Monday, July 11, 2011


I watched all the season finale of my favourite American dramas on Saturday... =D  (GG, OTH, DH... TVD ady watch) yeah I know I am so late to catch up but yeah I was that busy.... kinda...

I went back to Seremban finally, after near 2 months. Yes Seremban is near Kajang, but this is the only weekend I get to have Saturday and Sunday off.. ;) or just tad too lazy to go back cos I rather spend my only Sunday chillax... =P

Though I did not achive a 40 visits this 1-10th (some extra $ incentive if I do) but I kinda got no more mojo when I know the yellow rally will affect everywhere... :(

Yet this 2 days was just too short and not enough for me to start a layout scrapbooking or a little bit of knitting, I wanted to knit my own sun hat and some baby booties for Soo's new born baby girl~ can't wait for her to stop by KL and meet her... I hope...

Also didn't have the "time" to edit my Macau-Zhuhai-Shenzhen pictures.. (mostly Macau, cos I stoped taking pictures in mainland due to excessive window shopping and shopping =P

Mr Hubby went pms just now for I did my laundry late at night and ask him to help me to hang it up... He don't get it why I love doing laundry at night.. But I have my reason... the sun here is limited due to condo blocks so if I do my laundry early morning Im afraid it won't be dry enough by evening.... So doing laundry at night, the clothes are like 40% drier by morning... at least I done my laundry at night I don't have to wake up earlier to do it in the morning = more sleep...

And Hubby was like "why can't you do it in the weekend??" like hello, I have to work on Saturdays, and if Sunday I would love to got some sleep in than stressing to wake up by the alarm just to do laundry.. And these 2 days weather was a bit cookoo... I wanted to wash the bedsheets.. It's already 2 months and its starting to have.. "nice" smells.. =(  And I just can't only do laundrys on weekends? I might have to clean the room, do ironing (though thank goodness I din't have to this weekend) Not that I have maid to help me... >( and not that YOU will help... >( >( Mr.Un-appreciate!!

Anyway.. enough of complains about Mr Hubby.. time to sleep.. hope to be able to leave office early the whole next week and start editing picture to blog and post.. T__T