Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life of a married couple...

What do they do? also movie, dinner, shopping? what else that is exciting that a married couple can do? Something to perk some fun in?

No im not bored of married life.. hello.. how long i just got married?? but I do feel old and a little frustrated by thinking what to do... especially for weekend..

I love weekend, cos we can both sleep in (I somehow dont feel comfortable to sleep in late during weekdays when Henry is off work.. I wake up aroudn 9.30-10am.. ) I love to go out.. but when going out means nothing but stress and unhappy mood, I feel going out is a chore... if u know what I mean..

Everyone goes out on weekend.. shopping, malls, movies.. this equals to jam everywhere.. weekday jam, working hour jam, weekend also jam.. it make going out a chore. When Mr Lee face traffic jam.. he start cursing.. I HATE WHEN HE DOES THAT.. I feel like he hates going out!

But he's the one who feels weekend is a waste if dont go out.. he is the one who ask me to go out.. he is the one who ask me where to go.. I wanna go buy a printer.. but he said no place to put... since here in bukit bintang ady.. again ask me where i wanna go.. I suggest go sungai wang but there's nothing I can do there going there with him cos he always show me a "sien" look when I go into a shop just to look see.. and another "sien" look when he's leg is tired from a little walking (no matter he's wearing light weight shoe, or slipper, his legs get "sour" very fast! ) or another "sien" look when I really bought something..

I just dont dare to buy things infront of him! not cos he'll scold.. I rather if he scold.. but he give me words that I dislike hearing.. like buy la buy la, i no eye see ady! or please save ur $$.. money hard to find... now ure not working... bla bla bla.. and im sure he'll say that dont i have enough shopping in taiwan?

also there's no space at all in my wardobe.. T_T and I need to get some space to hang my uniforms soon.. T_T..

Somehow, after everyone knows you're married, they hardly come disturb you or invite you out. They expect the married couple have many other things and plan to do or wanna spend time together... I rather have more outgoing friends atleast to pass time talking and chatting..

Maybe because Im not working now, I feel there's not much topic for me to talk about.. We both have laptops and we just each wanna have alone time surfing the internet.. Even when we are out in cafe.. we dont talk much but facing our own laptop.. doing out own things online.. and its so noisy out there... just cant talk much can we?

And Henry rather hide in the room all day then going into the living room to relax and watch some tv.. (or when he do, only the freaking boring sport chanel) Im not sure does he still feel this house is not his? While he hide in his corner surfing the net, I, who doesnt own a corner, (or hell, my corner are too full of my stuff to hide me) I am the "laptop nomad shifter" sit a while on bed, sometimes on floor, sometimes my dressing chair.. sometimes the living room.

Speaking of privacy.. apart from hiding in the room, there's no privacy elsewhere.. cos I hate when people ask me what am I doing.. or while im enjoying doing something, people cut me off by talking and asking.. which if i dont answer, i feel rude.. like how I hate when henry does that..

Which also come into the topic (or my other lame reason) why i've yet to be able to do my scrapbooking, blinging, knitting, beading... cos there's no space in the room and no privacy in the living room.. haih.. no table for me to do work

I want my own home! Home where I can have my own wardrobe, my own table and racks, a nice cool garden for me to sit, relax with a cuppa and read books!!! If Henry did buy that condo.. how nice... if Setia Alam is not so freaking far.. how nice! I could have been living in my own home, doing my things, my way.. A HOME where I can do a little amateur gardening.. I already feel zen... haih..

Henry keep saying wanna keep those $$ and start a bussiness.. but TWO years! and yet nothing had been done.. and $$ getting little cos we keep spending it.. he also wanna wait for next year when housing $$ goes lower and get a house.. I just feel frust sometimes cos I cant wait!!! This little room and condo is too full of people and other people stuff to have my stuff around!! argh!


I just have so much to complain about.. and there's no one I could talk to cos Im afraid other people will say im childish, not understanding.. or my married life is not bliss.. :( I dont wan that!

