Monday, May 9, 2016

F*ck Mother's Day... >(

He post a picture of happy mother's day in his wechat moments.. and in his fb... >( this kind of social wannabe, potraying such a good person la wishing everyone HMD..


Im not pissed he didnt wish lar, 3rd year already... but Im pissed him demanding me like a MAID...

Bell is sitting on the table with him, eating hotdogs, and he sat there with her watching his ipad, and I sitting on the sofa mending my things (tv) and he can demand me to get a cup of water to bell... Why cant he move a bit and get it???

Ipad dramas can be paused but no, im the maid!

Sommore MOTHER'S DAY I toast bread and made milo for him ... not the other way round meh!!! 
I willing do so if its been ask nicely, not demanding like a maid!!!! >(   #sopissed

He ask me to call unifi and ask how long more the contract for taming, WHY CANT HE CALL IT HIMSELF??? how hard to call 100 and press BAHASA MALAYSIA??


Night time BIL ask to join for dinner, since I didnt go back seremban to celebrate with my mum, and so we went.. I took out my ipad for bell, but I played a bit of games first before passing to bell, and he can sternly warn me not to play such things there???? is it illegal to play games?? Its cooking dash!!! WTF? He read his soccer news can???

and the whole dinner he is so pissed looking.. he didnt even want to order food!


We cannot talk nice conversations anymore, its either he turn the topic to make it his point, or just annoy/irritated I've talked.

What have I done wrong???

I told him I need to go times square and he can forget about it and wanted to yumcha with a property agent, then I was just telling him there is a nice new cafe open near us, we shall go visit it sometime and he got pissed WTF

In the end I go Times Square didnt get my things, I have to accompany him to buy his slippers WTF


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Random wechat FLIRTERS WTF

How should I start... I am pissed..

This is not the first time. Caught him once wechat FLIRTING with the china masseuse (but from the conversation the masseuse just want business, since he is not in China = no biz = no layan... ) fine~ i kept quiet

(googled: and if hangky panky happen in massage center, heavy fine and passport blacklist if caught *thumbs up*)

I noticed something weird these two days.. he will quickly close the chat when he saw me approch.. like hiding something.. Although its written in Chinese, I am sure they are not talking business.. :(

So choice: Ignore or check. Ignore it as a normal chit chat. Perhaps he want to destress.. As long as he brings in the meat and not get caught by me... ignore.......................

But... I cant do it..

"Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit" Normal chit chat now.. Yes random person(but FEMALE!).. who knows later chat till enter the head, flirting become infatuation and they plan to meet up?  What happen next? And who knows where is the location of this chatters? He have to work outstation every month.. few outstations.. and overseas trips.. his brother who follows him overseas may or may not know about it. And just say if it happens and BIL knows and dont tell me how???? Who knows where he will meet some random strangers and till what extend? hotel rooms is not expensive nowadays... I've seen much true stories.. Say outstation but actually gone holiday with lovers, or lovers follow along in business trips.

Prevention is better than cure~~ there no cure for this anyway..

You see, we are in a business. But we are not rich. When you have more income, you wanna live better, you want a better car, a better house, better school for the kids.. better food, better clothes and shoe to be on par with the business "expats". But because we are in business, its it is always better to be safe and have some backup of $ and so, entertainment towards me and the kids is lesser(i mean expensive holidays) and his reason is "gotta work or else no income".. "gotta keep some $ cos economy is low" "kids is still too young to travel far"

I trust him, I pitied him, I made myself to save...But what if those "extra" income is used to entertain lovers?

I regret everly forever.

I help him to work with low pay. Yes, I have no commitment, and he brings in the meat. But low pay really makes me insecure. And I dont have much savings to survive... What if D day suddenly comes (touch wood)?? but what if? How do I survive when I cant even afford to buy a house?

What job am I capable of?? Everything have to be restarted.. and you need lotsa $$ and support to do so isnt it?

So free to chat with random strangers, why not help me with the house chores? Wash the clothes/fold the clothes and clean the dishes and mop the floor la! Why should I be the one doing it?

And he wanna win over this situation!! Like I dont know his strategy already!

he was like "why cannot just chat with friends is it?"


Means if I quietly allow him to chat with friends, means its a green light to continue "random chatting" ????

So if he does that, can I random chat with guys randomly too?? No? And he said I also no give him face and chat with guys..


To double confirm, I checked my whatsapp.. WM is elaine's husband, who needed to rant his feeling about elaine.

CY is someone else husband too! And cos he said he got pass by the office so he want to invite me lunch, which I have declined.

JW just wished me for bday and CNY..


98% of my chat are how, wanna say im LESBIAN Mou??????!!!!

Who is trying to phyco who now??

bloody asshole!!

I am going to koh samui, and I am spending his money. Who cares!