Friday, September 21, 2007

a quick one, of everything...

many many to blog, little little time... by the way, im blogging in London now... another record broken, for not sleeping for the past 24 hours. (well, not exactly, last time it was 30+ hours) slept at 2am, 20th sept, woke up in korea at 5am, (total, if u couldnt count: 3 hours and im gonna fly for 10 hours EXCLUDE those travelling and briefing time) couldnt sleep, got up and got ready at 7am, start flying at 1, (if u read my blog u'll know why i have to be ready that early for a 1pm flight.) reach london at 5, london time. and then watch tv till 11pm, (i love the channel here; lastest simpsons, malcom and they show 3-4 episode of simpsons at once!) then came down to crew lounge to online and since im damn bored (as usual, im always bored, never contented with my life) i decided to do a lil blogging. by the way its 6.30am 21st sept in KL now. or 10pm 20th sept london

this is my 2nd flight for the 2 long weeks schedule. dint go back KL for the past 2 weeks already. hmmm.. anyway, like i said, nth to look forward to in KL of Seremban now what the heck..

so went LA last week, my first ever time there. not bad, other than having to share room with a korean senior. but since the room was big with 2 bathrooms, im fine with it. and since im flying with my 8 years cool sporting outgoing senior this time, we decided to go Universal Studio. really really nice! other than thier rides was just ok ok. not excited enough for moi... I WAS happy and EXCITED. photos later, still in the camera and i dint bring the cable. check out friendster soon k? just that time wasnt enough for fun and shopping together. and since im there on weekends, stores either closes early or dint open at all... aikz...

then since there's a day off in korea before london flight and having the same day off with candice in korea, we went to myeon dong. some shopping haven in korea. spent like half of my pay checks buying autumn clothings and stuff. And it was raining that day! imagine still can go shopping under heavy rain and once small umbrella. (myeondong is kinda petaling street style, only better quality, bigger space and lots lots better thatn PS, ) normally on a good day, stall are full along the streets. so now imagine again raining heavily, no mini stalls along the road, and we could still spend like hell lot.. if not... i couldnt say..

going out tomorrow again. this is my 4th flight to London and im still going out for sight seeing and tours. planning to see the change of guards in Buckingham palace tomorrow morning after breakfast and go to amora london museum. its not any normal museum ok... a museum displaying about love sex, relationships... only 18 and above can enter, hehehe... check out wooooo... im excited........ and the 4th flight to London and i FAILED to memorize London's duty free alowance. and when this is the time i dint fo my home work, this is the time, the purser asked me bout it. I was so freaking blur and shaking, scared of her and my senior, afraid she's gonna lecture me later. but luckily she kept quiet. but it was a bad impression of me, since she already asked me to be ready and i nodded and this was the result... sigh... SIGH... SIGH...

oh, another thing i wanna tell: my previous blog where i was complaining bout this busiest KL flight i've beem so far: so that time i was wondering surely their return trip spell trouble also. well guess what, they came KL only for 2 days, just the same time as my day off. so the other day i had my flight back to korea, i saw them again. yes. SUEY or not...?

worse was they remembered me and were like so happy to see me, waving at me in the airport. as i wasnt on duty that night, i sat as passenger. they saw me and were like surprise "oh? oni? bla bla in korean" kinda like surprise to see me sitting there. then one of them asked do i stay in korea. so save the fuss.. i just nodded.. but well part of it is true. most of the time im in korea anyway... though they said i base in KL.

thank godness it was a night flight so most of them decided to sleep instead of treating the cabin like their classroom. so their request were minimal too... really lucky for those on duty that night...

hmmm so i'll upload those photos later... or maybe i'll just edit this blog again.. anyway im feeling floaty right now.. partly tired partly reluctant to retire to bed. and if u find any typo, dont blame me, blame it on that im typing on a 70% blurred out keyboard. thank god im used to typing so it dint bother me much/dint take me long to figure which button is for which alphabet... but if it happen to be grammatical mistake, you can blame me... sorry laaa.. i dint sleep for so long and i've graduated from school so long, surely english also gone down the drain la right? anyway, i never say my english was ever good before, other than scoring an A1 in SPM 4 years ago... hehehe... tata...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memory card corrupted

