Saturday, March 1, 2014

You Who Came from The Stars


T_T T_ T T_T

21 episodes of fairytale story over! why cant they make it like 40 episodes... but then again that will be boring... Cos they can't only film the love lifes, there must be some danger or something to make the drama more interesting.. and the villain already imprisoned so unless they create another character right... hmmm

My Do Min Joon...!!

I don't know why I became so crazed with the story.. but of course I'm not the only one... especially the kiss scenes.. even though its's short (cos its PG 15) but my heart flutters everytime they kiss!
I don't have flutter feelings when I watch other shows like Vampire Diaries, twolight... and TVD even have MORE erotic scenes!

Why ah?

First time heart flutters: Cos unexpected...

Then this.. 

 repeatedly watch this and still get flutters!


Even when DMJ dreamt happy dreams of him being ordinary and waking up, staying around CSY I also felt the happpiness! Really a drama that successfully portrays happy feeling

Well everyone says the ending is something not expected which is good,  but logically thinking if everyone and the media saw the disappearing act, aren't the world gonna find DMJ and ask me millions questions and even catch him up to "test"? Hahaha... #funnyfairytaleending #logicalison

Oh over jor... and I miss this Drama and miss Korea even more T_T

I downloaded The Theives and My sassy girl to watch soon! hehehe...