Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's a friday... and lately my schedule did not give me weekends off... where everybody is free to entertain this annoying person.. :P so went kl meet candice for lunch and also to try out the lastest fish spa trend... haha... its either the latest or i am outdated... :-/

We went to Kenzo fish spa in Midvalley.. they also have one in Pavilion.. wtf am i advertising for them?

Anyway 30 minutes of "spa" cost each of us RM38. After payment we were sent to wash our legs and dip into mini pools or aquarium.. where little fishes happily "eat" from your leg... -__-

It was pretty scary at first, fishes like sticking to my leg and its ticklish.. I kept shaking the fishes away or take my leg out of the water... but once i get used to it, its kinda ok~

My point of view, as long as i dont look down I will feel better... cos once i look down and see those fishes on my feet... i feel geli... ~~ and start shaking my legs again...

ticklish ba....

candice, is that how u show a ticklish face?

I think my feet if FULL of dead skin... more fishes are actually around me than candice's feet!!

zoomed in

These fishes look familiar!! I had a few of them last time with my guppies (when I was young)... if i know they are the "fish doctor" i surely breed them and make business... -__-

After sometime we tried on other pools, with bigger size fishes....

its a round pool

and the fishes are darker...

There were other pools with bigger fishes too!! forgot to take pics... but anyway not trying them this time cos small fishes already make me ticklish and geli... dont say big ones!!

The result.... well, actually I felt no difference. my feet are still with the same dead skin. Maybe my skin is thick, I dont know but my pedicurist surely does a better job that "fish doctor" :-/

To go back or not again? if someone is treating me... ;-)

Then.. with full of extra time, cos I'll only meet fish after her work at 8pm, went to candice house to lepak. The longer i stay in mid valley(or any other shopping centers) the more i spend!!

And since there's nothing to do in the house, candice brought me to cyber cafe downstairs and play SDO -________- Super Dance Online...

I mean im an online freak but not to play online games!! but wtf.. its not that bad after all!! at least its "dancing using your fingers" not dota or cs... :P (no one yet to influence me with dota and cs so im totally not into any of it)

The more you dance, the better and you get level up. there are rooms/group to play around with multiplayer modes, couple modes, normal mode... and in couple mode, where u dance with a guy (if you're a girl, and vice versa) and if u win, in the end, u either hug or kiss the other player (virtualy, duh) and they take a pic!

like this!!

this is thier waiting room...

I was addicted to it i played for 3 hours!!! tried to download it at home but dunno why i cant find its website. I think i forgot the url. need to ask candice tmw (its late now)

Anyway... after that went to meet fish and we tapau pizza to Afeeq's house to eat. He's buying us dinner cos he want fish to send him to the bus station to go back penang. hahahaha..

this is Afeeq

he bought us pizza... lmao

while fish is having big apple for dessert... -__-

this is Afeeq's living room. S**T

His dining area... F**k

His room... double f**k...


Thanks to his housemate, Ken? who works in Casa Impian. He's an interior designer and he gave some idea... damn cunn lor! I want to stay here!!! but all guys wo.. hmmm.. :(

Simple and nice.. sigh... I had a dream to learn interior designing too... but no $$$ and im not talented enough to get scholarships! :((

But since we cant stay here...

we can still post on his IKEA bed!! hahahhahaha!!

this is a sexier pose by fish... :p

look at the amount of shoes!! 4 people in the house only ok!! and mummy is nagging i have too much???

caught Afeeq adjusting his pants... hahaha

Sent Afeeq to bus station, went home and had some nice girl talk with fish before dosing off... Fish is gonna quit her job in KL and going back to her hometown... :( gonna be even harder to see her... not to say when i go kl next time, i cant overnight... have to go home.. :(((

Friday, April 25, 2008

Alison can draw too!!

Lame... i know... but below im gonna show you some of my "best" work during high school.. took some art class to "enhance" my drawing skill but stop halfway cos i hate that sissy art teacher... -___-

Mummy actually had been sending me to art classes since I was 6. But then after a few months she had no time to fetch me to that art class (it was in town) so i've stop... den during form5 she heard there's this art class near my house and ask me to go. so I went. But I really really cannot tahan that sissy teacher... very nosy somemore.. sigh.. den form5, SPM, so kinda in the end I stop the class to go for tuition classes instead...

pretty swan eh?

this is one of the simplest "art" i did. Batik on paper wtf but it looks nice and colorful so im posting it here...

this one unfinished art. i dun remember what im suppose to color some more...

the typical every-art-class-will-ask-you-to-draw kampung art...

Sang Musang. I drew every piece of fur on it ONE by ONE!

I think this is my best drawing... even that sissy teacher took a pic of it as his portfolio of student's work... hahaha... i know, the light house look senget.. :p

other drawings are not my proud ones so nah im not showing. hehehe..

ps: I think im falling sick.. feeling the fever coming... :( feel tired the whole day and my body aching... :(((

Thursday, April 24, 2008

randoming before going to bed...