I dont know shall i say freaking mad or dissapointted! My phone memory card just gone corrupted suddenly and now everything in it is gone!! arghhh!!!! the worst is i dint back up any of it at all! just want to kill myself now.. some music my friend bleutooth to me which i dint backup yet, photos since i started working, my lil cousin pictures, which was very hard to take cos she's always moving, some pics i took in london, and some pics fish passed to me so i can email it to her and the most important: a video i recorded few weeks back where my drunked friend trying to "rape" another friend... ergh... i wanna used that to black mail him later on... all plans gone... dint meant to really black mail but it was a really nice memory.... sigh..

tried using software to recover it but it dint work... really really sad.......

the thing is the card is new, the phone is new and look what happen? cant really trust gadgets nowadays... everything need to back up... arghhh.... i dunno what to do!!

Popo's 100th day of burial

This is one over delayed blog i should have done months back.

18th August 2007.
-woke up early. got ready and went to grandma's house just 2 streets away from my home.

Fong yee frying popo's fav dish, fried fish

treasure box for grandpa, grandma and Big Uncle

Little Hao Wen having a light breakfast before going.

uncle kim seng putting everything into his truck

giving prayers to the "guardian" there

getting all the stuff for prayers on grannies tomb

putting colored flags around the tomb


Ping yee lighting candles and joss stick around the tomb

I was helping on the other side, finally a pic of me cos im holding the camera most of the time

Laying out hell notes into the treasure boxes

mum giving her prayers

me pouring chinese wine

burning the "treasures"

uncle actually know quiet a lot in this kind of stuff.. we were just following his orders

packing up

and cleaning up

till the next "ching ming" or all souls day...


and since im uploading photos, might as well upload this another overdue pic i wanna put up. Was hungry and nothing to do in korea, so i bought this yummy lemon mousse cake from the hotel's bakery and i decided to show you how to eat it step by step ;-)

the packaging

open the box,

take out the cake,

first cut of the cake... yummy... look at the layers!

after the 3rd, or maybe 4th bite,

the last spoon

now you see

now you dont!

i would really want to show you how i look eating it, but it was late at night and wasnt in mood of make up cos have been on it for more than 10 hours during duty, need to let my skin breath so sorry, no face.. ;-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Annoying passengers...

just finish a busy flight today. korea - kl. the busiest for me so far. i dint sit for 6 hours! do u know how sore my leg is? ouch. and i was wearing this 5 cm heels in the cabin... ouch ouch... my big toes is kinda numb-y... well it was already numb for few months now, cos im always in pumps but its kinda painful to walk... haih...

its already end of summer. but there's this 180 students i-dunno-how-old going for a trip. wow rich huh.... like i said KOREANS are RICH!! and korean air = stingy with pay!

well, first time on a plane im sure, they dont even know where to put their carry on bags.. i dint know how to speak "please put your bag on the overhead bin or under the seat" in korean so i did a sign language, pointed at their bag, point at the bin on top and under the seat - while saying "please put your bag in the bin or under the seat" guess what they heard - under = "ante" (which is no in korean) = "please put your bag in the bin or NO the seat" and i have to repeat it again. and when they finally understand, they laughed out loudly... darn... 1st reason hating them.

then when the plane was taking off, it makes loud engine sound and they were like closing their ears and shouted. ooo-ahh-waa... i dunno are they scared, excited or what but 2nd to hate reason.

