Monday, March 30, 2009

Sydney - Trip 2

Like I said earlier, planning is to visit the zoo and see koala bears... And the nearest zoo is a mini one called "WildlifeWorld" in Darling Harbour...

A day view of Darling Harbour... with a odd peace pose.

I wanna to just stand and pose but thought it would be too dull, so just in time to poke 2 fingers out before the camera clicks.

Paid AUD 22.50 (got a crew discount) for the entrance ticket.

too see a lazy alligator tanning itself...

I kinda skipped the beginning part of the zoo cos its all showcases/display of insects and snakes and things eerie I dont like..

except a statue? of a giant lizard... and the photo is blur... :(

I dont understand why? Whenever I help someone to take picture, and results is good, at least, not blur and has proportion... but when other people help me with taking pictures, they tend to be blur, too far, not focused, in proportion... why like that?

im acting im "scared" of the lizard.. blurry photo again!!!

Another type of lizzie.. Climbing up the rocks

By this time, I have once again forgotten most of the names of the animals or reptiles.. bare it with me...

And now..........


there were 5 koalas there, but all sleeping..

like no head

but actually just hiding its head...

Then I think it sense me taking its picture, it stirred and look at me... :D

So I quickly snap a pic with it.. though its a bit too far and the sun is too shinny.. and another bad proportion picture... :-/

As soon as I snapped this picture, he turn back his head to sleep, and my colleague dint get to take... haha...

Dead asleep

You know what, Koalas sleep for 20 hours a day, and the other 4 hours are used to eat. then they sleep again!

And there was this ancient story in Australia on how Koala came by:

Long long time ago, Koalas are giants. They are really big size, and love to sleep beside the river and eat from the eucalyptus tree around the river.

Boy A and boy B (name forgotten) are 2 mischievous boy. They like to take boomerangs and throw at the giant Koalas, and the Koalas will roll over and fall into the rivers. (Im not sure here wheater they drown or they can swim and climb back to the river bed) Their parents had warned them not to disturb the koalas or they will get rolled over by the giants but they never listen.

One day, they threw the boomerangs to the koalas. The boomerang then was swung to one of the eucalyptus tree, and both of them climbed the tree to get it back. As soon as they are on top of the tree, they turn into Koalas!!! Well, mini koalas..

Well, they were so scared that the giant koalas will come and get them (or roll over them), so they stayed on the tree never dared to come down. And eat eucalyptus leaves as food. So they sleep most of the time on the tree, never dared to come down.

Or something like that.. haha..

Heck, since this might be the one and only time im gonna visit the koalas, I might as well pay to take photo with them...

Just in time he's scratching his butt... -___-

ITS TRUE!! He is scratching its butt!! I was posing and trying to touch it a little and suddenly it woke up and... and..
scratch his butt.. -___________-

Me and Yao Qiong... China crew, junior.. so hard to pronounce her name.. -__-

And see? I PAID to take this picture, and yet the proportion is... sigh.. terrible.. shall I blame the photographer or have to be understanding that he's trying to shot us with that koala high up?? I choose to take the first choice.. hmph!

And I paid another AUD 22.5 for this! Its a AUD 44.5 package with 4 photos shot and 2 same pictures, a Cd and an opportunity to touch the Koalas. And both of us share the amount..

And you're not allowed to carry the koalas! What they do is after the photo shots, the guide showed us to a Koala at the back, sleeping among the bushes and we are ONLY ALLOWED TO STROKE THE BUTT.... with our back fingers... -__- Apparently they are wild koalas, and the only place where we are allowed to carry the koalas are in Queens (which I dont know where) cos they have like 30 koalas all take turns to sleep, eat and exhibit? And here they only have 12 koalas and are not sufficient to do so.. hmmm..

From above, we get to see some kangaroos..

And since its a mini place, its pretty much like a maze, go thru the night living thing before we meet the kangaroos again..

So this is a night thingy that I forgot the name..

And this is not a Joey, but a Wallaby.. smaller kind of kangaroos type..
and the whole field of kangaroos, they are actually all males, cos if there's ONE female there, all of them will fight for her..