Was planning to go Everland korea with May last day off but she got sick so gotta cancel plan. den stay in room the whole day watch tv, movies, play psp and sleep like a pig... *oink-oink* so dunno when can actually meet my batch mate again for the same day off and head off to everland leh? hmmm...

schedules out! check it out! going london again... hehehe... dint go near a year dy... dint get to go last month due to my convocation, changed my schedule so i get to go convo, thus losing my week long good pay.... hmm.. im so gonna be broke this coming pay day.. :(((

7 days more to vote me!! shall i get a tattoo? or not? or u guys know any real good tattooist? do give me a comment if u do know 1. I dont know when I will do it but I just feel like I want a tattoo. small one.
REAL small one just at my back. need to experience the shiok-ness of tattooing.. :P vote me at the column at side of this blog...

Lastly before i go to bed, PLEASE click on those ad i posted(by nuffnang). It gives me money when i get rm50. (currently still rm1.50) btw, only viewers in malaysia. Cos they only pay me if the ip address is from malaysia..

nitez.. ZZZzzzzz.......

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yoo hoo...! im blogging from... Chicago!!!

Well, they provide free Internet usage here, provided I don't start downloading or else they'll block me. And since the weather is not that cold anymore I get to bring my laptop again. :D

well, its actually my 4th trip so far.. and I have another Chicago again next week!!! YAY...!!!

lmao -____-

well, seriously, nothing is in Chicago.. except... SHOPPING!!!

my gosh they have Costco that sells cheap vitamins, Jewels that sells everything (well, mostly) that you cant find in Malaysia and a farking big shopping mall, 4 hours IS NOT ENOUGH!!! and i never once NOT getting lost in there... -_-

But during the previous trips, we were given 5 hours for shopping trips. We can wake up late, go to the mall by 2pm have lunch and dinner and return to the hotel at 7pm. Well, that's for the pick up bus provided by the hotel... (there ain't other type of transport for us except expensive cabs)... but this time, they had changed the schedule. We have to go to the mall by 10am, and return by 2.30!! So rushing...

So I kinda have to get a shopping list ready, to make sure i did buy what i need...

*vitamins for daddy some glucosamins for bone joints
*hairspray yeah US sells cheaper
*bebe planning to get a tee here - cheaper
*Victoria Secrets buy my shower gels, as well as some lingeries and a present for Julie
*engraving my ipod shuffle... been wanting to do that since last year!
*help Cass to buy an Iphone
*magazine! my monthly dose of Cosmopolitan
*Cheesecake Factory I wanna try the so called famous cheesecakes!
*Sephora planning to get a benefit gabbi bag here

Well, from 10 to 2.30 pm i kinda get 4 and a half hours to shop but I actually spent 1 1/2 hours eating lunch in Cheesecake Factory, resulting only 2 hours to shop!!! O__o!


me and erm.. Whats her name again?

BBQ salad

Big Five Pizza

Bistro Shrimp Pasta... yummy... *slurp* :P

We shared the food, cos its a big size. The pasta was really yummy, followed by the pizza, and lastly the salad. Cos I dont favour the salad. I dont know why they want a salad which in the end wasted cos we only took a few spoons of it. sigh... should have just let me order the cheesecake...

total... about RM160...

Im going to try their cheesecake next trip...

Then we went our separate ways, taking that we only have 2 hours to walk around and many things to see and buy! I actually kept my phone alarm to ring every 10 minutes so I only stop at each store for 10 minutes! but I did snooze it a few times... :P

Next stop. Victoria secret...

Well, tried on some lingerie but there aint anything that I like !

except their dressing room... pretty!!!

and my shower gels... hehehe...

NO!! 3 of them were ordered by someone, and buying 6 gives me a bargain! So now I have a Love Spell, Sweet Temptation and Sweet Daydream. Im selling. Who wants?? Im selling cheap!! ;)

Also got Julie something for her birthday! hehe.. no pics here but i hope you like it Ju!

also got myself a bag from VS...

my ipod!! now proudly engraved! in cursive some more!!

pretty tube

with a matching necklace too!

bargained spaghetti.. im planning to use them as pjs... u think?

earrings... though i hardly wear them...


pretty isnt it? sadly its not for me though. First, its too high, 2nd, its the last size. Im planning to give it to mei... If, she can fit into. Its on sale+50% more discount cos its the last pair. so ... hehe... I dont care if it doesn't fit!


really really love this! wanted to buy dy... :(

but im too tall to wear them. sigh..

Im soooo gonna find a guy at least 5 inches taller than me... sigh...

guess what? prepacked ICING!

Im planning to bake pretty cupcakes...! looks like the trend now... hehe.. well when i have the time.. but anyway now i dont need to mix my own icing, thats too sweet and melts..

also Jellos.. i never try before.. im going to try it now!!