3rd reason - keep asking for coke, sprite, peanuts, like they had never had it before for life. non stop. reason for not seating for 6 hours. Cos an attempt to walk across from the front to the back of the cabin normally take less than a minute, but now, 5 minutes, 10 minutes... whenever i pass, they'll call, put up their hands to ask for peanuts, coke, sprite. and when i serve 4 cups of coke, other students saw it and ask and i have to go get more. then, in considerately, after giving them their drinks, they want peanuts. i have to fetch it for them again. and normally we will just serve 2 beverage service 2 hours in between but now every hour! errrgh... the whole flight's coke, sprite and orange juices, normally enough for another trip back to korea is now finish! how terrible.. worse, when we were serving, they were like scared they cant get it if they dont snatch it from the tray... like they havent drink a single orange juice before in years they have to snatch it...

not enough with that, they sapu all the toothbrushes in the lavatory, and today i dunno why there's not enough toothbrushes loaded in the flight. and ok, so passengers normally just sapu the fork and spoon but this one guy, he took the entree bowl as well! cos while i was collecting the meal tray, his tray was lighter than the others (the bowl is kinda heavy) so i knew... haih... students...

reason no 4: they treat the aircraft like classroom. walking here and there, standing and chatting... cant they just sit quietly? grrrr... nosiest flight ever! and when we were giving out the entry document for them to fill up, their teacher were walking around to check on their form. then there was this light turbulence that time and the seat belt sign was on so we have to tell all of them to sit down. I asked teacher no 1 to sit, he nodded and walk to another student and talk with them, then i look at him, his student finally ask him to sit. then my senior told me she asked teacher no 2 to sit and he told her back "im a teacher". *roll eyes hands hit my own forehead* so what? teacher dont need to sit? teacher can stand during turbulence? then they were like asking for the form again and again cos they did mistake and writing in red pen. RED pen. hello? dint your genius teacher taught you only TEACHERS use red pens?

so finally it's landing time, and we passed by a clear kl sky. klcc. twin tower. cameras flashing trying to get the beautiful night view. all heads poking and sticking at the small window trying look for more. ok ok fine! if it was my first time on a plane i'll act like that too! but not till tens of coke, sprite and peanuts... hello...

so they made the ohh-ahh-waa sound again when landing and when deplaning they were like excitedly discussing how to speak the "apa khabar" word. I was like have to smile at them while my conscience rolling her eyes... what a flight...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Single life...

I'd normally look forward to return to kl, especially when there's at least 3 days off. not because im home sick but reason were i can go and meet him. yes i know i know, im "sending" myself to someone who doesn't appreciate me. Someone who never care im back or not nor ever invited me over to his place. most of the time, i, am the one sending myself. but anyway, i had always look forward to returning home. I'll plan my days off way ahead, hoping everything will be perfect. Even during my duty, before returning we might have a lil arguements (normally me freaking out/emo and him going out with someone else i dont like or doing something i dont like also him never care to call..) but when im back and he not calling, i get sad but finally, couldn't wait, i'll call him.
alison is a LOSER!!

i have 4 days off this time, before going for a quick turn this weekend and another 2 weeks flight next week. yes, normally i wont even be here typing this but now, i have the time. there's no reason to go kl anymore, yes of course there's reason, shopping, meeting fish, doing stuff but... u know what i mean... and now going kl means going in the day, back by night, cos i dun have anywhere else to stay if im in kl. unless fish gets her new place... :P that also quite troublesome cos i may be having my day off but fish's not. so what am i gonna do while she's working?

anyway, since i no longer "need" to go kl, i've used the time to pamper myself. Went for a pampering facial session (with massage) and a pedicure yesterday in Jusco Seremban. Woke up near noon, book a facial session, borrowed my aunt's car and went. It was my first time to that parlour. after consultation, where they check my skin and i answered some question, they introduced me to a deep pore cleansing package. (many many pimples. oily skin:result of too much makeup, hydration and irregular sleeping time) I dint take the package yet but tried its promotion offer, which is buy 1 free 1. (RM198 for 2. package cost RM 1000+ for 6 sessions ). after agreeing, i was brought to a changing room to change to a sarong. (im sure gals who goes facial knows it). then the pampering began. it took 3 hours and it was GREAT!!!. the massage was so nice, i actually fell asleep (i suspect i snore too :P) but maybe i was tired. after all, i just reach kl the other night, slept late but woke up early... hey, even when they were "pressing" my pimples, they were gentle and it wasn't that painful, like some other facial parlour i went to previously. Well, quality comes with price isn't it?

there was this manicure pedicure stall next to the facial, so i went for a pedicure as well. painted my nails dark pink and had some simple flower nail art on both my big toes. pedicure just took 30 minutes and cost me RM 48, after 10% discount cos im an airline crew... hehehe...


the pedicurist buffing my nails

colored nails

painting my big toe with some nail art

drying in process

tah daaa!!

wanted to go for a hair cut as well but it's about 7pm and i promise aunt i'll return her car by 7 and go home for dinner. Anyway, the saloon i used to go close at 7.

