Saturday, August 27, 2011

I quit...

Yes.. I tendered my resignation letter.. Well.. Its not that I can't cope in that company... I just couldnt stand their culture there... As I have so far managed to score my target and have my outlets all pass 100%... except this month's Jusco BH outlet.. -__-.. (ok if u wanna count in my June's Lot10 outlet.. I have nothing to say..but I was new...) I even reach a 120CTR(customer turn-up rate) this month whereas my target is 90... ^_^  So... my reason of resigning?

1) I truly dislike that we in this dept. have to work 10-7pm on a Saturday.

2) There is no OT pay for working that long hours. My job description in contract is working hours 9-6pm or 11-8pm. Yet if you have morning shifts and leave on time, you get the "roll-eye" stare.. leave late, there is also no goodbyes from that manager who roll eyed you..

3) Cold calling - its fine... except I cant stand to lie just to make people come.. whatever the promo ends this week is fake. As long as there is respond to that promotion, the promo goes on...

4) Customers lie too. They just sounds like really interested to come for an appointment but then did not turn up, saying forgotten, emergency, lazy, busy, turn off hp, no answer... etc.. sick of it

5) Managerial position people are really ass-holes..(I have stories in that too) but then.. if they are not assholes, they won't be sitting there to command you today.. ;)

6) HQ consultant have to make minimum 70 cold calls a day. (Outlet 30 per day per person) Raya season: HQ 100, Outlet 60... crazy.. in 70 cold calls I made, 10 gets thru and listens to you, 2 fix an appointment, the rest would be no answer, network message, voice mail, hang up, pick up silent. You are lucky to not get scolded... In that 2 appointments you make, probably that 2 person will not even turn up or answer your call anymore after that.. or they keep postpone and refix that bloody appointment.

7) Due to Raya season, response is really low, due to a) people need to spend $ on celebrations  b) all balik kampung or puasa reasons.. So what they do when follow ups have all been called thru?(1 outlet have 3 outlet consultants, 1 HQ consultant.. and if that outlet couldn't achive their target, temp staff are being hired to back up. 1 old outlet may have 2000+ old datas. 4 consultants to make 250 calls a day, in less than a month, all datas have be called and recalled, making them "trash data".) Sometimes I do pity those people who sms in, as they will be bothered and annoyed for 1 whole year or more, unless they come for that appointment. Or, change numbers... After they come for appointment, they also get calls from skin consultants for that regular appointments... -___-

8)There is this system they created where all datas are only 1 years old, older than that, they will be exported out from system. When response is not enough, and target is not reached, system data have been "trashed", they exported some 2-3years ago numbers for us to call. Name them archived data. Now this is worse. in 100 calls I made, I get ZERO appointments.. but then my follow up calls are really high :)

9) Company's dirty culture. To hit 7million sales per month, those consultant made all kinds of dirty tricks to get $ from you; to hit sales target or "to close a sales" consultant must collect a minimum RM500 from you no matter what trick they use. So no matter how sincere I ask people to come for appointment, I promised them free first facial, next thing I get complains that to get that "free facial" they have to pay RM500 to be member; 1 bloody eye treatment cost RM430? RM9000 for 10 collagen-and-i-don't-know-what-else-in-it treatment?? Riddiculous! If you are just that strong and do not want to sign, you get "threaten" by bigger size consultants, then 2 more will come in, then later another manager will come in and ask rudely.. some said they lock the door and not let you out unless you pay some "deposit" Or said their package is today only offer and next time come back no more such offer, just to get you pay... sigh!

I could say I myself was a victim too... I went for a first trial in LWM for like RM20 6-7 years ago and the next thing I know after treatment I was being brain washed for package. When I couldn't afford, they asked for my atm card and start poking them into the machine and "extract" my savings out. Thank godness I was poor student and couldnt pay full amount! Till today I have RM1000 inside and still unused 8 treatments!! >(

NewsFLash! The boss n wife took a trip with a few top manegers/directors to Milan recently and the wife had spent SGD100000 (or was is 500000??) for branded bags! How we work our ass off and how lavishly they spent! Woohoo!

I would be really stupid for not leaving... yes unless my face is that damn thick!