Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cant wait for the next pay day...

What? I really broke mar! Some more have to pay those insurance and unit trust mummy made me (to control my spending wtf) and cos last month I skipped cos I really have no cash at all with me so I have to double it up this month lor.. T___T

ergh.. im so bored here.. going LA tomorrow.. what shall I do in LA? I wanna go Chinatown and get some ginseng.. lol! You know American ginseng and Korean ginseng is different? Korean Ginseng is called "Kou lai sam" while the Americans are actually "Fah Kei Sam" which... I have no idea which is which for.. I might even mistaken both of it.. lol! Anyway.. Alison is always like that, see people buy she also wanna "gedik" and go get some.. hmm..

Waiting for my raspberry in farm town to be ready for harvest.. hmm.. what shall I plant next? Cabbage? carrot?

gosh im really addicted to Fb lately I can stare at it for hours!!

Tool looking chocolate I got from Frankfurt last month..
I was so bored at home one fine day and decided to finish the whole box by myself.. ^_^

Hammer... who needs knocking on the head?

Plier.. for squeezing out those black heads I have...

ouch.. this is an ugly pic... really.. but who cares..
im B-O-R-E-D!!!

Yeah can tighten the screws inside me first.. im going nuts real soon....

Fine tuning the frequency...

Ok, I've revealed me in geeky spec.. but.. who cares again.. my spec is pretty.. of course, cant compared to some one's PRADA's.. hmph!

:D happy cos I ate chocolate...

nom nom nom...

Ok I know you're bored too... otherwise.. you wont be bothered to read my boring blog. boo hoo...
im going back to FB.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Muse of the day

While in the lift earlier, 2 foreigners ran in just in time before the door closes. The lift was already full, and both of them being big size, couldnt turn around after entering (so they were facing us inside instead of facing the door).

Guy 1, really stuck in the middle, told guy 2 who was behind him,

"Awww.. I just love seeing everybody in the lift!"

if you get what they mean.. its funny.. if you dont get it, read till you get it!!! :P

Anyway, as promised, few pics of how I surprised bf that night... ;)

2 mousse cake "seludup" all the way from Korea, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice wtf...

Haha.. I wanted to get a small cake but some how that day all the cake the shop made wasn't what I wanted.. And I was thinking only the two of us, and by the time I reach KL its already late, doubt we can finish the whole cake.. So I choosed these 2 cups instead... For the sparkling juice... Well.. I thought to make the picture perfect, there must be a champange-looking-bottle there right.... haha.. :P

Boyfriend was really surprised... this is just his pose..

I was carrying the 2 cakes in a duty-free bag... in front of boyfriend all the time.. hoping he will not ask or take a look at what I "bought". Once reaches home, I was squeezing on ideas how to bring the bag and sparkling juice(which I put inside my luggage) to the living room and light the candle without him suspecting..

Whlie he went to the loo, I quickly sneak everything into the duty free bag, including lighter i found on the table.. :)

I acted like im going for a shower, so I have to also remove all my make-ups.... which you'll see later why am I bare faced.. hmm.. :-/

Boyfriend came back in and.. really.. not suspecting anything, went to switch on his laptop and went on facebooking.. So I kinda make myself look busy coming in and out and in one of the moment, I snucked the bag out as well.. :D

I quickly set up everything and turn off the light, came back into the room acting cool and search around on how to get him out from the room..

Then I saw my black scarf, I covered his face, made him stand up and walk out.. As it was already 11.30pm++, he never expected any celebrations today, (and he thought to celebrate the next day) so he was kinda annoyed like "what the heck am I doing" until the scarf slipped off and he saw the candle... :D

You need to imagine the moment of happiness on his face before we kissed before he kissed me.... hehehehe :P

And erm also imagine these two cup are actually wine glasses.. cos there's no wine glass in a rented house and we have to make do with two big pig mugs wtf... :P

Me taking picture of boyfriend and him taking me... Look at my nude face!! >_<
Popping "champange"


Picture together...
Well, that all.. :) gotta go sleep..

Monday, July 20, 2009

A blessing in disguise or what is it?

I was dragging to fly this flight of Sydney and Frankfurt, which took a duration of 12 days (instead of the normal 6-7 days) especially in between that 2 flight, its me and boyfriend's 1st anniversary... Like finally we are 1 year together but are separated miles away?

I tried applying leave for our special day, especially on the 18th, Manchester United is in Malaysia for Asia Tour and boyfriend, a hard core supporter of the MU, had bought us 2 tickets to watch it. (He want to brain wash me to love MU too, and he said such tours hardly come by...) But sadly, the company was waaaaaay earlier than me: a memo telling us the summer season is the busiest time and therefore NOBODY are allowed to have their annual leave cleared for July and August... sigh..

Since nothing can be done, we thought we will just celebrate after my flight, where I was supposed to get 5 days off.. (yiipeeee!!) But then....

During the return flight from Sydney to Korea, my passenger, sitting in my duty zone... got a confirmed H1N1.... Frankfurt trip is canceled, I get to go home for a home quarantine of 4 days... (and they reminded me to not do check ups in Korea, just in case I got it and got stuck in Korea - I have no problem with that, but the company dint want to cos they'll have to pay for my every hour there wtf... )

YAY!! though Im missing the MU match, I still get 1 hour left to celebrate with boyfriend!! :D

Though by that, I'm missing a big pay from Frankfurt trip. Being in debt with my saving accounts, a part of me dint really want to get canceled off from nice flight. And also surely the 5 days off will be canceled and changed to some other place.. sigh.. I wonder where are they sending me to fly to? Will it be hectic to cover up the amount to Frankfurt? Or is it gonna be a new destination? hehe.. Gyna said maybe they gonna throw me to a quick turn over Japan... :P *crossing my fingers*

Oh, for those who are concern with my health, Im perfectly fine. No symptoms of H1N1.. :P

So, here I wonder, was it a blessing in disguise or some bad luck for not able to go Frankfurt?