Then today, i woke up around the same time and went for a haircut. actually just wanted to cut my fringe (guess what, its only 2 bugs, well just a small salon not those pro 1 in kl) then when to the next door supermarket and got some ingredients. Planning to bake a cake today. carrot cake.

found the recipe in magazine and thought trying it. actually plan to bake it for mei's birthday last month but i was "busy" going kl during those day off. Its a carrot cake. well, the ingredients were simple cos it uses ready-packed cake mix but baking was tough. Im not pro nor good in baking, just interested. so when the recipe said "bake the cake on 350C for 35 minutes" but my oven maximum degree only 250c, i dint know what to do. i turn my oven maximum and twisted the timer to 1 hour.

then over the time, i keep checking the cake with a chopstick but after an hour, the top part of the cake were a lil burned but the inside were still moist-y. but as the top part gets darker, i had no choice but take the cake out before it cant be eaten at all.

and it was my first time making my own icing too. followed the instruction given, mixing amount of cheese spread, vanilla, milk and sugar but my icing turned out too sweet and as i dint have the tool to spread the icing well, it ended up like this:

The cake was all white so i added some coloring to the last spoon of icing. but i guess i had made it watery by then so the icing dint stay put but melted. so this was the result from the worst baker u've ever seen.

It was eaten as supper. Well it certainly dint look nice but it was commented "ok" and "nice" by my family. Just a lil sweeter. but mei actually ask if she could finish only the icing. huh...? worse, my dad actually got shock that i can bake (he came home, smelt something nice and saw the cake) hahaha... my god..

All right, i guess that's all for tonight. Single life.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Its all over between us..

First, play this:
First Cut is The Deepest - by Sherly Crow
then, read on...
A letter for you..

I cant believe it either.. it was all over.. just like that. a 2 years relationship ended just like that. not exactly 2 years but near there... just 3 months more..

I know we haven't been in a good terms lately. I noticed you'd ignored me quite a lot of times. i noticed. i freaked out emotionally once too many times and made you fed up of me. I tried winning you back, but were ignored. even seducing was, ignored. worse, attempt to hold your hand were rejected.

we used to hold hand even though you're driving...remember? i know, driving with 1 hand is dangerous but we were just used to that. that time, you'll kiss my hand, remember? I know you're not an expressive person. but that gesture does it. but how long you'd never done that, i've forgotten. I actually just remembered it lately while trying to get back some sweet memories...

i dont know whose fault is it as well. you or mine. you know im a big jealous freak. but yet you still goes out with girls and exes, claiming that they are only friends and nothing more. you claimed you dont like to lie to me and tell the truth. you got fed up cos i got emo with little stuff. but whenever i ask you not to meet your exes, though as friend, you said you couldnt do it. I was dissapointed. but to get to your term, i finally close an eye and let you be. but still you lost your interest to me. just because im always not around means you get all the freedom?

for all reason, you just loves the freedom. you hate me calling you and ask bout your whereabouts. you hates me checking on you. you felt by doing so im like your mother checking on you but i just wanna know. not that i could stop your ego-headed attitude. Not that if i know, i can stop you and you'll listen. no. there's once you promise you'll tell where you'll go before going. remember? but when i said you cant go, you said you have to, cos you already promised and its bad to cancel at the last min. i kept quiet. you thought you had got your victory. then later, outing with friends were skipped from being informed. you'll only tell when you are going for dinner with family, or drinking with your best buddies or gym time. other new friends or abnormal activity you'll try to skip, unless i know. and hell of an explaination you'll give and i trusted you. listened to you. so stupid of me huh.

