Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tomato - Month 3

A week ago, they were so skinny and tiny, like 15cm tall... After my 1 week flight, WHOOSH!! It just grew suddenly to like 30cm!!!

When got fruit?? :D

Mummy migrated them to the outside garden when they were 1 month old cos the pot was too cramped...

I wasn't lazy and abondoned them, I checked on them everytime Im home.. Mummy was just a lil faster than me to bring it outside.. -__-

Some how this 1 grew last after mummy migrated the others so it was left in pot.. lol

Monday, January 11, 2010

F my Life...

A recent complain:

"After I arrive at Incheon International Airport, I met crew members of Korean Air on the way to hotel. The bus driver told me they are the members of Korean Air, so I learned who they were even though they were not in uniforms.

They were so noisy they did not look like they did not take any lessons on public etiquette, except that they let me get off first from the bus.

Because I couldnt understand what they were saying, it sounded more noisier. The experience was very irritating and made me wonder on the level of education on Korean Air. "



A bunch of colleagues meet up, maybe after a long time, maybe something exciting happened, and we talked! Since its a group, of course the noise is louder!!!

Just because you can't understand what we were speaking doesnt meant we are rude! Korean language sounds even rude-r!

At least we let you off the bus first, unlike all koreans, not gentlemen at all! In 10 Korean mens, NONE will let a lady go first!

tsk tsk.......

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So bored I have no new pictures to post or take.... yet.. :P

Anyway if I do most probably I'll post it in FB instead of here.. 5 by 5 uploads and slow... Another reason why I got so lazy to blog.

Anyway, Im posting hallowen pics from last year 2009. The one I was planning to celebrate in Sydney but some how Australia dont celebrate Halloween... Worse, the streets were empty -__-

At least clubs and restaurant in Malaysia does..

Dinner in Sydney...

Thai fried rice.. ok la...

Purple/Black Striped knee length stokin... I was planning to wear this with a Black plain dress..

I even brought my pointy hat...

What?? its foldable, and light, dun mind lugging it.. :P

Yeah... kinda have a full costume lah.. but sadly, NO CELEBRATION!! T_T

I happily, and proudly show you:

My Harajuku's minature Limited Edition perfumes.. :P

I was walking out from aircraft in Sydney airport and they were displaying this and I was looking forward to buy them since I saw it online.. So I straight grab 5, go to counter, and bought them :D

It was cheap anyway, I think.. after buying them no point checking other place for price lah~ later found lower price I sakit hati.. Got crew discount summore, like buy 4 free 1 :P

Yeah~ I go as far as Sydney to buy a bottle of fish sauce..

Just to make a korean summer soup.. I cant find it in Korea nor Malaysia but in Australia -__-

chocs... gone ady.. thanks to mei..

Durian Crepes!!!

Tho it did made the room smell a lil.. esp the fridge cos I kept it in there..

Can u imagine, KL got durian I dint buy but I bought durian crepes in Sydney? And it cos RM6 per pcs.. I think can buy a low grade durian in KL ady. :P

Cant help it when im craving for durian


opps :P

Got smell XP