Friday, August 20, 2010

MIL went to her friend hse to stay.. Till Sunday.. Knowing I can't cook for her sons yet.. She made sure she cooked dinner @ 1pm so by nite I only need to boil rice n heat up the meals...

But I dunno what happen to me today, I tot having experienced to boil rice for so many years, it's a sap sap Sui thing ady today. Mayb I dint boil rice for a long time, or it's d weird thick pot cooker, or different rice.. My rice today became DRY PORRIDGE.. T_T too much water!! And I tot like hse's cooker, I turn off the switch after 30 mins.. But d rice dint cook well. And mr lee was this extremist choosy fella in rice texture AND hates porridge. Summore those dried porridge kind.. He dint even wanna eat it. In the end, i hav to steam for him a fresh bowl of rice.. N not sure how much he can eat n just in case I made more mistakes. I only steam a bowl.

Succeeded, I hav to steam another for his lil bro.. T_T dencos of that, dinner was delayed to 9pm n Henry kinda emo liow.. I dunno my fault or what? Sigh..

And just these little things I did, touched lots of water. My fingers skin kinda peeling ady!! How am I to bear to cook n b vain in d future? Must b like Candice not cook n eat out ady!!!

On another note of d day, reformatted my laptop today n checking out those pages I bookmarked n found this model blog.. Sigh I envy her! Not caused by her modelling skill but her photography n design skill!! So creative. Confirm another TOA. I do regret not insisting mummy to send me to TOA! Regret! I can't go back to studying now. Can I? Imean who's supporting me in my education n cost n also my living and pocket money? Henry is definately not d 1... :(

trying to search newspaper n jobstreet n look for suitable career paths but yet to find something.. Or perhaps it's an excuse I gav my self in starting anew.. Sigh.. Life dilemma.. Partly drag to fly back.. But dunno what can I do.. Need to strengthen my portfolio if I ever wanna step back to designing world.. Having been rusty after so long. 1 way or another I am giving a lot of reason for myself for can't work. I dint even bothered to update my resume n print it out.. And transport problem la.. Bla bla bla.. Argh!!

oh well.. Here's for tonight. I pour my hearts out to u... No 1 to talk to.. Mai blog lor.. That was wat I was last time when I was lonely n single.. See I stopped blogging after knowing Henry for sometime. Cos I found some1 else to talk to n to fill my time with..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

O rite!!! Im MARRIED!! Wedding dinner done, visiting popo-in law and give tea for her also done.. even booking for 10.10.10 is done...

do I feel im married? erm.. not yet though.. I feel like the marriage thingy havent hit me yet.. -__-"

I mean, b4 marriage I am ady overnight-ing with henry at his hse in sg long... just that now im sleepin in a nicer room... lol.

I only need to wash my own clothes now.. and some dishes.. i think im not gonna get my hands too involved into cooking.. just trying to learn the basic now.. i mean if i learn them now, i mai hav to cook for every1 soon???

Better stay away... show true colors b4 too late.. heheheheh...

I havent done any sweeping/mopping other than my room.. but hey. im only official here like 1 week only mar...

The only thing I start too feel beh tahan is MIL constant talking.. she dont nag me... yet.. but her yakking kinda tick me at times.. esp when I bancuh nescafe 3-1 to drink.. she'll say 3-1 no good.. drink more boleh kena C... den intoduce me to sachet coffee where I need to add self milk n sugar 1.. -____- aigoo... everytime see me bancuh also say the same thing.. i dunno when she gonna annoy me.. SIGH!!

Den I know its for my own good, but stopping me from drinking ice drinks!!! How old am I excuse me? Like in pahang that time so damn 7 hot weather, and there's no ice drinks in d fridge, nor sweet stuff.. kinda like a jail man.. and i was there for only 1 night! gosh.. and we went dinner and i wanted ice for my chinese tea and there she said i shouldnt drink so much ice! In front of EVERYBODY!! how humilating i feel!! I mean, dah la im d youngest adult there! and got "sound" like that in front of everyone when my cuppa ice arrived! How do I react, ask d waitress to take it back? Or like I did I said I bloody hot and henry feels i acted childishly???

And 2 kids in front of me drank ORANGE JUICE! I know its not her kids/grandchildren so she dint say anything! but telling me off in front of everyone kinda humilates me!!! and henry sides her! T_T

Im kinda worried what she gonna do when I have kids in the future T_T

Like my case is still minor.. but I truly understands why mummy insist we shall never stay with MIL... sigh...