Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51 Birthday Malaysia...

Happy Merdeka!!!



And im in Korea...

And I have Atlanta flight in 10 hours!!

waking up in 5 more hours!!

Hurray!!! T____T

Shall blog bout Mei's 18th birthday when im back from the trip, HAVE to go to sleep now or i'll suffer tomorrow..


Saturday, August 30, 2008


I hate the day i need to fly from KL to Seoul. Somehow that very day the time speeds triple! And on this very day, every single time, I feel like I have lots to do but havent done yet. And then...


its 7.30pm and I need to take a nap before getting ready for the midnight flight.

Been in this line for ONE YEAR! and been extremely busy every single time before this very flight. I dont know why!

I'll then wish i have more time at home, more time to do what i need to do. wish I dont need to fly, i dont want to fly dy.. even when I get that lucky 7 days off, that day where im suppose to fly im still extremely busy with lots to do. argh!

Anyway.... frustration aside, anyone interested in blinging / zhng your gadget? like how I did mine:

or the famous xiaxue did to her phones, and nintendo? zhng your laptops, psp, mobile phones, cameras, keys... etc?

Well... I found someone selling the crystals online and they claimed its from japan... or that japan trend? well I doubt we can find pretty crystals, pearls and clay flowers here in malaysia so here, check out this link

I had actually ordered some.. pretty much actually but not enough to get that wholesale price (rm800 above) and she currently only gave me 5% discount!

I want more discount!!!

So here i am asking anyone interested in getting some gems to bling anything you want. choose what you like in that site, tell me and I add it on to my purchase. Combined purchase saves postage and more discount!! hehehe..

bling bling!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


F..... (not allowed to swear or boyfriend will "kiss" me... hehe)

TWO Atlantas!!

Frankfurt again!!

only 3 days off in between trips!!!

WTF...................... T___T

I feel like so many things to do but so little time... I drag Atlanta 14 hours flight time. Though I miss visiting Victoria's Secret. Been months I went to one (cos none in Hawaii)

I wanna save $$
I need new laptop
I need massage
I want to go holiday

I also wanna change my blog background..

craps.. leave me alone... i wanna sulk..

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Aint have anything special to take at all this frankfurt trip but anyways gonna show you the pics my purser took during the previous Heideberg trip.

Yes he finally email it to me. with an apology..

but den he wasnt that pro anyway.. or maybe im not the pro one.. but some pic he took i look fat. i mean, not only me but the senior also looked widened// -__-

so here goes.. pictures!!

on the way to heidelberg - and having cherries..

and having cherries

promoting korean biscuits wtf

How come I have that biscuits with me? Well, this trip was a sudden one. I was planning to stay in the room so i brought all the food like biscuits, snacks etc. So if i dont finish them in frankfurt i'll have to carry the heavy load back to korea. So I brought all my snacks along with the trip. And I kept taking out varieties of biscuits and chocolates to eat so my senior said i have a survival kit with me wtf -____- (KE crew read: survival kit in slide raft) -___-

i actually like the lighting he created. i feel peace..

still having the biscuits..

i should have pose better here but .. hmm..

checking the pictures I took in my phone (cos i dint bring my camera)

"ok in 15 minutes we'll meet in the red light there where we came earlier"

thats all folks!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fuck stingy people

Fuck laaa..

I dont think i have a business mind.. and now not only im spending extra, im also losing money in "investing"..


I've just missed a point when i was surveying what should i try to make money on.

I heard a few person said a lot Malaysians are eyeing on Coach bags nowadays. And we did discussed investing a few to try make a little $$

but............. i forgot............


try selling things online. you upload ONE photo. they ask to see more photos. then they ask dozens of questions. they ask for measurements so you have to take that item you are selling out and measure and email them the measurements. then you excitedly answered them thinking they are the potential buyer. THEN, they ask for nego. lower price.

ask them how much they expect. they gave a RIDICULOUS PRICE. WAAAAAAAAAY lower than the cost price before tax and charges im SUPPOSED to charge for bringing it all the way home. AND I HAVENT PUT IN PROFIT


posted on web: a coach swing pack/sling bag
asking price: rm450 waaayy cheaper than the one in COACH STORE KL.
written on post: 100% authentic from USA with receipts to prove bla bla bla
first question I get: is it really authentic?? -_____-
my answer: yes i have receipts to prove. ;)
2nd q: where you buy it? -_____________-
I PATIENTLY answered: to be exact, Honolulu Hawaii, waikele outlet.
3rd q: oic... CAN NEGO -___________________________-
i answered: what are you offering??
she answered: erm 300?? O_________________________O
i answered: haha! sorry babe that price is waaaaay lower than my cost price! how bout 420?

havent reply since.

WHAT THE FUCK WEI... not interested or not your FUCKING budget TELL LA! i'll just cursed u in my heart. not gonna eat or sue you for asking so many fucking question!!!! worse i might answer "oh really?? :( its ok.. next time then" POLITELY

then I notice some other user selling coach bag too. and there i saw her asking that seller again for the best price.