Of course my monthly dose of cosmo...

so my shopping list:

*vitamins for daddy

*Victoria Secrets

*engrave my ipod shuffle...

*help Cass to buy an Iphone
*Cheesecake Factory

Well, really no time to get the others... :(

Well thats all for shopping trips... but not the end of the blog...

Last night, about 4am Chicago time, or 6pm Malaysia time, I wasnt sleeping (thanks to jet lag) but watching Malaysian Dreamgirls online...


















I was sitting on the typing chair, normally moving it from left to right, right to left (bad habit, i know) but then suddenly the room shake! for about 5 seconds? At first I thought it was me so I stop turning the chair but the table shake too!!

Then cos I was sleeping alone, and there's no alarm and I never did experience earthquake before. I actually thought "something" was disturbing me..... o_O can or not?

Well, luckily it was just a minor 1 and nothing serious happened..

Don't believe me? It was on the news!

ok! I've gotta go pack and sleep. morning flight back to Korea tomorrow.. nitez... :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

im full of hatred

I hate passengers who think they are rich, cos they can afford to go for a trip to korea. so they gave attitudes and expect us to comply with their fucking behavior. If i have a gun a have shoot them. If i got hold of the taser i'll make sure he'll be kept electrified till i finish my flight. I hate them who like to ask for souvenirs in the flight. cant they buy it in korea itself?? I hate them for taking the pillows and blankets. not that im siding korean air and helping them to save but taking them, especially on an outbound flight, resulting inbound flight short of these things. which is not available to be refilled. which make my job difficult. I dont even give a fuck if they try to take on their inbound trip. i hate slow moving crews. they make me work slow resulting my aisle passenger unable to have more meal choices. I hate them who are even lazy to move her fucking butt back to the galley to get extra meal or water or bread and make me push the damn cart all the way back with her and making my job even more difficult. I hate sweating in the cabin, it makes my uniform dirty and my make up ruined. I hate them asking for warm water cos i have to move to side A of galley and get cold water and side B of galley for hot water and make sure they are warm or hot enough but not to scald their fucking tongue. I hate fucking tour guides who think they had travelled enough to know what we do and request extra stuff and request seat change even when the flight is fucking full. I hate tour guides who treats the cabin as restaurant, asking her clients to order whatever they want. red wine white wine beer brandy milo panas, hot coffee, hot tea, bread. WHAT THE FUCK I DONT HAVE MILO PANAS AND BRANDY AND BREAD FOR YOU!!! I hate those who cant drink and force themselves to drink cos its FREE and ending up drunk after a 1 oz of red wine and fall down and vomit and making our job disgusting. I hate them who doesnt know how to flush the toilet and I hate those who wet the whole damn toilet like they bathe in it. I hate them who doesnt know how to read the seatbelt sign and keep on standing and walking around even after NUMEROUS warnings to SIT DOWN AND FASTEN SEATBELT. please, seat belt sign is on and if you cant see, you dint hear the announcements too?? Its in korean english and malay!! I hate those who request to clear their tray earlier when im fucking busy with other stuff so that they can get up and use the toilet. I hate those who request stuff like more sugar, playing cards, entry documents, orange juice, tomato juice, extra meal when im damn busy getting more food to feed their hungry big mouth. I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU LATER!!! I hate those who thinks we are koreans so they criticise us in chinese and expect us to treat u better???!! DREAM ON!!

i hate you today and you cant CAN do anything something about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kereta Rosak...

This happened yesterday. It was a monday, and I was in KL for my regular pedicure session when fish called. Seeing im in kl too we made plans to go dinner with Gie.

So there i went travel all the way from pj to kl to meet them. (fish offered to drive me back to pj to take the train home).

The greatest thing in the world happen.

Fish car chooses to break down.

In the middle of the road.

There was this something drop sound coming from the engine *oh my gosh* and we (or actually only fish and Gie felt it, i cant) felt the car was heavier, with the battery light switched on the dashboard.

We went to the nearest mechanic shop, and it was actually a proton service center (fish's car is perodua kancil) and only to find out its closed for the day (7pm)

Miserably panicked, fish called her bf, called mohan ( gail's bf, an auto-car student), call her dad, call her sis, her mom called back, call her cousin and ask for another cousin's number, and lastly, I... repeat I found the car sticker with the insurance hotline to call.

Luckily, they provide free tow service. And while waiting, the car wash guy next door, who had a little experience in car mechanical came to check for us.

to find, some "accelerator" thing actually broke. resulting the car battery unable to charge for movement.

the accelerator thing.

while waiting for the damn slow tow car, we cam whore...

more random pics... fish wasnt even showing her worried face... :-/

Gie, trying to help by looking on his contact list if anyone can fetch us home

finally the truck arrive!!

in process to fix the car to the truck

gedik gie found that i was taking picture...

and made me take pics for them... lmao

on tow.....

I ended up having mamak for dinner and taking the train home - alone :(