And I dont understand.. why I can take my time to go help henry when he need something from me while when I want him to see something he takes his time? I feel unfair.. eg: he doing maybank credit card payment and need my help and I was surfing and he give me this "tsk" (cicak call-irritate way) and I have to quickly go help him or he'll be very dissapointed that i have no heart to help my own husband.. only care my own stuff.. but when I ask him to see d room or rates in japan (he ask me to search and I have to do it like asap) and he took a lil time finishing his game before coming to see??? I hate that!

And when Im just kidding dont let him scoop my taufufah and he became no mood cos I dont share? I was just kidding!!! I dont understand why is the unfairness?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 things come at once

korea called... im to fly to korea on 8th nov. 10th is health screening test. 11th training.

suddenly dillema hit me... like i have <1 month more of holiday. My plan to get pregnant and hav another 18 months to decide my career failed. I am to work again. To fly again.... Can I stay up for midnght flight and time difference?

Being a Libra is tough... I am now weighing my thoughts and I cant decide...

I can wear my beloved boots and winter coats again... I can go shopping in hawaii again. I am gonna go buy more baby clothes.. I can go shenzhen and hk in june and not worried i wasted the ticket

I might/might not be able to celebrate christmas /new year /chinese new year if i fly. nor henry's bday..

Henry is not back yet. On such day he suddenly have dinner thingy with sengheng. and was busy when I wanna to call him and tell him my period came...

I dont know... Olivia Ong's music is making me tear.. But Im not sure what tear is this? Tear cos I lost my baby? or lost my plan? or feelings im still thinking from the book i read??

I finish reading 3/4 of a book today. Trying to immerse myself into the story and not think. I finish the book I started. Finally. For a long time. I can tick a check box for finishing a task I wanted to do during this 3 months holiday.

I've yet to scrap a single piece of photo I printed. I've yet to learn how to knit. I dint start on the bead I bought for my jewellery making. I dint stick a single bling to my psp or nintendo yet. I dint do any nicer pedicure for me yet.

What have I been doing so far? I think i've forgotten.. and I have no idea where to start...

Friday, August 20, 2010

MIL went to her friend hse to stay.. Till Sunday.. Knowing I can't cook for her sons yet.. She made sure she cooked dinner @ 1pm so by nite I only need to boil rice n heat up the meals...

But I dunno what happen to me today, I tot having experienced to boil rice for so many years, it's a sap sap Sui thing ady today. Mayb I dint boil rice for a long time, or it's d weird thick pot cooker, or different rice.. My rice today became DRY PORRIDGE.. T_T too much water!! And I tot like hse's cooker, I turn off the switch after 30 mins.. But d rice dint cook well. And mr lee was this extremist choosy fella in rice texture AND hates porridge. Summore those dried porridge kind.. He dint even wanna eat it. In the end, i hav to steam for him a fresh bowl of rice.. N not sure how much he can eat n just in case I made more mistakes. I only steam a bowl.

Succeeded, I hav to steam another for his lil bro.. T_T dencos of that, dinner was delayed to 9pm n Henry kinda emo liow.. I dunno my fault or what? Sigh..

And just these little things I did, touched lots of water. My fingers skin kinda peeling ady!! How am I to bear to cook n b vain in d future? Must b like Candice not cook n eat out ady!!!

On another note of d day, reformatted my laptop today n checking out those pages I bookmarked n found this model blog.. Sigh I envy her! Not caused by her modelling skill but her photography n design skill!! So creative. Confirm another TOA. I do regret not insisting mummy to send me to TOA! Regret! I can't go back to studying now. Can I? Imean who's supporting me in my education n cost n also my living and pocket money? Henry is definately not d 1... :(

trying to search newspaper n jobstreet n look for suitable career paths but yet to find something.. Or perhaps it's an excuse I gav my self in starting anew.. Sigh.. Life dilemma.. Partly drag to fly back.. But dunno what can I do.. Need to strengthen my portfolio if I ever wanna step back to designing world.. Having been rusty after so long. 1 way or another I am giving a lot of reason for myself for can't work. I dint even bothered to update my resume n print it out.. And transport problem la.. Bla bla bla.. Argh!!