Another photo I quite not like... :(

Then proceed to the birds.. and below are just my favourites so I took more of them.. :)

Trying to bite my fingers...

Biting Yao's camera pouch..

a row of them..

more kangaroos from a different angle..

And a cassowary...

wanna climb on top of it but its too high..

cute wallaby!!

and some thing start with W.. dont remember.. but same family as Koala bears.. walrus? ah, dunno..

Simply, there aint any other thing to pose for..

This is .. .. .. not an owl.. some birds that look like an owl.. but its not..

another Koala and its baby..


Oh well, end of zoo visit.. time to go shopping.. :)

haha, I dint go shopping!! :D I just got some dried abalones and scallops.. that cost me AUD100.. :(

Hope its all worth it! *imagine eating them*

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Nothing gets worse than this:

WARNING: Below contains disgusting post, please do not read before your meal!!




What happened:

If you poeple out there know me, I'll rather hold my pee (or poo) than to going into a public toilet. Well, today I cant.

Stomach ache.... reeeeaaaaally have to go..

So I was with boyfriend in a kopitiam in Pj, and I just threw (kinda threw, or pass) my bag to boyfriend and ran to the loo.. .(nearly ran laa..)

Wearing a skirt today, pretty lose...

So I quicky done my thing, and when I got up, my phone POOPED out of my pocket too!! Which I TERRIBLY REGRET WHY I DINT PASS MY PHONE TO BOYFRIEND AS WELL EARLIER!!! Considering my skirt is so F***ing LOSE!!!!!!!! $%^&##$&(^#!$*&




The disgusting part? I havent FLUSH the toilet yet.


When the phone dropped in, I kinda shouted "OH FU*K*!"

Then I saw it float up a lilttle!!

Hesitated like maybe 2 seconds.. (hello? there's shit in there???) picked it up..

Quickly remove the battery from the phone.. but I guess I was too late...



I did clean that phone before I come out and show boyfriend ok!! T_T

Wanna hear something more DISGUSTING?

You know, I have a Anna Sui Lipgloss hanging on my phone? Well, I cleaned the outside.. then boyfriend ask me if the inside also "kena"...

So I open the lid..




Threw the lipgloss away..


Boyfriend tried to open the whole phone to dry it and tried turning it on.. but to no avail.. :((


Have to bring it to the shop to fix.. possibly gonna charge a BOMB there..

The thing is, I never had such incident happened to me before! Normally I probably wear a tight jeans, or somehow the phone wont popped out like that.. heck.. I hardly go to a public toilet!! :( And and and.... this phone is SPECIAL!! Its a gift from boyfriend!! How could it be!! :(

Really really hope its fixable.. sigh.. :((((

p/s: Currently using boyfriend's other phone.. And I've lost most of my contacts, especially new ones, cos they are kept inside the phone memory cos no more space in my sim card..

So fellas, sms me your numbers k.. and dont forget to leave a NAME... sigh.. :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lay Chai's Wedding


Like finally im posting it up!!

Been waiting and waiting for photos for AGES!! I still havent get those professional shots by Lay Chai's cousin though.. So this post is still..... incomplete... very incomplete i feel... :( *sighs*

We (Gyna, Candice and me) started our journey to Pahang from KL, (where the wedding is) like 5am in the morning..

And meet up with the bride in the studio..

Doing her makeups and hair setting...

We never fail to camwhore too... hehehe...

We look so lesbian here dont we.. T____T And both of us wore purple!!

At the "temporary home" LC (short for Lay Chai cos Im too lazy to type) rented for the ceremony (cos her hometown is in Perak, this is her hubby's hometown)

The groom arrived, with his bouquet for her...

And the "game" started"

This is where i start to hate this post cos there aint sufficient pictures to show you the fun we had... :(

1st Game: idea by Gyna.... and me...
We prepared some disposable "panties" for the Grooms and his brothers to wear...

I *heart* SLC


And then, they are suppose to dirty dance with the panties on, and with the "LOW" music by Florida... (but the cd was not playable in our 1 and only cd player so we change to something else we had at hand) They are suppose to dance till the "sisters" sastifaction... :D

But then there were too shy to dance... hmmm...