*this is an emo post. bear with my rudeness and anger or whatever fuck. i never said im a polite person. but i know im not stingy. thus i never get to save money. serve me right. so sue me! but let me fuck u first!! *

update: im waiting for the new schedule and hoping with my fingers crossed that i have another hawaii flight next month so i can return everything. what i like about USA. but i still lose on transportation and time.


i hate business. im gonna work forever with a stable income or marry a fucking rich husband and sit at home and rot.

and why do i have a bad feeling that no more hawaii next month??

im gonna be fucking broke.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hawaii - Trip 4

the copper man

i think this guy was the same as the newspaper man.. he does have pretty much costume huh..

the red horizon

landing in 5 minutes... you can actually see a little land already.. :)

met up with my colleague where we had dinner in cheese cake factory..

by the way - we saw this big big bike parked next to the restaurant! I did notice there are several parts of the area where only Big Bikes are allowed to park.. wow..

And we have to wait to go to the restaurant like 45 minutes!! They gave us a buzzer so we can go walk around and return when the buzzer buzz! O_o

the big five pizza

and angel hair seafood pasta..

actually had dinner with Donna but she refused to take a pic while the pics i took of myself doesnt look nice so... only useless pics here... :P

the next day gone to the outlet in waikele again, this time the main aim is to get some stuff for the boyfriend..

Pearl Harbour peek-a-boo

and my pick up truck stopped at pearl harbour to pick up some tourist.. so i just managed to snap a shot like this. and its already boring to me. on my right there's a road to the marine museums.. like i said.. no museums for me please..

and me waiting for the truck after some ENORMOUS shopping..

And flaunting my new polo cap :D

While at night, as I was not gonna meet up any colleague, I went to shop around my hotel area-hot tourist spots..

And went to this swim wear shop to try on some bikinis.. :D

some of my bikini for tryouts

just a lil sneak peak - cos if i post all of them, boyfriend gonna kill me..

haha.. jk..

nah although the swim suit is pretty, it did not flaunt my fat waist! :(


see how pretty the gold buckle is!! T____T

I actually saw this suit from this magazine and went to search for the shop - which is just a few blocks from the hotel..

look how nice the model looks.. sigh...

i was also looking for this but they dint have it in the store.. :( how sexy...

anyway.. both this suits isnt cheap -____-

total buy this trip.. :P

i dunno how laa... T____T

Anyway.. I bought some Coach bags from the outlet.. thought im gonna try selling it here.. who's interested?? :p

Coach Stripe Signature Wrislet

Coach Signature Small Wrislet

Coach Bleecker Signature Swingpack

Coach Heritage Stripe Swingpack Brown

Coach Heritage Stripe Swingpack Pink

well.. ask me for more - or visit my post here ;)

continue to show you what other helpless stuff i bought:

this pretty bikini from Juicy Couture!

this is my very very first item i ever bought from juicy.. and i think im starting to get addicted!! :(

also a week supply of cute girl's briefs!!

Juicy Monday - Couture Tuesday - Royal Wednesday - Preppy Thursday - Live for Friday and Sugar - Viva La Saturday - Sweet Sunday

I had thoughts to sell it but then i found some post some where selling it waaay cheaper than the price i bought!! did I bought i at a higher price or what?? hmmm.. well of course I do hope theirs are fakes.. hmph!!

So might be planning to use it for myself - one day.. hmm.. when im ready to open a week of RM200 worth of 7 panties... T______T

next - 2 water beds - blue and pink - cos they selling so cheap in Hawaii.. :D

and finally - my Polka Dot Bikini!! hahaha

"she wore a itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow white-polka-dot-bikini"

Im so ready for my next water/island trip :D

Friday, August 15, 2008

One year old baby..


alleyeonally is ONE YEAR OLD today!!!


Momma is proud of you...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everland with my tunggi~

Finally! another wanted to do list slashed... but added more.. haha..
Had the same day off with Soo, so we decided to go to Everland - Korea largest theme park. As we heard it takes bout 2 hours to reach, we woke up early for the trip. [O.o]

as early as 6.30am in the morning

where the sky is not even bright enough yet...

Took the bus to Gangnam, Seoul where all the jams and most buses stops. Takes about 45 to 1hour to reach from Incheon Airport.

Damn jam.

We were stuck in traffic for half an hour. But one thing I like about Korean traffic in Seoul. They have BUS ONLY lane where buses can fly thru a big part of the jam. And no cars will try to sneak in for short cut. UNLIKE KL....

Then we waited for the next bus to Everland. A 45 minutes trip.

that bus 5002. but look at where we are from the queue!!!

Soo and me were innocently waiting in the bus stop as instructed. Thus we were so happy when the bus came........ until we say a whole lot of people gushing to go up the bus!

Then we thought we shall act like we dont know there's a queue and cant understand a single korean and try to cut queue. But they keep calling us "cheogi cheogi.. queue blablabla" something like "hey you hey you there's a queue/please queue" sigh...

