Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Brand New Possessions....




Haih..... :D

See, the bread comes out with Hello Kitty face!

-Pictures say a thousand words-


Also got this togather with the toaster... :P

Hello Kitty shaped ice moulder!! :D

Well, its really frozen, so cannot really see the shape...

Darn the weather... a while only the ice melted... -___-

Monday, May 25, 2009

Coco Banana

Fyi, mixing coco-nut and banana together does taste good! :P

Its like so long I dint get to go out for some fun, cos I never get to be home during weekends.. most weekends are spent flying or in overseas where mostly every shop closes on saturdays and sundays... -__-

Me, Tony and Pelly... :)

My ruffle top nice hor? Got it during sales in Zara@Frankfurt... hehehehe...

Im thinking to sell it off ady.. too much sexy clothes and since *ehem* boyfriend *ehem* been "restricting" me wearing sexy outfits...

See it soon in SouledSisters!!!

There's gonna be lots and lots stuff im clearing out cos... well... wardrobe overhaul... and............ yeah.. wardrobe overhaul... T__T

Pelly, Boyfriend, Me...

That's PELLY's hand trying to grab my boobs!!


she always tried to grab my boobs! Like I ever have... erm.. boobs.. :(

joking.. :P


See Pelly and Boyfriend perasaning... hehehe..

Erm... this is Rachel.. just got to know her there.. i mean... Tony just knew her there.. her friend tried to set her up... but she's really stuck up.. dint gave Tony's her phone's no! just email wtf...

I like her top though.. very sexy...

This guy, I forgot the name.. from the next table..

Well we got to know him when Pelly went over to his table to borrow his chair.. cos our table no chair wtf and we were wearing killer heels that really kills the legs for not sitting for 3 hours!!

What I remembered was he claimed he's born in Taiwan but raised here.. lol..

Peace sign?

All Drunk!!


Nevertheless.. A very happy night... <3> I *heart* Boyfriend...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping @ Korea

Heheh... Fun filled shopping day from Iteawon to Myeongdong.. :P

On the way in the bus...

If I look tired please consider that I DID NOT sleep after my red-eye flight from KL to Korea ok.. Straight change (shower also laaa) and go out... -__-

And a little hungry, so we had Ginseng Chicken and Fried Chicken for lunch...

In korea (or cold places) there are actually lots of mini shops called Beer Hof and they sell fried chickens with beer as these two combination keeps the warmth during winter... (I dont think its a restaurant cos they only sell chickens and beer nor cafe cos they dont sell coffee and cakes..)

And continued our shopping trip... :D

The famous bread like (and also feel like) keychain thing now famous in Korea.

Or maybe sometime ady la.. Cos you know la.. I dint go out the whole winter in Korea.. :P

Sunglasses on try out... :D

The nerd glasses... I want to find bigger one.. like clown ones.. hehehe..

This is a store (name forgotten) with lots of nice stuff.. but their price are a little way up high.. So I couldn't grab everything wtf... :P Still, Gyna got a pair of heels from here, while I got myself a red polka dot tube top and a nice belt :D

After a long shopping, decided to sit and relax in Coffee Bean and replenish my caffein needs.


Hats try out as Gyna needs a hat for her trip to Bali...

This is a shop named "Supermarket" and their stuff are really nice and trendy.. like the hat we were trying and a few other clothes, shoes and even bags... If you remember my maxi dress I wore to Tioman last year, I got it from here for KRW60000 (RM200) T__T Cos that time maxi dress were still a new trend there were a little more pricey.. :(

But the funny thing is, to lure customers in, this store have this 50% discount on EVERYTHING since last summer... -__-

Easy la, just mark up the prices and make it on sales for 50%... sigh...

Well, what to do? Its Myeongdong and their strategy works for those tourist who came for shopping...

By the way.. im thinking to sell my maxi dress off.. who wanna buy? hehehe...

While me being lame with polka dots hat... hehehe.. well.. if that hat is not that expensive, I totally grab it home ady.. :P

Finally back to hotel... And We ordered room service cos we were so hungry and all restaurants closed already at 1opm...

And on to show you what we bought!! :D
everything from top to bottom is NEW....
The white top, the cute bag, the leggings and even the gladiator heels.. :D

heheheh.. hahaha... hehehe...

Except that clincher.. belongs to Gyna cos I dint get that similar looking belt (but nicer and better and MORE EXPENSIVE) in brown that Supermarket were selling (at RM100 for a clincher) cos I thought I can find similar looking belt from KL.. but then I was wrong.. I couldnt find it..

Anyway.. I found other alternatives.. I got a brown waist clincher from F21... hehehe...

Gyna's new hat... :)

hahahha.. she'll be killing me once she see this pic posted here... :P sorry babe, too cute to resist... hehehe...

Her new top and a necklace turned bracelet..

