Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Herbalife (Malaysia) - Review after one year


There are many usage for Herbalife shakes:

Drink it to slim down
Drink to keep fit
Drink to gain weight... what else? lol..

I started Herbalife since Feb 2013 - after CNY, and was pregnant with Alivia @2nd month.

Wanted to have a healthy eating lifestyle and diet for me and my pregnancy (during my pregnancy with Annabell I got really fat and water retention... thanks... Anmum!) and my bestie keep telling how I should start now as it benefits my baby as well as me, and even after giving birth I will help me to slim down faster... and...

that time I just got my bonus so have extra moolah... i decided to try... hehehe

if you read my post here, last year I said I have once joined HB before like 10years back when I was still a student... I PAID RM80 for their membership but no money to buy their product so my money just GONE like that... T_T

the pros & cons for joining HB now and previous:

Now: They have health clubs to mix your drink for you. Good for lazy people (like me) or busy people (like me... lol) as drink is served for you at a price.
-so you pay their montly fee - in my case RM360 for 30days (equivalent to RM12 per cup)  their card are like a attendance card with boxes to be ticked off, so everytime you come to drink they sign on a box. In my case:- I dont/cant come everyday (sometimes late for work sometimes lazy and I wanna EAT breakfast) so my card can stand for like 45days instead of 30 days... hahaha..  or if you dont want to pay that much, you can pay for your cup daily @ RM14... RM2 more expensive.. you count the maths. update: they have now shifted and thier new card is RM120 for 10 times, finish 10 you buy another 10....
Then: Join member, go to their motivation courses, buy products to drink it yourself. Just like that. Water + Shake. If you just started you get hungry so fast cos the shake is too light for those who normally have normal breakfast.

Now: Shared fruits.
- They used to cook barley everyday (and cool it down) and put in 2 scoops to the shake for more fulfilling meal. And also fruits of the day. So they can buy a whole watermelon and since so many people drink the shake daily, the watermelon finishes in a day. Only that they don't have luxurious fruits like peach, strawberries, avocado la.. too high cost.. lol.. if you buy a watermelon at home, how soon can you finish the fruit? Don't say watermelon, apple also cant finish in one shake right!
But now they have newer strategy: 2 scoops of Oats, and a banana... They said they copied vietnam style, and focus on the nutrition in the shake and not the additional fruits. but I believe it is cut cost, and less work.

 Now: They have additional Protein to add to the shake to promote muscle growth. Also have other products to boost their shakes like Omega3, Aloe drinks, teas etc..
Then: Im not sure they have these things or not 10 years ago... no money to buy then T_T

Now & Then: Price. They are not cheap. If you are not a member you buy them at retail price (wondering can I annouced the price or not?) Join member and you be at distributor level and get them at 25% cheaper.. and for even more discounts you have to buy like A LOT (im talking few thousands Ringgit), earn 500vp points to be at Senior Consultant level. and they have many more level where you need to maintain a certain point every month else you wont get more discounts. Their member price is a yearly thing..

I joined their membership.. but then I found out I wasnt/are not capable to be that active to level up ( I am still at distributor's level now cos I only buy and drink them myself) Im not sure why but my circle of friends are either those who dont believe in MLM or just couldn't afford.. I tried to ask them to join but they never "appear" so I'll just leave it at that.

Since my bestie joined and have a few supporters, she managed to level up to Senior Consultant and there I buy my products from her account... my advise is no need join member unless you are 100% sure you can work up from there and make herbalife your income source. But provided your upline willing to let you use their account to buy the products la.. if your upline not willing what can you do right? (I heard its "illegal" to share account lar... but those are rumours so that everybody must join member ma)

I guess I am one of those who quits.. lol!

Im not saying their product is bad, just expensive for a normal, normal low income person, . Diets are expensive. Only few can afford. If not how they can manage to have such a BIG Corperation right? How your upline get incomes right?  No $? Do it naturally - eat less, eat healthy, stay away from fast foods and high carbs food, rest more, drink more water, work out.. eventually you can lose the fats.. but more hard work lor..

Did it work for me?