We have to follow the rules and queue and waited for the 3rd round of bus before boarding. Luckily the intervals were 5-8 minutes each...

the couple sitting in front of us who were arguing most of the time. Mostly the girl dont know what so unhappy kept nagging there..... and hitting the bf.. [O.O] I believe she made noise for 15 minutes! with everyone sitting behind her, standing next to them watching... -____-

then just as we reach everland, she hit the bf again!! I was late taking picture but these is what I got. In the end they walked separately.. -___- if fight please dont go everland la.. stay home and fight ok!!

Queuing to enter

I had my umbrella ready for raining purposes.

And it did rain!! Drizzle a lil..

Trying in some hairbands there.. Like Lotte World, hairbands like these are selling everywhere!

Maybe I should be a bunny??

Nah I wanna be princess today... ;D

Princess Ally...


Lady Soo

Princess Ally...

First game: Hurricane

That thing that swing and spin. But I prefer the newer one in Lotte World..

More S-Y-I-O-K...

Next game: Championship Rodeo

Where we sit in a spinnable car and that thing spins and spins!

Pirate ship!

It is called Columbus Adventure... It was still early when we were there so they dint operate both the ship. which goes side by side and swing at each other's direction..

that stall guy trying to show off his skill at opening coconuts.

I think monkey does better...

It cost us KRW4000 (RM 13) each. Dint even taste as sweet as Malaysia's.. sigh... what to do.. we were thirsty...

Some colorful building from Aesop Village

Queuing for kiddy Racing Coaster in Aesop Village

Getting bored queuing

Really! Each game we have to queue like half an hour for our turn! So sien!! We were at Everland from 11am - 7pm. Total games played: 7


in 8 hours!!

What happen?????

Never ever go theme parks during summer. all you do is QUEUE.

Water spritzing from Soo's mouth!!

Hey me too!!! Magic!!

I wan play that one!!!

Wet Zone.

Where everyone plays with water. Either wetting their clothes of wearing raincoats..

Fun fun fun.

No we dint play. just watch. cos we dint bring extra clothes. But that dint stop me from buying a water gun at KRW10000 (rm33) -____-


Now im planning to go Sunway Lagoon. Care to join?? :D

Some heck of a clown face...


Four Seasons Garden
I was trying to jump here -____-

I dint take this pic. Soo did.. -___- hamsap ah Soo..

Im more hamsap. Did you see what im trying to touch?? ehehehehe...

I want to be a kid and play with water like this.. :(

So damn hot and humid we have to buy ourselves cute fans!!

And bubble guns... :D


Queuing for Flume Ride

Another 45 minutes hot queue. Till I go crazy..


Snap snap before dropping down the slide!

I like water logs ride in Korea. Both Lotte and Everland. Water wont really splash till we are soaking wet. They either have shield or something so water wont splash that much.


So you wont be sitting in wet seats. Unlike genting.

My Blueberry ice shaving..

Game of Flash Pang Pang.

For kiddo. But it's so cute we decided to try it.

it goes up and down like this.

Watch the vid:

Big merry-go-round. Nah.. we were too old for it.. haha

Lunch. something similar to KFC

Princess must bite politely.. :P

Grrrr!! I'll stratch you!!

Please dont knock my head!!


Water show!!

Faries dancing to the music.

guard controling people from rushing closer..

Watch the vids:

Nope.. I dont know what are they saying either.. just watch... but if you do notice.. after the smoke is a little over.. you can see the roller coaster behind dropping down from its highest peak.. woooooo... i want go play!! have to queue 40 minutes thats why i skip, cos ah soo dont wanna go with me.. :(

Fake tattoo..


Watch the vid:

ok im still afraid to do the real one. not afraid of the pain.. but the consequences. And Im not rich enough to do removal..

Some swans swam by..

monkey hug...

Beary Soo..


Soo got bored while queuing for safari world. 45 minutes again!!

Les- with dolphin the fan.

Lioness sleeping..

damn fierce

my kind...

bear bear!

can walk one leh! so near!

Watch the vid how he snack from the bus driver:

this look like boyfriend when he's sleeping.. haha..

another bear..

this is her "sexy" pose.. haha

bear who clap his paws..

another ride. but we skip it.

Cos it takes a F***king 50 minutes!!

Another show

Parading in costumes in fantasy world.

Double Rock Spin ride.. spin and spin and spins you!

Dint play this time cos ah Soo dint wanna go. While I went for another "Lets Twist" ride. Another wild spinning machine, Soo went watch this:

Street dancing..

Not bad.. got guailo leh..

Fuh yo!!

This is the most handsomest korean guy i've seen.. So hard to take his pic.. Aint he handsome/cute?

Princess Ally let her hair down.. haha..

Ok!! have to rush home cos last bus to airport (where my hotel is) is 9pm. Miss the firework show.. hmm.. nevermind... I'll be sure to be back!!

Everland... WAIT FOR ME!!!

Next time, I come with someone who plays like me... T____T

I *heart* Everland..

rating 10/10