Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frankfurt... i-lost-count time.. -____-

Yeala.. lost count ady how many times im here.. well.. kinda.. unless I think hard and recall/check back my previous schedule.. but what for.. i'll lost count soon.. considering another Frankfurt next month.. and maybe the month after... and after... -_____-

Blogging from frankfurt btw.. haha.. cos im planning to blog bout the holiday back in korea.. i hope :-/

i still havent edit the photos.. i have to.. choose the BEST out of the hundreds of pictures we took, FILTER the cencored ones.. (you dont wanna see me naked do you.. er.. I mean near..:P) EDIT my eye bags and tummy "liposuction" and lastly.. a must for user friendly blog, MINIMIZING the size of the pictures.. ;)

how proud.. -____-

then trip to downtown...

a maggi shop..

I finally found this shop from my previous trip. How I found it? a long story..

Thinking i was so familiarize with the town, I walk straight from the train station looking for the street with branded stored like LV, Gucci, Burberry etc but instead of reaching that street I found myself lost in some other street, with offices, small stores and no crowd. Unwilling to admit that im lost and I believe in my "sense of direction" I refused to turn back and continued walking straight.. imagining the direction back to the street mentioned.. well at least to the train station...

Yes, after a 10 minutes walk.. I finally spot some familiar shops and actually felt quite relieved.. and proud wtf.. and there, I found the Maggi shop. :D

I saw a few of my colleague had pictures of this maggi shop (obviously all of us SHOCKED to see a big maggi shop. There's none in Malaysia.. maggi mee just selling in supermarkets.. ) Dint take the picture then so now I show you.. ;) I thought maggi's local malaysian product till now.. -__-

inside: shelves selling varieties of soups, from asian to western types.. instant noodles(obviously) including pasta and also sauces for quick meals..

i bought these.. :)

other buys are:

the usual after 8.

Only bought 2 this time cos my bag FULL of i-dunno-what and F***ing heavy.. can buy more next trip and considering I still have 2 more unopen box at home from my previous trip early of the month (which I bought FIVE boxes!!)

imma flower gurl.. hahaha..


I've decided to start buying simple deco stuff for my future home... then by time i finally have my own house, I'll spend less $$ on deco.. yea right... *roll eyes*

sad thing is I cant buy bigger items cos of limited luggage space.. can you believe it, I saw a mini stone buddha statue selling in Frankfurt damn cheap.. cheaper that in malaysia or china.. ofcourse not real stone laaaa... also some very nice paintings.. but cannot carry it back.. somemore shipping is damn expensive.. and I dont have a place to put them at the moment.. SIGH!!!!!

there were also sales in ZARA.. oh well.. what else.. :)

Wanted to look for jeans but cant find that perfect jeans. I dint buy jeans for 1 year ady ok! I NEED A NEW JEANS...

I still love that jeans I saw in Ralph Lauren early this year.. sadly it cost RM900++!!! sigh..

shoes from H&M

and a pair of earing.. :P

wokie! thats all!! im kinda contented..

is suspenders in now? I fell like getting my hands on one.. :P

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sneak peak...


i know im suppose to blog about my holiday... but I havent got the time to edit those photos! so pls wait ok.. ;P

i promise im gonna edit my photo in frankfurt. im not gonna go tour to anywhere except to downtown for some chocolates and if can a new jeans.. i need a new jeans... tired of the same few pieces everytime.. :-/ meanwhile.. a little sneak peak of where i went.. hehehe..

Hehehe.. anyway i need to go get ready now.. will post when im back! muakz!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boo hoo...

Just got back from a 3D2N holiday with my baby.. :D

hmm... time passes real fast when you're happy... :-/

Shall post pic soon.. a lot.. esp me.. haha... so dont bother checking if you dislike me... -___-

Anyway.. What I accomplished today ;)


Got myself a hair cut and a hair setting.. kinda ask them to curl it.. simply.. :p
Didnt you see it??

