Friday, November 28, 2008

Im so f**king busy!!

or so...

actually. i guess none importante.. but to me it is! 666!

So many things I wanna do! Like:

-Baking cakes?

yeah.. not that im pro but i still have plenty of flours and new icing i bought - un-used. waiting for me to use them. nice deco (but terrible to consume) not only ONE cake. I wanna make strawberry mousse cake, lava cakes, erm.. more cupcakes? :(

Speaking bout chocolates, I got myself a chocolate fondue thingy from Frankfurt, during my last trip... I've been eyeing it since early 2008 and finally decided to get it just the other trip. Finally! (meaning: I dint do that compulsive purchase of whatever la ok) :D Now itching to put in melted chocolates and dip in marshmallows and fruits! YUMM!! wait... where mummy hide it?? :-/ (im such a mess mum have to keep my stuff and if i ask her where is this/that, she gonna nag like hours! sigh...)

-I wanna do some sewing...

well.. on some silly stuff, like some felt dolls that are selling online nowadays. One mini doll (size 5cm) is like RM20. Im sure I cant make too! well not selling.. (i hope i can! *crosses fingers*) but just an interest in cute stuff! :P

and I TOTALLY need to sew up my uniform.. er.. i mean alter the pants and shirts that I've got from the company for MONTHS! :P


Have like a plan to scrapbook, in fact I HAVE mostly all my stuff! except printing out the photos and ACTUALLY DOING IT.. T_____T

-Blinging my gadgets

Remember my Sony camera? I "zhng" it right? Well, brother actually lost that camera last week during his school trip to Genting :(

Well its kinda old anyway.. :P

And now, I've bought like a total of RM200 worth of crystals!! waitng to bling my PSP, handphone, camera and MY NEW NINTENDO DS LITE!! :D :D :D yeah.. when i have that f**king time...

-Online shop

yeah.. sister and moi dicussing an online business. but have no complete idea of the thing. Its an IN thing now... hope it works! then I shall tell you! :D

So much things to do! And no time at all!! 666!!


no time to take pictures also!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First snow of the year~


just landed from KL...

see! roof covered with snows! and if you can notice a snow covered car too... ;)


still snowing!!

me, decided to go out and play...

and alone cos everyone too tired to go out... unlike me too crazy and excited to go out and play..

snowy garden.. :D
oh, thats the hotel's rooftop garden.. ;)


Become SNOW BOY!! :D :D :D (not enough ice to make snow man wtf)

can you see his hands? lots of people commented they cant see it.. :( its 2 tineee green branches ok!

very cold!! T______T

Bluek! with tongue!! :P

or you can say I stuck something to his mouth / so evil wtf (as some other commented)

side view

me peeking from behind.. :P

I drop his "tongue" and added more leaves for him! cos he's melting wtf..
Its true lo.. sun's out!

ahahaha.. weird combo...

so tiny.. its Baby Snowie!

Say Hi!!

opps! dropped it accidently cos i got frozen hands :(

boo hoo T____T

Monday, November 17, 2008

I gone crazy again!



And it comes with a minature daisy too!! *double hurrah*

Got it from duty free in Korea Airport.. I was off duty that day so extra time to walk around and shop! There were like having sales there and perfumes are even cheaper than US!

I got my 100ml like bout usd48.. HALF THE PRICE FROM US.
then i use Korean won to pay, which currency rate is lower now... HAHAHAHAHA

Anna Sui(s) I got from there..

Lipgloss are like 3 for USD39

Lip Rouge/keychain is 3 for USD33...
ei, i dunno kl selling how much but aircraft was USD42 for 3!*gasp!*

nice hor?

Waterproof Mascaras in purple and black

Was trying the purple mascara and it was nice so decided to get the black one as well! haha!

Also a Waterproof pencil eyeliner, got 1 from Hawaii and found it nice so since got sales i decided to buy another 1 to keep... eye makeup remover(cos the bottle is pretty) and nail polish remover(also another pretty bottle)

And cos i spent more than USD60 they gave me a free pouch with 2 mini samples in it.. hahaha

I know i know... im crazy like that.. I saved like for 2 months and suddenly i have crazy shopping mood again and now savings gone lower again... sigh..

not to mention a HUMONGOUS amount I swiped from Loreal warehouse sale last week, and some mini stuffs i bought...
NO, im not telling you i also got myself a Givency Prisme powder.. I wanted it for ages dy ok! and its cheaper here than that in US and aircraft and KL!!! *shifty eyes*

bill gonna make me bankrupt again this month... T____T

Im gonna sell stuff again... I hope.. no time lately.. sigh... And nothing I wanna really sell!! I WAAAAAN ALL OF THEM!!!! T________T

Its my new watch!