oh well.. Here's for tonight. I pour my hearts out to u... No 1 to talk to.. Mai blog lor.. That was wat I was last time when I was lonely n single.. See I stopped blogging after knowing Henry for sometime. Cos I found some1 else to talk to n to fill my time with..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

O rite!!! Im MARRIED!! Wedding dinner done, visiting popo-in law and give tea for her also done.. even booking for 10.10.10 is done...

do I feel im married? erm.. not yet though.. I feel like the marriage thingy havent hit me yet.. -__-"

I mean, b4 marriage I am ady overnight-ing with henry at his hse in sg long... just that now im sleepin in a nicer room... lol.

I only need to wash my own clothes now.. and some dishes.. i think im not gonna get my hands too involved into cooking.. just trying to learn the basic now.. i mean if i learn them now, i mai hav to cook for every1 soon???

Better stay away... show true colors b4 too late.. heheheheh...

I havent done any sweeping/mopping other than my room.. but hey. im only official here like 1 week only mar...

The only thing I start too feel beh tahan is MIL constant talking.. she dont nag me... yet.. but her yakking kinda tick me at times.. esp when I bancuh nescafe 3-1 to drink.. she'll say 3-1 no good.. drink more boleh kena C... den intoduce me to sachet coffee where I need to add self milk n sugar 1.. -____- aigoo... everytime see me bancuh also say the same thing.. i dunno when she gonna annoy me.. SIGH!!

Den I know its for my own good, but stopping me from drinking ice drinks!!! How old am I excuse me? Like in pahang that time so damn 7 hot weather, and there's no ice drinks in d fridge, nor sweet stuff.. kinda like a jail man.. and i was there for only 1 night! gosh.. and we went dinner and i wanted ice for my chinese tea and there she said i shouldnt drink so much ice! In front of EVERYBODY!! how humilating i feel!! I mean, dah la im d youngest adult there! and got "sound" like that in front of everyone when my cuppa ice arrived! How do I react, ask d waitress to take it back? Or like I did I said I bloody hot and henry feels i acted childishly???

And 2 kids in front of me drank ORANGE JUICE! I know its not her kids/grandchildren so she dint say anything! but telling me off in front of everyone kinda humilates me!!! and henry sides her! T_T

Im kinda worried what she gonna do when I have kids in the future T_T

Like my case is still minor.. but I truly understands why mummy insist we shall never stay with MIL... sigh...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Engaged!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Boobee KNEELED and PROPOSED to me in the airport!!! KLIA AIRPORT!!

even pakat with daddy and mummy... -__-

I was coming up to the departure hall and called daddy and said im there, and daddy ask me to "come out la, we are here ady" but standing at gate 4 waiting for me was instead... Mr. Lee

really surprised. my jaw dropped!!

Mr. Lee, holding a bouquet of a dozen red rose, smiling and coming towards me! I thought I was dreaming. I never expect that!

Cos I called him earlier to ask whetter he wanna get some liquor for our wedding or not. and it doesnt sound suspicious!

and while Boobee is coming closer to me, my head is actually wondering "where is daddy? is he here too??"   -___-

then, Mr. Lee gave me the bouquet, which was still in an hideous orange plastic pasar malam bag.. and kneeled down!!!

and took out a big box from that palstic bag also -__-

"Baby, will you marry me?" wait, was it baby or bee?? oh oh, i was too shock to remember.. T_T

And there it was the 0.37 karat diamond ring we were trying on just a few days ago! I thought I told him not to get a wedding ring.. cos we are in a rush after all...

nice not?? :P

camera not clear.. but u get the picture.. :P

but surprise surprise! I was really touched.. nearly cried... well... i did cry.. while we were talking after he loaded all my 5 big luggages (all from Korea) into his car..