I got myself a new spec too!! boo hoo.. yea lor.. I wear spec 1 mar.. you dunno meh? I did post a few pics with my old spec before also what? You dint notice?? nice or not?? or I look nerd?

dont care.. I still like it.. :D

Remember just a few post before I said I won the ebay bid of a dress?? that I have to buy it cos i was the highest bidder??

Well it just arrive today!! pretty fast considering it is from usa..

yea la.. trying to be mysterious with my home add wtf...

tah daa!!!

pretty?? its a vintage dress.. REAL vintage... from SallyJaneVintage

I was kinda dissapointed actually.. When I saw the dress in ebay.. I thought I saw the dress with beige lacey hem... pretty.. but when I opened it, there's none.. :( she wore another layer of lacey skirt beneath!! :(

Woi! Rm100 leh! such a simple dress.. I can buy in pasar malam rm 10 lor!!


not gonna buy from her anymore!!

by the way... just to tell you...

im in love~

with Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher.. wow the name also so long..


Purchased it from previous hawaii trip and just started using it 4 days ago... and when I went to my dermalogist today.. I got comments my skin is softer!! woohoo!!!


Was felling a lil regret when i purchased it earlier cos I dint know will it have good effect on me and I wasnt sure I bought it at a cheap price or not.. some more I bought the 100ml cos its cheaper compared to 50ml bottle.. Till I compared the price in KLIA and its waaaaaaay a lot cheaper!! haha!! Some more its really good!! Once you apply it you can feel your skin really smooth and soft.. wow..

am i advertising already?? hehe.. its really good ok! :P

now I need to put it in a smaller container to bring it with abroad.. :D

Thursday, July 17, 2008


the newspaper man

Back from Hawaii again...

I think im tired of hawaii already.. its just another shopping trip there like other usa. Well, I dont go snorkelling cos im afraid of the sun, I dont go to the cultural village cos its far and expensive and im alone, its boring to swim in the sea alone, thought this trip we had a very nice weather.. worse, no one take picture of me walking on the beach! so Hawaii SUCKS... when you travel alone.. :(

Of course there are other place to tour.. like pearl harbour (which I heard its boring) island hopping - i have too short time to do that, hiking the volcano or jungle trekking... which none I like.. :(

anyway anyhow, i dint have any picture that prove that im in hawaii.. more of cam whoring in the department store.. :P

first pic

a peek of my new converse shoe.. ;)

second pic

pic with a sun hat newly purchased

left side

right side

left side again..

from below...

a bloated one..

my usd 200 purchase... so little only right? sigh...

anna sui eye lash curler...

powder puff.

Walmart sign.

Paris Hilton once said - Walmart? what is that? A mart selling walls? sigh... Heiress!!

end of hawaii... boring or not?????


Back to seoul

Had dinner again in Paris Crossaint..

my waiting number - 1

look so dreamy here.. :-/

let me "open" it wide!! i look wicked here...

this is better...

gyna wanna pose too.. no 10

10 and 1 = 11?? colek ah?

aih... dreamy eyes again..


my oven pasta...

curly pasta baked with cheese... yuuuuum....!! arent you mouth-watering already??

finish..!! sorry.. I dont eat cooked tomatoes.. but i eat raw tomatoes.. weird huh?? :p

making jokes

and funny comments..


the lamp on top of me during dinner...

End of dinner!


Back to hotel

Bought some salmons for snacks.. im gonna make my own poke (read second hawaii trip to know what is poke)!!

making it into pieces... some of you may know what plate is that... hehe.. well.. i cleaned it before using k!!

some sesame oil... those working in korean air know where i got that too..

and these salt and pepper also.. :p

pouring sesame onto the salmons...

and salt and pepper...

mixing them...

and matching it with wine.. :D

posing with my "art of work"..

looks tasty isnt it?

lets toast...



End of lame-o post..

I know.. damn lame.. I have nothing to do and none to post about hawaii!! hmmm...