A vintage looking polka dot brooch I got.. nice hor? RM30 leh!! WTF!! but nice.... hehehe...

And a cute t-shirt! :D

I believe I seriously have something wrong with my head, cos I bought so many polka dotted dresses that day.. -__-

Sadly, the red tube polka dot dint suit me so you're gonna see it soon in Souled Sisters

Ok... more shopping post next time.. :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Road Trip to Penang

Like finally I'v done uploading the pictures! Phew! 117 pictures!! That also after lots of filtering ok!

And I think due to that much amount of picture, blogger is really lagging here.. And its not the internet cos I have no problem surfing other sites... hmm... And those pictures I uploaded were being spaced so much, I have to delete all the 100 spacings blogger automatically made... :( And I dint wanna separate the post to a few posts like Tioman cos really, its really not that much picture, and I love to "blog all in one shot "

Anyway.. dont tell anybody I went to Penang ok.. Cos it's supposed to be Boyfriend's work trip to Penang.. and busybody Alison wanna follow along... if boyfriend's boss knows then not good la right? heheheh...

First, gotta tell you this: I found kuey chap in PJ!! *yays* Karen no need you to tapau from Kuching ady ok.. heheh.. Its a hawker stall in Dataran Prima there and he even sell kolo mee leh.. :P

What I like about kuey chap is that the soup kinda taste like bak kut teh, and they use the wide type of kuey tiau that normaly only can be found with chee cheong fun for the noodle.. which actually 2 kinds of my favourite combined together.. :D

And I made boyfriend try them.. Though he tried it before during his trip in Kuching... The last time I thought I saw a stall in Puchong area but only the signage is there there stall is gone.. :( so I was damn happy when I finally found 1 in PJ.. hahaha...

Speaking of kuey chap im craving for it now.. must go back and makan makan... :P

We need to stop at Ipoh Parade first for boyfriend's work...

And we took the opportunity to get some famous Ipoh Chicken.. hehehe...

bf is so cool~ or is it because I interrupted him eating? lol...

Ah~ Penang bridge....

Since the bridge is on widening project, stopping areas have been closed down and now used as the 3rd lane... So we have to attempt to snap what we can while passing the middle-cable part...



We went to Queen's Bay Mall for boyfriends's work before lookin for our hotel and meeting Fish for dinner.. :D

Yea la... meeting Fish is also one of my purpose to follow bf laaa... And went to the hawker area (what else to do in Penang other than hawker food right?) near Sunway hotel...

Boyfriend's Duck Noodle

My partly eaten "Oh Jien" and suddenly I thought "I wanna snap a pic!"

Chicken wings and Popia...

Kinda late after dinner so have to head back hotel, since tomorrow boyfriend need to go do his work...

We brought laptops along so boyfriend can check his daily soccer score and soccer news.. (He has a celcom broadband)

I love to have a Celcom broadband too.. but the line's still a lil slower compared to a cable streamyx... so it is jut impossible to download anything at all.. and for a download freak like me.. where can survive without downloading??

Ahahah... cam-whoring in front of the mini bar - with the mess of my skincare bag and that pot.. lol...

And boyfriend wanna join along... -_-

Before boyfriend work, must eat first. And of course must look for my favourite Penang Laksa...

Its a corner shop on penang road, and outside the hawker's selling the famous cendol, even Phua Chu Kang came to try.. serious! I think I blog it before here

After boyfriend's final stop, and we still have like an afternoon to spend, we decided to go Kek Lok Si, the famous Penang Temple we get to learn in school history.. :P

This: is a candid shot I got from boyfriend... hehehe...

From far already can see the construction of the roof for the big statue of Buddha..

haih.. trying to fit in the pagoda and we get our body cut off...

Fit in the body get the pagoda cut off... -__-

These are candles for donation and well wishes..

Mini ones like this cost Rm10 while the big ones that burns for a week can cost up to RM888??

Nice door.. no?

This temple is built based on the people's donation. Due to it's popularity, many visitors came and also donated. Not just 1 or 2 Ringgit, some goes up to thousands!! You can either "help" them to "buy" a roof tile, or some part of the wall, maybe a door? :P And when you donate for a piece of roof tile, your name get to be written on that roof tile, so the next time, after they build up the roof, climb up to the pagoda with a binoclars and try to spot your own name... lol!

Boyfriend and me both got 3 candles each (RM10 each and there are 3 buddha there)

Wish for good lucks, health and so and so~

Next: more visits to more different temples...

Ok, I know my outfit isnt suitable for a temple visit, I was wearing a cardigan earlier but heck the weather is so damn hot, I cant help it but HAVE to remove the cardigan..


what? my shoe lace lose mar!!

trying art photography wtf..

I think this is the first temple f Kek Lok Si.. After all, this one named after it...