Casio Sheen... something... :P

I bought it, mummy paid for it. for my bday present... haha...also from airport, with 35% discount...


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day in Sydney...

Nah! I show you what i saw/did in Sydney... in 1 day!

Before leaving the aircraft:

I show you SIA's airbus 380. Korean Air gonna claim his 380 in 2010.. maybe.. will i still be here???

that big tree near traffic light.. haha.. lame-o

My bed.. with a velvet-cover pillow..

Is hotels in Sydney that expensive?? We stay in a you never (or maybe i never) heard of hotel..... Rydges?? which made me got lost looking for it after touring.. sigh..

What happen was I went out with a China junior, who frequents Sydney flight, so she dint wanna accompany me all the way so I walk around ALONE after some distance... So while I was walking home, trying to "be facinated" with Sydney downtown, i passed the street to the hotel and kept walking like maybe 500meter before realizing i was lost..


I even forgot the name of the hotel.. luckily I had the room key so I ask around.. of 3 person I asked:

me: excuse me, do you know where is this hotel?
A: Erm.. sorry im not sure..

me: excuse me, do you know where is this hotel?
B: Ask a cab driver..
me: -_______-

me: excuse me, do you know where is this hotel?
B: Ah this name is so familiar! But im not sure where! Maybe you can try walking over that side, where most hotels are! Hotels around here changes their names so often its hard to remember the names me dear!
me: O_o

Luckily i dint listen to her.. Luckily, I remembered nearby the hotel there's a Planet-Hollywood-Bar lookalike (with its spinning globe) and a "Mama-mia" restaurant.. The hotel was just at the corner street where I ask B for direction! -______-

Anyway.. not to fret.. I wasn't panicked, just tired of walking around.. I was planning to hail a cab and bring me home if i do get lost.. its a town anyway... ;) or am I that ego, like Frankfurt, dint wanna admit im lost/bad sense of direction??? :-/

Nah I show you.....

Opera House




Nearer sight of it.........

me posing......
sooooooo windy and sunny!! And I forgot my sunnies! Rhyme doesnt it? :P


this is inside some mall with windowed ceiling.. or what ever its called...

Sydney tower peek-a-boo...

Yes.. i paid AUD19 and went up for that boring "spectecular" view..

Darling Harbour by day...

Opera House peek-a-boo....

And that typical koala bear clip you get when someone travels to Australia!!!
no i dint get them.. i HAVE them...

Sydney at dusk...

Ah.. also went into Queen Victoria building (too yip ming's "great" suggestions), where all the expensive shop is..

Well the thing is, i totally prefer to shop in US than in Australia! Though nowadays Aussie is lower that USD now, I see nothing I want!

ok.. except a Nintendo DS Lite at AUD 170.. hehe.. yes I got it.. (will blog it later)

for example, while US have Forever 21 and H&M and Victoria's Secret, AUS has some thing like that (Supre?) but then i'll prefer to get stuff from F21 or H&M for better quality and fashion i tell you..


Then, you knw what, EVERYWHERE ARE STALLS OPENED BY KOREANS OR CHINESE. And they sell items out-of-date and more expensive.... why dont I come back to korea/kl to get them??? right??

So, no I dint go clothes shopping, what I got was only some famous Tim-tams, and a Nintendo at RM400... oh, and some Aussie made Royal Jelly.. ;)

Sad thing is, I wanna get meself a Ipod nano, but then im wondering which is better.. i have options on a Classic.. Classic totally had more space and bigger screen, but nano fits my bag well.. and you can shake it to change music... and the color choice that classic doesnt... but the screen is smaller.. but classic is more expensive.. in the end i dint get it! *grrrr*

oh inside Queen Victoria there's a BIG xmas tree.. you only get to see its trunk on first floor..

As the whole tree goes up to 3rd floor!

And Darling Harbour by night.

Dont know.. maybe travelling alone is boring.. and I only had like one day. dint even get to go see Koala bears and kangaroos..


And Burger King lookalike..

Its not im lazy to blog, but they aint anything that excites me (like hawaii) in Sydney! Please do hope its caused by travelling alone / no time... *crosses fingers*