Monday, April 29, 2013

Update of my life

Now that I discovered I can blog from iphone (cannot upload photo to where I wanted. Only at the bottom )I shall update what's happening I'm my life that's been absent here WAY LONG!! Ok here goes a long long post!

So I got pregnant in June last year (or May if counted from LMP) and I manage to visit Universal Studios Singapore and PLAYED THEIR ROLLER COASTER.. With a fetus inside me *insert scary face* Ok I planned the trip already, bought tickets and only noticed my period is late in Singapore... So I just went ahead... :P

Ultrasound @ 6th week

If Hubbs knew I'm pregnant he wouldn't even let me go Singapore!

Anyway.. Due to previous bad experience, I was in a "not sure" and "wait-and-see" status.. I took my SWEET time after getting back from my trip before I got myself a pregnancy tester.. And another sweet time to meet the doc (6th week) after that.. Didn't want to get all excited yet... At the same time hoping all goes well..

You know what's Hubbs reaction when I showed him my positive tester? Only an acknowledgement.. =_=" I believed he too not giving so much hope, afraid it becomes another dissapointment... :( he too did not rush me to see doc..

But this time apart from first visit to the previous doc, we went to a specialist in Pantai Cheras after Hubbs uncle found out I'm pregnant and suggested his doctor.. (Shall talk about doc in another long post)

Bumps getting bigger as months passes by... ^^

Well time passed.. And my baby seems to grow healthily.. My Tummy getting bigger and bigger as months passed by. While Hubbs made sure I'm at all time safe.. And do less heavy work.. And very sensitive to things I do or going to do too.. *roll eyes*

No sex for the whole of pregnancy, no cold drinks, no coffee, no tea.. Drink red dates tea boiled by mother in law (MIL) alternate day, and occasionally homemade chicken essence with ginseng slice... Twice a day intake of Annum (he even make it for me as I tend to "forget" things) daily reminder to take my calcium, vitamins, acid folics... And frowns when I told him I forgot.. ( so I tend to say I've taken it although I didn't... And secretly take when he didn't see :P )

Well couldn't blame him, as I bleeded in the early pregnancy, fell down on my 7th month.. Each monthly visit to the doc I go with a anxious heart.. Hoping to know my baby is healthy.. And ever since I can feel baby's kick I made sure I can feel it a few times a day.. Felt strange and wish to rush to doc when baby kicks less.. But anyway my baby seems to know mummy's anxious.. She made sure I felt some kick or movements when mummy's worried ^^

Hubbs is generous enough to paid for some expensive birdnest that I started to take after 7th month weekly too *grins*

and on 3rd February 2013....

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baby Annabell is born!!

3.35Kg 51cm in height. Baby is normal and healthy~

Induced.. :) Well Mummy is kiasu and wanna have a dragon baby.. so die die also convince doc to induce. 3rd Feb is like the last day of Dragon year... (according to chinese calender)

So start a life where I will have no life and evolves around baby baby and baby.. and there goes my journey of breastfeeding, mid night waking, lack or sleep, no more sleeping late... etc..

Would like to talk about breastfeeding journey.. but I think I have pretty much forgotten most.. Summary is I bf for 3 months and its a mixed feeding cos milk just seems not enough for my baby.. had my depressed time but its over.... oh well :)

Formula is not that bad.. I grew up on formula too! And Im as healthy as can be. I seldom fall sick also what!

Anyway I had an extra "maternity" leave.. and its unpaid lar~ due to I insist to at least bf baby until 3 months old even though she is mixed fed... (wanna feed till 6th month but had some arguements with hubbs and managed to bargain for 3) as office is an open concept and every corners have cctv apart from the toilet. (and hell no, im not pumping milk in toilet!)

Hmmm.. anyway, Annabell is now 3 month old.. and Im officialy back to work on 2nd May 2013.. same as Hubbs (he had since quit Pensonic and full time in TTS )

@11 weeks old
 Thats the latest picture of my Bell in my laptop.. others in iPhone and its late now I kinda lazy to upload it.. will update later in another post..

So thats it.. will update more when I have time! I have so much things I wish to do sometimes I just dont know where to start!