAR disaster experience.. snowed, freezing cold, stupid China crew.. ah dont wanna talk about it! And YES, thats my only picture with me in Manhattan.

Thats Times Square by the way.. you know how F***king big is Time Square??? damn..

And a squirrel... go so far only manage 2 pictures of SQURRELS!!!


This is in Hawaii.. on the way to airport.

FYI i only stayed a night in Hawaii, there's none interesting.. except that rainbow.. :) Hey, rainbow from Hawaii, you should be happy I show it to you wtf...

Oh oh, I did shop like RM300 OPI products in Hawaii btw, cos there was sale in a shop sellnig those stuff and I got crazy.. Remember I lost 2 bottles of OPI in Atlanta? Well, I happily replenish them at a cheaper price and more new colours... hehehehehe...


The V day

Delayed in the celebration, cos I was on the way back to Korea from Hawaii on Vday.. And its our very FIRST V day so I've made some special thing for Bf... :D

Pasta, I bought them in Frankfurt.. gosh I miss Frankfurt... :(

Decided to make them for boyfriend..

Thats the Cabonara sauce..

FYI, I *HEART* Cabonara sauce ok.. so next time you decided to make pasta for me or buy it for me, its pasta Cabonara. Thank you. :)

And a gift I made for BF overnight.

Im so proud of myself wtf.. lol..

with polka dots side summore.. hehehehehe.

Inside: a belt from A\X and some hearts chocolate... :P

ok la I help to finish the chocolates also la... heheheh........ and Boyfriend gave me a bracelet... (I was expecting something "more") but oh well.. :P

So you see, what happened to me since my last post.. thats all...

You see boring or not????

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

koNg hWee HuaT ChOy!!!

Yeap.. i have to compile 15 days worth of photos to blog. Cos total of photos i took is just so little.. lazy to hold the camera and click it i guess... lol!!
So so.. I was once again lucky enough to be at home on Chinese New Year, though I have once again missed the reunion dinner cos im on my way home that day. Hmm.. oh well!! At least im not missing any angpaus!! HAhahahA!!!

Let me show you my first day outfit:

The dress and belt are last minute shopping in Korea, cos believe it or not im so taboo (is it the right word?) when I receive a forwarded mail of what to wear for good fengshui on CNY (pink for me for first day) and I dont have any pink outfit, I went all the way downtown to get 1.. -___-

And later got comment from MOST EVERYBODY I look like a Korean girl -____-

I dont wanna be a Korean girl lookalike!! T___T

but... but I like their fashion!! :-/

The family photo~

And Uncle's family (mum's brother who coincidently came to visit before we wanted to go out for visiting)

The large family...

And the family dog.

I think she's the longest living family dog so far, cos before that any dog we have either were given away cos too naughty or being complained too noisy for barking at silly cockroaches or moving leaves by s**pid neighbours, or died of poison or sickness... hmmm...

And she's also the second most obedient dog (the other 1 died of poisoning at 4 months old but well trained...) cos she hardly barks at random moving stuff or jump at people or getting complains cos thank god we now know how to train her (kinda).. well sadly she only knows the command "sit"...

She's now 4 years old :)

okok continue with CNY ya...

Better view of my outfit.. And my new BURBERRY... lalala~

Remember this??

yup I bought my bag all the way from London.. And I finally willing to bring it out.. :D

Me, trying on the bags in the outlet..

Call me cheap, but I cant afford what they had in the burberry store!! I got mine waaaaaay cheap and im happy about it.. And they are not defected bags.. just.. outdated.. :P

And this? remember?

It was actually boyfriend's birthday present.. hehe.. Ted Baker. cos ted is from british, buying his stuff in London is a tineeee bit cheaper than else where.. :P

nice eh? calf skin leather. I was so scared boyfriend wont like my present, so I bought something that even ME can use. hehehe.. It fits me u know!! :P

thats the reason I was so F***ing broke paying my credit card that month!! T______T (and oh my bank account wasnt fully recovered yet from that 2 purchases!!)



Went to daddy's younger brother for visiting and took another family photo..

and that's all for first day?????

2nd day outfit.

Love my green top from Forever21 and gladiator wedges.. the top is ALL LACE at the back and plain infront, but I forgot to take a pic of the back.. and it was stained from the lunch i'll have later that day, so dint take any photo of it anymore..

Guess what happen after washing??


to a size of a baby tee!!!!!!! :(


Forever21 top!! SHRINK!!! gosh.. never get anything from F21 anymore!! their clothes shrink!!! :( so sad!!

We are going out to KL (serdang) for grandaunt home. Where she can cook really great food. Sadly, there aint photo.. :( next year perhaps.. or I hope??

Me, and mummy...

And on the 3rd day...

My fav cousin came to visit.. :D so cute..

Since she went to day care, she got a lil tan and look more like mat salleh now!! haih..
Let's see her sing CNY song: :P

Cute isn't she? :D

And we had dinner, than moi, Alison cook.. :P

Boiled veges with mushrooms and sea cucumbers (you cant see the mushroom and sea cucumbers cos its covered by the veges)

And fried prawns with oat.

Yum yum ok!

I cook!! once again no 1 helped me to snap pictures while I cook (and I cant abondon what's frying in the wok just to canwhore!!)

im a "qualified" cook after all... well of course mummy were helping and pointing beside me.. :P
And I continued my flight to the boring and uneventful incident in New York that I dont wanna talk about now.. to be back right on time for the last day of CNY where we get a dinner:

and "Lou Sang"

the aftermath...

And the yummy dishes of fish

and ostrich meat...

And also a "japanese fried egg" and a dish of vege I dint take a photo of... :-/

And then lastly, the very very last day of CNY, me and boyfriend went to the park, thought to get a look-see at the yearly "chinese valentines day" mandrin oranges event (but sadly there's none this year)

So we watch people feeding the fishes in the pond... lol...

and fly a kite.... :P

I dont know how to fly a kite.. so I HOLD a kite and pose for picture... :P

I know, this post lack of pix with "human" in it.. sigh.. i dont know what happen to me with my lazy to blog disease.. not that I so busy studying.. or working.. dunno dunno..

im off to open my angpaus.. hehehe.. tata!!!