you keep saying i like to think too much. i hated the fact that you stopped caring. i always hinted what i want but you never get it, or get it but never show it. for example, a very small gesture of calling everytime im back to kl is not a tough job. but you had not done that. i tried hinting, telling, crying. but you just never. reason was you got fed up on me.

how bout this. other people, including my dad can call overseas to get me. but you just gave a lame reason you cant. you dint even show an effort to activate international calling to call me. then you promise you'll get an idd card to call me, but till now, i never see one. then once i got my first pay, i spend a thousand to get a 3G phone, so you have no reason to not call. but still, the new phone just lay silently beside me. tell you what, even your mother willing to call me and ask bout me when im overseas. but you dint. i kept telling you can call my mobile, but your reason, once again, its expensive to call. at least if you'd try, you had a heart to try, but no, you dint. you just kept giving reasons and reasons. you know, if you could have called, i can call u back. i have idd card. main reason i bought it was to call you. its just the matter of i want you to lose that ego to call first. than i call every single time, including during past arguements although you were the wrong one. cos you were so ego you wouldnt call.

i always prefer to go home first after every flight. unpack and do my dirty laundries first but i do not mind if you ever offer to pick me from airport to your place, not that your place have no washing machine. but you never. even your buddies offered to pick me up before. but you dint. reason: its better to go home to the family first. im sorry but i've been with my family for the past 20 years. once or twice offering or inviting wouldnt hurt.

even though i hate taking trains, i took it just to meet u. 1 and 1/2 hours alone. i never demand you to fetch me from my hometown. how considerate? but you never never appreciate it.

how bout this, im going off for the night flight. expecting you to at least call to say goodbye, though dint see each other. sweet gesture like that will make me real happy. but 5 minutes before boarding, you still never call. i finally called you. you are out with your buddies for a teh tarik. ask you why never care to call, you thought i will be busy packing and getting ready so dint want to disturb me. well calling for a 5 minutes doesnt disturb me packing or getting ready to work right? i had too, told you this numerous times. but you seems never listen, or never care. same to after every flight back to kl. ok so you'd started working. will go to sleep early, but how bout a gesture to call in the morning? i dont mind waking up for that sweet gesture. but reason: afraid im tired so dint call at night nor morning. how bout afternoon? im awake? you can call during lunch time. im sure it wouldnt effect your work. but you dint. nor did you after work. mayb at night, before retiring to sleep, you remembered me, you will call. after all your after work activity, you will call. so you dont feel like you are reporting to me. that was also once in a blue moon. you may think this is a considerat gesture, but to me, i dont. i felt it as a lame reason. just to get away.

maybe it was a blessing in disguise. you cheating and me finding out thus a reason for me to break, than holding on to a heartless meaningless love. and reason how did i found out. cos you were careless. I had respected and trusted you and not check your phone all this while. so you were confident i will not check thus you keeping all the horny messages all those "girlfiends" of yours you get to know in friendster. But it was hard to bear the fact that this is the reason. And there's no 2nd chance. no turning back. cos doing so makes me even harder to trust you anymore. and just 4 days after, you would like me to forgive you and be friends again? though you had know that i dont keep anger in heart, that doesnt mean you can ask for it now. keep saying you felt guiltly but how do you prove?

during these few days, there are times i felt i've managed to let you go, but there are times i felt so terrible i dint know what to do. and to everybody i told bout my breakups commented i should have done that earlier. they'll say you are a heartless person, you're bad, you're not that handsome, not rich, no future... every single critic to make me feel better. I have to think are they consoling me or is it real i've been so blind i'd see past all your flaws and love you deeply.

Meanwhile i'll try to re-think some sweet memories, which i found it RARE, to keep my head from getting angry. it does effect my work you know... anyway... here you go:


30th November 2005 - 27th August 2007

when my mood is better im gonna change the video clip a lil... now, it'll stay as it is...