Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Engaged!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Boobee KNEELED and PROPOSED to me in the airport!!! KLIA AIRPORT!!

even pakat with daddy and mummy... -__-

I was coming up to the departure hall and called daddy and said im there, and daddy ask me to "come out la, we are here ady" but standing at gate 4 waiting for me was instead... Mr. Lee

really surprised. my jaw dropped!!

Mr. Lee, holding a bouquet of a dozen red rose, smiling and coming towards me! I thought I was dreaming. I never expect that!

Cos I called him earlier to ask whetter he wanna get some liquor for our wedding or not. and it doesnt sound suspicious!

and while Boobee is coming closer to me, my head is actually wondering "where is daddy? is he here too??"   -___-

then, Mr. Lee gave me the bouquet, which was still in an hideous orange plastic pasar malam bag.. and kneeled down!!!

and took out a big box from that palstic bag also -__-

"Baby, will you marry me?" wait, was it baby or bee?? oh oh, i was too shock to remember.. T_T

And there it was the 0.37 karat diamond ring we were trying on just a few days ago! I thought I told him not to get a wedding ring.. cos we are in a rush after all...

nice not?? :P

camera not clear.. but u get the picture.. :P

but surprise surprise! I was really touched.. nearly cried... well... i did cry.. while we were talking after he loaded all my 5 big luggages (all from Korea) into his car..

Need to record this down for old life reference!

HUBBY, actually was wondering whetter to come or not as I said I have so much luggages and I thought I wanna go home and see mummy first, since hubby can only fetch me back by saturday, that also mah fan cos morning have to go KLIA to fetch MOTHER IN LAW for the trip to Shanghai.

8pm, sitting in the carpark in the rented room condo wondering.. in the end he decided to come.. and called mummy tell her he'll fetch. and rush to midvalley for the ring and flower.. when the sale girl wanna show him the cert no he just said " ok la next time only see la" and when she said got free gift, he dint even hear what is that and "ok la, i take first, later i see" LOL..

Sadly, at 11pm, departure hall was pretty empty, and he kneeled next to my big cart of luggages.. so no 1 actually saw him proposed!!!! Should have hesitated longer so people notice! haha!!

Haih.. I feel my life is perfect...! :P