Thursday, February 13, 2014

I joined Herbalife!!

10/2/2014 - Candice told me about the Healthy drink store (told me a few times, I didn't really take note cos I thought I wont have the time to stop by) name Mornz near my house so people actually go in there and have a breakfast drink before work, or takeaway... RM14 per drink and you can choose your preferred flavor or have their Special of the day. Their promotion for first timers is buy 5 free 2 and you can decide to buy their 30days or 15? days package later...

Their 7 days member card
To tell the truth this is the 2nd time I join Herbalife. First time was 10 years ago *gulp* when I was still a poor student... the way they market then was look for more people and you make more $ and as a desperate poor student... and I had RM80 in my pocket... the easily influenced Alison throw her money into becoming a member... bought only a box of energy bar to try.. and that's it. Then I felt all their product is over expensive and poor me cant afford...

Back to now, their membership is RM94? and yearly renewal for active member is 38 if not mistaken... (lazy to take the price list out and read)

I have been aiming for a good diet and slim down that ever growing belly. after numerous tries of diet pills and lotions and failed exercise regime, I wanted to try something that works. A dealer dealing with my office is using Herbalife (bringing the Herbalife labeled drinking bottle around Everytime she comes) and I had asked her some questions. She even showed me how fat she was 2 years ago after delivering her son. Tempting to join but the monthly commitment is a little high.. apart from the expensive products, I am to stop having morning breakfast, and dinner and replace them with their shakes... I doubt I can achieve that. And MIL always cooks for dinner... and frowns/nags if I skip them... :-/

Anyway, I finally put my foot down and tried it. By first trying their morning shake, as their "healthy bar" opens at 7am, and they had them all blended up with additional fresh fruits and oats.

13/2/14 - special shake of the day: Strawberry-Banana-with barley. Yumz

It simpled up my life and no need to dicipline myself to wake up extra early and prepare myself a shake. You dont know how "big" the kitchen is and MIL wakes up so early. I doesn't fit me in. The mess, the washing, the heat... hmm.. many many reason to not want to step in there....

Now I just wake up half an hour early to prepare myself and go the Mornz and order my drink and drink my shake while I drive to office. So easy! My challenge now is night time. I already bought a set of Formula 1 and am suppose to drink once at night. I do hope I can make it.

Discipline ALISON!

Also got their aloe concentrate (remove air and *ehem* toxins) and their omega oil (good for brain and I-forgot-what) hehe.. 

Trying it right now as a healthy supplement, if its good, I'll make Henry to join, and see how.. I'm not sure can I get members or not.. hehe... if I get active member I can have more points and earn some moolah lar... ;) 

Good news coming soon ;) Wait for it...