I surprised boyfriend that night! :D Shall blog more later, after im settled with the next unknown flight... *gulp*

Update: Haiya... fly to korea on 23rd and then return on 25th only... cheh... thought can go Japan tim~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Papa's Day

I've decided to COOK for father's day.. Garfield's fav, Lasagna...

Although... Daddy kinda prefers the Chinese food.. :P Bought all my ingredients all the way from Frankfurt... So it shall be extra delicious.. lol...

So, to make Lasagna, you'll need:

Lasagna pasta..

Cheese and Cream.. I choosed Mozzarella cos its my fav.. :P

And... of course.. Lasagna mix..

Like duh... you expect me to do everything from scratch? Well that's not a problem, considering hundreds of recipes to make Lasagna online.. But its time consuming and have to get more raw ingredients..

For me, I just need chicken fillet...

Of course, I've already minced it here as you see. :)

Me, and my out-of-shape-cos-its-machine-washed home clothes.. mincing the meat.. :P

And had it cooked in the pot with some corn-oil.

Corn oil is so good I tell you... Its healthy, less cholesterol... and it dint make my whole kitchen oily and stuffy.. Its a rule at the Lam's house (actually Mrs Lam's rule) to mop and CLEAN the whole bloody kitchen everytime we cook, especially something oily... That's why im doing less cooking nowadays.. Im trying to avoid cleaning.. And somehow, after cooking using the corn-oil.. the floor is just as clean as before.. Not my judgement ok (mummy always think Im a dirty and cincai person) but mummy said so.. :D

Yay! no need to mop floor!! haha!!

Im so using ONLY corn-oil for my cooking in the future..

Ok back to Lasagna.. After adding some amount of water into the cooked meat, I added in the pre-mixed sauce...

like this..

And stir..

Oh, I thought the sauce look empty.. so I added in some canned mushrooms that I've cut into chunks..

And prepared a Lasagna "bowl"

That was actually a baking pan.. Well, after buying everything only I remembered I dont have a dish to put lasagna into and is bake-proof.. I was about to buy a dish when I saw the baking pan inside the oven.. hehehe.. Luckily the pasta was a small size otherwise I really have to get a dish and my home made lasagna would have cost more that a lasagna in pizza hut. -__-

Laying the sauce in between the pasta sheets..

Like this.. 6 layers of pasta..

And finally, to sprinkle on cream and cheese..

Haha, I was suppose to put on each layer of pasta sauce, cream and cheese but then I mis-read the instruction (which was deutch that I translated online) and only had the cream and cheese on the top. Which... was also kinda better... consdering every layer have cheese and cream this meal is really really high in cholestrol, calories and FAT... *gulp*

And bake for 30 minutes in a 180 celcious pre-heated oven.. :)

End of baking..
Yummyz..... :P *slurp*

Imagine 5 of us (daddy, mummy, sis, bro and me) only had this for dinner..

We are such a small eaters!! This was supposed to be a meal for TWO(2)!! I wanted to make a full course with starter and soups but mummy boiled soup.. lol! Western pasta and Chinese soup!!

Indian mango for dessert?

Anyway.. I know its late...WAAAAAY too late.. but to those daddies out there...

Happy Father's Day ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sushi Zanmai OneUtama

Nah, another food blog..

All pictures AGES ago.. sigh.. what to do, im suddenly in the urge to blog, so I dig back all the older pictures lor..

Haih forgot to bring camera.. as this was a last minute decision to have Japanese... all pics from the handphone camera.. a bit lesser in quality.. :P

The wet tissue

The menu book

The couple..... *love*

The platter we just took from the moving belt...

The Wasabi

Which was then mixed into this normal platter of sushi...

The owner of this blog posing with the pre-eaten sushi...

Which was dipped into the wasabi and its stinging her nose T_T

The Ice Blended Melon-Green Tea

Which the blogger aka me, posing with...

The Rolls boyfriend wanna have...

The California Rolls: Ikura, Negitoro, Kani Ebikko

Also fed his girlfriend... :P

Soft Shel Crab I wanna have... Softshell crab is also my favourite among jap food ;)

In real, which were cut into halves and smaller in size...


Ikura Chawanmushi that I ordered

So... Ikura means those fish eggs? I see.. Do you know these fish eggs are actually the "caviar" of Japan? Or so I heard.. :P

Feel free to correct me if im wrong?

Chawanmushi, steamed egg with mushroom and seafood inside..

There was once I love chawanmushi so much I bought a Japanese recipe book just to know how to make it. -__-

Stupid. I know.. Never thought to search the internet first for recipe.. sigh..

I dont like Chawanmushi anymore.. :(

Wasabillar roll

Boyfriend posting with the Wasabillar Roll... hehe..

Which the roll was placed not as close/as much as the one in the pic.. but what to do.. everybody knows menu always looks nicer... hmm.. *shrugs*

Hotate Teriyaki

Which was... yummy...

Sometimes I think im too influenced by movies.. I ordered this because suddenly I remembered Pumpkin in Memoirs of Geisha kinda picked that up from the road while running to Geisha school wtf.. -__-

But then while typing this I remembered she said something like "mikimate" or something like that..

Why I remembered? Cos I watched geisha like 5-6 time (and still haven't get over it, thanks Steven Speilberg)

Acting candid camera.. like stealing a hotate to eat and got caught.. lol..

about 80% to finishing all of em..

Okay.. im happy I blogged.. :D