Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My 22nd Burfday~

Updated 11/11/08:

There you go! How I had my birthday celebrated! :D And Im officially 22. lalala~


A quite celebration was planned. but last minute it was decided to change to a more "happening" place as the place we were supposed to go closes at 11.30pm:

The Santuary, The Curve.

the party goers: Elaine, Boyfriend, Pelly and the Soon-to-be-birthday girl. ;D

And to sit at a table with swings (instead of small tables where we have to stand) you need to atleast purchase a bottle (on a weekday)

Update: whats with clubs nowadays with weird offers to sit on nicer tables? at least 3 bottle to open for a weekend on that small table with swings???




cake courtesy of Pelly.. Thank you veli much!! though we dint bring half of it home :P

Oh my.. *blushes* my friends turned gay..

cut the cake cut the cake!

please dont push my face in!

Concentrating in cutting the cake.. lol..


boyfriend... is drunk


Boyfriend surprises me with a dozen of roses... :D

How did it happen??

Well.. I was with boyfriend the whole day but before dinner, boyfriend said he need to go to his dealer's place urgent and heck i let him.. we kinda had a minor arguement earlier and i was acting cool thus he left me at home.. :(

He came back soon after and we dressed up for dinner.. ;)

Just as we were in the car, boyfriend decided to play this song:

你最珍贵 - 张学友&高慧君

It a part of the chorus where the guy will give the girl red roses...

Well actually boyfriend always plays this song (his fav) and also sings it and I ALWAYS puts my hand up demanding "where is the rose?"

This time, he produces me 12 roses from the back of my seat... :D

HOW HAPPY!! i was really really touched i nearly cried! I swear!

Hahaha! Well I was wishing for a rose or something (fairytale lah) but i brushed it off thinking that i was thinking too much but this time it did happen!! :D *double yay!* thus the reason i was so touched i nearly cried :P

Surrounded by faux fur thingy.. *love*

Boyfriend actually planned EVERYTHING. He ordered the rose the day before, actually plans it to be sent to the tower itself but delivery closes at 5pm.. (dinner was 8pm) haha.. so he "went to his dealer" to collect the roses, put the cd into the player and tune it to that song before switching it off and came home... -__-

He also booked the restaurant like TWO(2) weeks ago to make sure he got a place.. but when I was doubting where to go for my eve celebration, boyfriend had no choice but to tell me he booked the rotating restaurant.. :D And I jump there happily/suprisingly that my boyfriend such a romeo!!! :DD

haih... :D

never miss to camwhore.. lalala~

While going up to the restaurant: 250meters above... ; )

A pineapple trash can greated us.. -___-
Nah.. joking.. took this while waiting to be seated..

The rotating restaurant opened by our ex prime minister.. 8 years ago..

*was just telling Uncle Jimmy the other day, who was planning to have a dinner here this coming December, that the restaurant quality went down like few years ago.. and i got a dinner with boyfriend here 2 days later.. :P*

oysters.. yummy. :P


varieties salads, pastas...


BIG prawns

what I had.. for the first 2 plates..

and a one eight of a cake when boyfriend went to "search for the washroom" and a birthday song was dedicated to me.. lalala~

Great view of KLCC



macho la!

Update: Well apart from the romantic dinner and good view.. (which i heart boyfriend for that special birthday dinner) the fact the food quality was totally not up to the standards! For first, in a restaurant 250 meters above, they are serving boring malay food (i like malay food) and cold plates of salads. I've actually tasted better prawns, better satays and tastier ice-creams on ground. For the price of near RM2o0 per head and a suck-up waitress, i say i do not recommend anyone to go there unless all they want to see is the view.. :-/


Buffet dinner with Gyna, and Lee Chin


Seafood salad bar~

with the freshest seafood

and lobsters.. *mouth-watering*





and lots of sashimis!


BIG crab's "feet?"


Desserts! Strawberry mousse cake! *yums*

appricot cake? i think..

more desserts!

Dessert plate 1-yummiest strawberry mousse cake, appricot cake, and a rasberry mousse thing..

dessert plate 2- korean rice cakes, mini egg custard, creme brulee, cookies and brownies!

ice creams!

Update: You can see i actually had my plates fuller in this dinner than KL Tower. See? Food are totally better on ground! It also shows you im not a small eater wtf.. so im getting fatter! *gasp*

And we got an invitation to a Halloween Party by Death!

Since I was wearing so casually, I went back to the room to change and then meet Gyna up to go. (fyi club just at the lobby.. lol)



another Birthday cake!! :D

Yummiest ice cream cake from baskin robbins ; )


ooo... eerie..

even errie-er...

a spider crawled over my face.. o_O

im thirsty for B-L-O-O-D

Poison Ivy for Gyna..

I dont think that's a scary face Gyn..

The club atmosphere.. nice..
crowd - none

There were actually a table FULL of costumes that you can borrow and wear so what else!

Camwhore!! :D

er I dont know who is she..

she just pushed herself into the view.. we were dancing, and borrowing costumes from the "costume's table" to camwhore and she came and ask "who are you"... ???.... like.. if i tell my name she knows me??


the witches..

you can see she's dancing at the back

ok this is scary!



yummy pizza..

And I know i am not wild.. at all.. when I saw this:















the captain and.. she's either a PR there or a crew as well..

And you wont be able to sleep tonight seeing this..


A top from Fish (courriered all the way from Penang)

a nail polish remover (and a decorated pump bottle) from Mei?

body shop products from Elaine and Pelly

Now, I have TWO(2) same bottles of Neroli Jasmine from Bodyshop... -___-
I bought a bottle like 2 years ago and it still not used cos they gave me a minature that time...

and im still using it today... -____-

And a SONY ERICSSON G900 from boyfriend!

no one bought me this... I did. cos i had some coupons to be cleared by 30th october.. :P

All in all..
-I had a wonderful (and romantic) celebration this year..
-What I got from the wishlist:
-Ipod Classic/Nano
-DKNY Be Delicious (green)
-Dior Addict 2
-Juicy Couture EDP
-Marc Jacobs Daisy
-Ralph Lauren Romance
-Ralph Lauren Jeans
- LV Neverfull in Damier
-LV Tivoli GM
-Gucci bag
-Gucci Keyfob
-Channel bag
-A Laptop
-and a mouse
-A Pearl Necklace
-Watch from Daddy
-A Pooh bear
-A bunny
-Birthday cakes
-Sophie Kinsella Remember Me
-Little Black Dress books
i know la.. my wishlist is a lil too expensive.. lol! not expecting too much as well.. :P

And Thank You everyone for the wishes!! :D
-the end-