The laughing buddha.. always like this happy looking buddha, looking at it already make me happy.. try... ;)

I kenot tahan ady.. too hot!!!!!!!

Boyfriend in his attempt to test the quality of the temple's construction...
We have to pay RM2 to enter this new building -
Ya right~ like you're so strong...

Such a nice craftmanship - specially imported craftmens from China ok!
heheh... must admire the works...

Every piece in this wall are actually donated.. and whoever donates get their name crafted together on the walls

Ring the bell thingy

It is written on the top "1 knock all wishes come true" or something like that..

I will be back the see that!
I came 12 years ago and they were constructing the buddha statue, 12 years later they are constructing the roof.. really.. no luck / jodoh with the buddha lor.. :(

Oh yeah~ boyfriend made me climb up the pagoda!!

Said the view very nice wor.. and we since we came already we should climb.. -__-
See, not enough roof tiles to finish the back part of the building.. they only completed the front part...

At such hot weather I actually rather not? I wanna have ice cold drink and air-cond!!

Me giving prayers to the buddha in the pagoda..


oh~ want to be a statue there also... hahah..

climbing down the steep stairs..

Yo know, the stairs are so narrow, its so easy to climb up but so hard to go down!!

Penang view...


Me and Pagoda..

Do you know there are actually 3 types of archtecture in this Pagoda? The Chinese, Burmese and India? I've forgot which and which but it is!

Ok back to the city and have MORE FOOD. Like never stop eating lor!! really!!

Gurney drive hawker food - hmmm their laksa tasted differently.. I still love the corner stall in Penang Road...


Then have to rush back to hotel for a quick shower and be ready as Fish is bringing us to dinner.. Food again!!! O.o...

Me and messed-up undried hair.. lol..

haha camwhore with mirrors seems to be the best solution when travelling only with boyfriend..

Lol! Next time, bring a tripod!!

I love this pic, was getting Fish to take a pic, but she thought im using the mirror in front so she looked that side, while I look on to the camera, boyfriend is at the back laughing at us and he got caught in the pic too!! :D

hehehehe... Fish fugly id pic.. :P She came straight from her work and shower in our room...

Look!!! No tummy!! :D
erm.. i sucked in?

See mirror is the best cam whoring medium.. :P

She brought us to QEII and before that I thought this pier is really leading into a church!!

yes I know.. its that same outfit I had for that dinner in Hyatt.. But hey I like the dress, its light, easy to be folded and carried for travelling and its from Guess.. :P

We are gonna have Italian food on the upstairs and there's a bar downstairs with some cool event going on... :D

Our seafood pasta in carbonara sauce.. see I like carbornara... :D

And a pizza I-now-forgot-what-I-ordered...
Boyfriend and me is still quiet full from Gurney's hawker food, and fish is trying to eat less to slim down.. So we only had 2 plates for 3...

Yumm yumm...

Oh, they have strippers!!

Acting construction workers!

Do we have it in KL? Or PJ?

Start removing top ady...


They stop after striping the top for other activities, so we resumed or food and talking..

The event was managed by one of Maxis event management company, working UNDER Fish, so our food were actually paid by them (Fish actually wanted to treat us)

The bar downstairs..

erm Fish said she wanna go say hi to the event manager and got lost..

And the 2nd part of strippin begins!
The lucky birthday girl got called up to "perform" the stripping.. lol...

And she was "grinded" lol..

More girls joining the fun... :P

After everything Fish came back and I asked her why she went so long and actually she went hiding cos the event manager wanted the strippers to "carry" her up the stage for the strippin performance!! Haha!! And they know Fish will never go, they've already plan to get the strippers to CARRY her chair along with her to the stage!! Haha!!

Heck even the pizza chef performs after his kitchen closes wtf..

By this picture im already tipsy from all the beers boyfriend had me to drink - I lose the 15-20 game alot.. :(

Drunk still can camwhore!! -___-

Oh well... :)

The last day, since boyfriend wanted to have Nasi Kandar since last night (yes he was craving for it after our pubbing even though our stomach is still full of pizza and pasta and hawker food), Fish brought us to Penang's most famous/delicious Nasi Kandar Restaurant.

And you know what, Fish planned for lunch, so at 10am cos we woke up early and were hungry, we went for another round of Laksa and cendol at Penang Road...
THEN.. we join Fish for Nasi Kandar.. O__o

Karim Mustafa..

See, he's so hungry he ordered that much for the 3 of us!

So that' s with Penang Road Trip..

Managed to turn in to Bidor for another Famous Duck Noodle before heading back home.. hehe..

Seriously, for the past 3 days I had food every 3 hours interval, the word hungry never even appeared in my mind.. And my stomach get more and more bloated every extra day I was there..

Im looking forward for the next road trip - Melaka-JB... :D

When when when???