Hmmm...  50/50

I did not get bloated during pregnancy, which is good... but of course, I did gain weight.. But I never follow their "proper" way lar, I only took it to replace breakfast. In the begining I drank it at 8.30am but got hungry by 11am.. now.. I manage to wait until 1pm lunch time. The "proper" way was morning 1 shake, 4pm 1 shake, before sleep 1 shake at night.. but eating like that will cos a BOMB... so.. yeah

As I write this post, Alivia is 4months. I slimmed down quicker compared to Annabell's time, but I still have that baby bump like I'm 4months I still did not/couldn't follow their proper way.. lol.. I prefer to EAT FOOD than DRINK FOOD..

hahahaha... yeah... that's probably me and my reasons..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Annoying little things #3

 Mother in law... AGAIN! 

I don't hate her.. Really... But her nagging s and complains never stop. 

Nag nag nag, yak yak yak... Apa lagi lu mau?!!

So she found out I took leave on Wednesday to go fix my eyebrow.. (I told her I go back Seremban help my Mum and she ask "help what" I said sign papers and she wanna ask more like don't believe me) cos her friend came this evening and being also vain in beauty she knows my eyebrow just got fixed and I accidently blurted out I just fix it last week and she was sleeping in her infared bed and heard it wtf.. -_-" I didn't see her reaction cos she was sleeping there but she seems to be listening to me n her friend's concersation wtf.. (When she complained to her friend how my kids are naughty kids and hard to care while her grandchild she brought over today is such a nice kid, her friend also Paiseh how come this grandmother never praise her own grandkids but talk badly about them instead... Sigh...)

And then alivia had some worse eczema this few days and she blames it started on Tuesday. And I have ignored my girl's pain and be vain. And troubled her the whole day. She meant instead of me going to fix my eyebrow I should dump all my plans and appointments and bring my girl to see the doc. But then Alivia skin condition have not worsen and just the "usual" case where some creams can settle.. Why pay the doc just for some cream?? I OWE the doctor???

Actually it's the doctor who told me not to use the cream I normally put to Alivia when she have skin problem. And MIL is the one huu haa Alivia have some white skin patches scaring people that it might be one of those skin disease and keep urging me to check with doc. Like if I don't go soon my girl will... Ehem...
And seeing her reaction I know she totally complains (or probably my self conciousness) since SIL is at home definately she tried to help and now SIL have a bad impression im a bad person/mummy? Like SIL is d kind who so worried when her daughter got skin sensitivity and will find solutions while I ignored my baby??! 

Anyway, I'm trying to be thick faced and not mind what other people think...

I wanted to defend but why bother to waste my energy when she doesn't believe? Let it be...

Let it goooooooo, let it goooo~~~🎶

You can complain to me your son scold you for going to the market so long in the morning and you defended saying you need a break. And I'm suppose to rush home 6pm/2pm SHARP to care
My kids?? I - don't - have - freedom? I can't take a break just because I have 2 kids??? I cannot go buy some thing or eat something? When can I buy things I need then? The only sunday where I have to care 2 kids and a man?? 

Bring them out I can't shop my clothes, I have to "serve" them. Getting scrowl when I am slow (am I not entitled to at least window shop??) so troublesome! Do you ever understand?? Didnt you have 3 kids also? Perhaps you didnt bring them to shopping before... my mum does... >(

And I really work till 3pm and I'm rushing my work/didn't really finish all! Because I have a self guilt/fear you will call me soon and COMPARE me to your younger son who goes home at 2pm sharp. He have other simpler work unlike me! Ask him sit my place la!! >(

I didn't do hair mask my hair so long cos I'm afraid you say I shower damn long. 

My face got so much breakout but I didn't dare book a facial cos I scared you say I'm such a bad DIL I ignore my kids to be vain

Heck I sacrificed and not done my pedicure since FOREVER!! 

How to be honest with you when you disagree with things I do??

Ask your son to find some one replace me in office and I'll stay home care my kids Lo!! Den you do whatever FREEDOM things you want lo!

Hell, even if I don't work and be at home not that I have ALL the freedom to take care my kids my way.. YOU WILL BOSS ME AROUND!!! 

