Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Not really jealous la... Just envious.....

Envious why some people no need to live in with their MIL... Although they instead wished they can so someone close will care their kids. (yes I'm glad I don't need to find trusted baby sitters to care my kids, no need to frust what's for dinner. but sometimes I hated the no privacy, always have to follow old people way of caring kids, and Pyjamas zone and bra free zone only confined in the room)

Envious why some people, no need to work and stays home full time with their baby. And their husbands is not in own business. How high can one's salary goes that a business man like my hubbs cant topple with? But hubbs said I should help him take care his business. Not that I want to be a housewife.. (2months at home is not fun at all, caring 2 kids all the time no time for myself...) but I don't mind be sui-lai-lai lor... Lol

Envious how some people can afford a whole europe trip when I can't? They are not doing business also ma.... where did my money go?

Envious why some people husband are more spontanous and enjoy scouting for new adventure, being in new food place to check out or new place to go...

Yes I also understand people only post happy pictures in social medias.. You wont be taking selfies when you're angry right?

Yes I married my husband not for all materilistic things, I love my husband and so does he, but I sometimes get depressed why he dont do that, cant do that, dont want do that..

Perhaps this is my post-partum hormones speaking.....

Some will say, "envy for what.. envy no use! Work your butt out there to get what you want"

Easier said than done....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why you so choosy...?!

Sometimes, I feel sad that hubby is choosy at food. Growing up typical chinese way, his mum cooks noodle, fried meehoon, rice for breakfast for him since young. (Not like purposely cook for him only la, the whole family, I guess probably his mum need to work so she cook those full filling food so they won't get hungry that fast?) off track a bit, I also grew up eating bread for breakfast, rice or noodle for lunch/dinner but I get bored eating same thing everyday and now I like to try on new food/explore new food like western, japanese, korean.. Etc

So, I don't get it when hubby only wants rice. Rice. Rice. *sigh*

Like last week, I suggested we celebrate his birthday earlier cos this weekend is winter soltice and his mum gonna cook and have family dinner. So happen we were in klcc and I suggest western and he kinda reluctant to want to eat western. Well, klcc don't have nice chinese food and we are only the 2 adults that actually eat, can't order a lot. Then we passed by japanese restaurant and I said ok jap food got rice.. He like "ok la ok la" not the  "wow let's try some japanese food" kind 

So we ordered some Japanese set they have and he choosed FRIED RICE as additional order #musteatrice. =.=" *sigh*

And I'm not sure he was rushing that night to go home for soccer, or just not that into the jap food... he ate most of the rice and I ate most of the set's food or sashimi, tempura etc (he tried each of them once and he's done and left them for me... I'm not sure he wanna let me eat more or he's done laa..) but that dinner was a rushed one and I felt not enjoyable... I didn't even have chance to take a picture/family picture! And alivia was cranky cos she sleepy and need me to soothe her aka rock her to sleep. Made a bit fuss there in the small restaurant.. Hmmm. 

Made me not sastified instead. Although he doesn't seems to be.. Dunno leh.. Sigh... I felt when I'm out with him nowadays I'm in a rush and can't buy anything. My trip to the mall is only walk around. Didn't even window shop not enter any shop unless that shop have his things or I really need to get something in that shop... He just wanna get thru it and find a place to sit, smoke and iPad-ing. Then ask me to walk around myself. Sad. 

Or course, our outing at least now includes Annabell so he can't smoke if bell is there so while he sit and enjoy I have to push annabell and shop around. How troublesome? Those narrow aisle is so hard to navigate. No need to buy clothes cos need to try. How to leave Annabell out? Thank goodness nowadays I don't really clothes shopping in the mall(thanks to my turning-Aunty-style-downgraded-and-stingy-to-get-branded wear) 

If I go out to shop alone (I doubt hubby let lor.. Esp alivia is so young now...) I am definately in a rush too cos either hubby will rush me home soon (keep calling with a seriously annoyed tone cos why-am-I-not-home-yet-pissed) or I'll feel guilty and worried hubby can't manage 2 kids or I will have stress in my mind that mil is gonna call me soon so just hurry up and finish already kinds of felling. I'm really unhappy like that. Better not shop right?

Anyway main point of this post is I just saw some ex colleague honeymoons trip to Hawaii and how her hubby seems so happy and so excited like that trying new food in Korea and Hawaii and food my excolleague used to eat when we layover and taking cool laughing pictures and here I am thinking hubby will not eat this, won't eat that. Dislike korean, don't like food w/o rice. How to go holiday when he need rice to survive?? I was doubting he won't enjoy his trip!

How to go Europe when rice/asian food is scarce. Have to like eat meat and western kind of food the whole trip? Heck he dislike pasta!! *horror*

I mean when we dating that time although he less keen on western food he swallow them still but after marriage only he showed his true color of disliking many food? It's so depressing! I feel depressing..!

Not only that. He doesn't like to try new food even though it's asian food! I've been pestering him to try the "boat noodle" for weeks and he seems not keen to go. I'm not sure why lor.. Yes I heard the noodles is normal la just for the sake of some pics and selfie but he is not keen to go try! My point is that! And it's not even expensive! 

Instead today he went to eat "ban Mee" alone at a new shop nearby. And his game obsession with his iPad/phone really irritates me. He can no longer sit down for a nice face to face chat. Yes he is listening to you while you talk but it's just not right. 

Right now I'm like looking for ways to save our sweet times but yet it seems to be ignored :'(