Need to record this down for old life reference!

HUBBY, actually was wondering whetter to come or not as I said I have so much luggages and I thought I wanna go home and see mummy first, since hubby can only fetch me back by saturday, that also mah fan cos morning have to go KLIA to fetch MOTHER IN LAW for the trip to Shanghai.

8pm, sitting in the carpark in the rented room condo wondering.. in the end he decided to come.. and called mummy tell her he'll fetch. and rush to midvalley for the ring and flower.. when the sale girl wanna show him the cert no he just said " ok la next time only see la" and when she said got free gift, he dint even hear what is that and "ok la, i take first, later i see" LOL..

Sadly, at 11pm, departure hall was pretty empty, and he kneeled next to my big cart of luggages.. so no 1 actually saw him proposed!!!! Should have hesitated longer so people notice! haha!!

Haih.. I feel my life is perfect...! :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tomato - Month 3

A week ago, they were so skinny and tiny, like 15cm tall... After my 1 week flight, WHOOSH!! It just grew suddenly to like 30cm!!!

When got fruit?? :D

Mummy migrated them to the outside garden when they were 1 month old cos the pot was too cramped...

I wasn't lazy and abondoned them, I checked on them everytime Im home.. Mummy was just a lil faster than me to bring it outside.. -__-

Some how this 1 grew last after mummy migrated the others so it was left in pot.. lol

Monday, January 11, 2010

F my Life...

A recent complain:

"After I arrive at Incheon International Airport, I met crew members of Korean Air on the way to hotel. The bus driver told me they are the members of Korean Air, so I learned who they were even though they were not in uniforms.

They were so noisy they did not look like they did not take any lessons on public etiquette, except that they let me get off first from the bus.

Because I couldnt understand what they were saying, it sounded more noisier. The experience was very irritating and made me wonder on the level of education on Korean Air. "



A bunch of colleagues meet up, maybe after a long time, maybe something exciting happened, and we talked! Since its a group, of course the noise is louder!!!

Just because you can't understand what we were speaking doesnt meant we are rude! Korean language sounds even rude-r!

At least we let you off the bus first, unlike all koreans, not gentlemen at all! In 10 Korean mens, NONE will let a lady go first!

tsk tsk.......

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So bored I have no new pictures to post or take.... yet.. :P

Anyway if I do most probably I'll post it in FB instead of here.. 5 by 5 uploads and slow... Another reason why I got so lazy to blog.

Anyway, Im posting hallowen pics from last year 2009. The one I was planning to celebrate in Sydney but some how Australia dont celebrate Halloween... Worse, the streets were empty -__-

At least clubs and restaurant in Malaysia does..

Dinner in Sydney...

Thai fried rice.. ok la...

Purple/Black Striped knee length stokin... I was planning to wear this with a Black plain dress..

I even brought my pointy hat...

What?? its foldable, and light, dun mind lugging it.. :P

Yeah... kinda have a full costume lah.. but sadly, NO CELEBRATION!! T_T

I happily, and proudly show you:

My Harajuku's minature Limited Edition perfumes.. :P

I was walking out from aircraft in Sydney airport and they were displaying this and I was looking forward to buy them since I saw it online.. So I straight grab 5, go to counter, and bought them :D

It was cheap anyway, I think.. after buying them no point checking other place for price lah~ later found lower price I sakit hati.. Got crew discount summore, like buy 4 free 1 :P

Yeah~ I go as far as Sydney to buy a bottle of fish sauce..

Just to make a korean summer soup.. I cant find it in Korea nor Malaysia but in Australia -__-

chocs... gone ady.. thanks to mei..

Durian Crepes!!!

Tho it did made the room smell a lil.. esp the fridge cos I kept it in there..

Can u imagine, KL got durian I dint buy but I bought durian crepes in Sydney? And it cos RM6 per pcs.. I think can buy a low grade durian in KL ady. :P

Cant help it when im craving for durian


opps :P

Got smell XP