I know my girls aren't easy kind. But I'm not out there PLAYING... I'm working for your sons for Gods sake!! I didn't stop working this few days. Felt like why time flies that fast.. I know your not feeling well cos you are old age.. BUT Why only complain to me your knee pain or eyes pain and not to your sons as well?? What can I do? If I answer you, causes arguments or I AM A BAD DIL. Don't answer I AM A IGNORANT DIL. I don't like to suggest go doctor unless nessasary and then I am responsible to bring you to doctor. Don't you have that better DIL? I don't have time.....  

The point is she don't complain or nag her son cos they will bite back while I can't.. But this is emotionally torturing meeeee!!!! 

Complain to your sons and they arrange for a maid or sitter la! Then you get all your free time to sleep or make whatever you like for CNY.. Don't blame me you can't make your pineapple tart!! 

I go to work late so you can "enjoy" your freedom to market longer and settle everything before taking over, you feel I'm cheating your son's money for going late to work.. Arrrrrgghggg 


I really want to find a 24hour sitter. Or send my girls back to Seremban. I'll sacrify and pay my mum half of my salary so she cares my kids. 

But I don't know mummy willing or not.. Sigh...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Annoying Little Things #2


aka boss. aka Hubbys eldest brother.

With an annoying attitude of bossing people around like he's da boss. 

Oii! My husband also boss ok!!? So I am consider lady boss. And your sister in law. 

Show some respect.

What annoys me is SO FUCKING COMPUTER ILLITERATE (He is 40years old only ok! not 80!) that a simple "I am ok with the agreement, please proceed" need to copy paste from a friend, fwd to me via whatsapp, and ask me to REPLY that bloody email.


In the begining he will say "do you mind help me..." but now... " can you copy paste this and help me reply?" Like im his personal assistant!


His wife cannot help meh? I've heard she didnt care and just replied "I dont know wor" and he shut up! Learn la!

If I said "I dunno" Im supposed to find out no matter what the solution.

WIFE said I dunno and she can pass

WTF right????

Always pisses me off when he ask me to do stupid things like this.

Check bank balance also want me to check and whatsapp him when he have an ipad with data. Why need to turn such a big round???

His ipad data is for his own usage and not company use and when it got barred *I* need to help him call center and settle. Where is his wife???? DIE liow??? Why do I have to do it when its his wife who paid his bill with a pariah credit card???

When I just POLITELY ask why cant he check it himself, HE SCOLD ME


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Annoying Things #1

MIL love to buy things. Nobody can stop her. All the naggings from the son goes unheard of. She buy things that is useful... whereas things I buy is WASTE OF MONEY.

The condo really have no more space but she still buys and stock up whenever some items is in promotion/discounts...

So today, she spotted cheap cotton towels for kids in the market. RM9 per pcs after discount.. she happily showed me and said previous towels I bought for Alivia not good.
there, a Stitch for you, I found something to show my expression... lol

Whatever she things she bought she thinks it is good, other people buy one is not good.

Hello, the towel I bought is also 100% cotton....

I gave her a look and said "whatever I buy is not good, so next time I wont buy you go buy ah" and she's like WTF and said "haha no la, this is good ma.. got cartoon and its very big piece, yours is smaller in size"

I really have no more space for towels. Please god give me a large wardrobe for me and my kids in my future house...

pray hard

If this is the first time you read my blog, Im not a bad DIL. As the Chinese saying goes, "Every household have their difficulties" But really cant stand her and I have no where else to express my feelings...