We had them to shake their butts from left to right... :D

OMG my voice's so loud.. T___T

2nd Game: By me

The Groom and 2 other of his brother were to brush his teeth with japanese WASABI and gargle with soy sauce!! *ouch*

The groom feeling anxious to brush or not...

im so wicked aint I? hehehe...

3rd Game: Me also

Choosing the right envelope with the right key into the house...
Each envelopes contains key and the groom have to pay us sisters to get an envelope.. hahaha!!

4th game: Again by me... im so creative wtf...
To sing a love song till the bride says yes while doing the push ups.. (picture with LC's cousin)

And here, when the groom had danced, brushed his teeth with wasabi (and gargle with soy sauce ofcourse!), finally got the key to the gate, sang several love songs with push ups outside the room...

He said "Soo Lay Chai, lets go home... " :D

the joyous moment..


And we proceeded to the groom house for the tea ceremony...
Bride and groom got blocked again from coming down from the car, cos its the groom's real brother asking for a good angpau before willing to open the door... lol...


Now, the chinese customary is, during the tea ceremony, the bride and groom give tea to the eldery to drink as a respect and approval of their wedding from the eldery. The eldery will then said "emm... the tea is really sweet" (or something like that) to the newly wed and either give them gold accesories or red angpaus for joining the family...

*tea ceremony pic with LC's cousin as well :(*

then the bride groom's turn to receive tea from younger generations and giving angpaus...

And in the newly wed room, a red package will be placed with peanuts, fruits and stuff (im not sure what) and possibly a baby boy shall sit on their bed and play around/mess around the nuts and stuff so on this bed they shall have lots of children (baby boy to sit on the bed so they get more baby boys)

but there were no baby boy around that day, baby girl have to sit on their bed instead. so LC gonna get more girls... lol...

Then we went outside for some photoshoots.. where you can see im sweating profusely in this pic due to the hot weather.. :-/

LC can still make funny faces.. lol..

the group pic of the newly weds and their "sisters and brothers" - obviously our eyes cant open up under the scorching sun.. -____-

Back to the newlywed's room, where the groom is removing his bride's veil, which in chinese customary, to throw the veil onto the top cupboard or the room (im not sure why)

But maybe pahang's customs is to throw onto the top of the bed.. i dunno....

hehe.. I took a picture of a picture of my favourite picture from their wedding pictures.. hahaha..

and in between we have a few hours to kill before we need to be ready for the dinner, we went around the little mentakab town..

3 of us and Xiang. the groom's friend and a nice guy who bring us around. Sing K, and oldtown, driving around showing us some massage centers cos we said we feel like going for massage (we dint go in the end cos guess what, all overbooked!).. lol..

LC decided to postpone her makeup session for the dinner to have coffee with us in oldtown.. lol..

Dinner, 7pm

Us 3, with the newlyweds

sign on the guestbook as "KE BABES" lol...

And had dinner.. Dinner was great! Sorry no picture cos somehow no one took pictures of the food but all busy eating!!! So im gonna just describe what we had... you go imagine.. :P

-The cold meal (4-5 types of appertisers to start)
-The traditional shark' fin soup, with extra scallops, BIG ones...
-Duck meat & chicken with some sweet sour chilly sauce
-A mentakab specially fried fish (i forgot the name)
-A platter of veges and mushrooms
-the fried lotus rice
-And the delicious dessert of snow deer!! yumm!! (normally restaurants just open some cans of longans and sea coconuts for desserts)

if i did miss some other.. sorry la.. heheh..

And some cake cutting ceremony from the newlyweds,

along with some other games the mc did, including kissing for 100 seconds

And amazingly, fireworks sparkles when they were kissing...

and we sisters have to perform some singing in the public. Though I cant sing chinese song at all.. lol...

The brothers' turn..

Picture sessions..

Now, reason why we were being photographed so many times, cos those "brothers" were pretty excited that we are the stewardess.. these are not the only photo we pose for them.. they were MORE.. lol
Anyway.. it was late and we have to drive back to KL...
-Done LC's wedding-