Nobody read this blog anyway... hahaha...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Public Bank Branch Codes

Just sharing Public bank(Malaysia) codes I have accumulated over the time,(can be seen in your personal/business online transaction if people bank in cash/cheque) since I cant find the info myself online which codes to which bank.. (there is probably a full list of it somewhere that I dont know) I am sharing what I know... feel free to comment and let me know additional codes.. will update from time to time. ;)

**I have received comments lately ask me where is XXX... where is YYY...  sorry I'm no expert in this thing..
1) I don't know your location or your banker's location.. PBB have HUNDREDS of branches..
2) I'm not commissioned by PBB.. nor their branches encyclopedia... lol... these codes below are based on my customer's location.. I'm just helping the society with some information I get..  
3) Well, if you get where is XXX or YYY, feel free to let me know and I'll update my list... TQVM *peace*

*Some codes I know the area but excact location Im not sure ok.. ^^
*those with a (?) is not 100% sure correct area...
*some codes are from the commenters below, so I can't guarantee the accuracy ya... :P 

(last update 16/1/2018)

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

APG- Ampang
BBT- Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang
BMC- Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Cheras
BPI- Bandar Puteri, Puchong
BPJ- Bandar Puchong Jaya
BSL- Bandar Sg Long, Kajang
BSP - Shah Alam
BSY- Bandar Sunway
BWK- Bintang Walk
DJA-Damansara Jaya
JKL- Jalan Klang Lama
JTH - Klang
JSB - Jalan Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur
JHL - Jln Hang Lekiu (KL)
KAP- Kapar
KBG- Kampung Baru Subang, Shah Alam
KJG- Kajang
KSR- Kuala Selangor
LMW - Taman Melawati, KL
PIH- Pandan Indah, Cheras
PJO- PJ Old Town
RWG- Rawang
SCA- Sg Chua, Kajang
SEA- Taman SEAPark
SJA- Subang Jaya
SGK- Seri Gombak, Kuala Lumpur
SKN- Seri Kembangan
SMY- Semenyih, Selangor
SPG- Sri Petaling?
SPK- Klang
TCT- Taman Connaught , Cheras
TEE- Taman Equine?
TIH - Taman Indah, Balakong
TMA- Cheras? Kuala Lumpur
TNM- Tiong Nam(Wisma Public Bank), Kuala Lumpur
TSM- Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam
TTJ - Taman Taming Jaya, Balakong
USJ-USJ Subang


BDR- Bidor
BSI - Bagan Serai
KPR- Kampar
GRT - Gunung Rapat
IGN - Ipoh Garden
IMO - Ipoh Main Office
JLP - Jelapang
JPP - Jln Pasir Puteh
JYK-Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh
JSI- Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh
KKR - Kuala Kangsar
KMT - Kamunting
MLB - Menglembu
SLB - Silibin
SMG - Seri Manjung
SST - Sungai Siput
TAI - Taiping
TIN - Teluk Intan
TMM- Tanjong Malim
TPD - Tanjong Piandang 


AKH- Ayer Keroh
BBM- Batu Berendam
TKK- Jasin
TMJ- Taman Malim Jaya
TMR- Taman Melaka Raya

Negeri Sembilan/Seremban

BHU- Bahau
NLI- Nilai
RSH- Rasah
SRB- Seremban
PDN- Port Dickson
TPN- Tampin


BCG- Cameron Highlands
BEN- Bentong
MTK- Mentakab
TML- Temerloh
TRI- Triang


MUA- Muar
SGM- Segamat
TDY- Taman Daya
TDC- Taman Desa Cemerlang
MSG- Mersing
MSI- Masai
TSA-Taman Sentosa
TPI- Tampoi Indah
TJJ- Taman Johor Jaya
TPG- Taman Perling

Kedah / Penang

SAT- Simpang Empat
SPI- Sg Petani
JKT- Jalan Kota, Kedah
JRU = Penang, Jalan Raja Uda 
JSK- Penang?
JDK - Jln Datuk Keramat

PLI - Pulau Langkawi  


WSU - Wakaf Siku, Jln Sultan Yahya Petra, Kota Baru


KTU - Kuala Terengganu


CPE- City Parade, Kota Kinabalu
JPI- Kota Kinabalu
KKU- Kota Kinabalu
INN-Inanam, Kota Kinabalu


JCL - Jalan Central, Sibu
JTZ - Jalan Tun Zaidi, Kuching
STG - Stutong

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

So fast time passed... haha.. no I do not have a resolution this year.. never gonna make it anyway..

But from this year onwards, I'm gonna have little post on every annoying things I can post of that's happening to me. Let see by end of this year, how many things had me annoyed.. hahaha

ok done post.