Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recurrent Training

Really.. in a blink of an eye.. i've joined Korean Air for 1 year.. as every year, it is the company's rule and the aviation law, to attend classes, test in emergency situations and drills, to refresh our minds of what we had learned for emergency purposes...

1 Year!!

A year ago, we woke up as early as 5am (4am malaysia time) to get ready and go for training.

One year later, here I am, waking up at the same time for the one day training.

me and my newly cut fringe. damn it.. too short :(
i look soooo korean now :(

my outfit to training.

Gyna dressing up in black.

We took the bus as early as 6.30am to rush for our medical check up, where our blood and urine samples were taken, x-rays, eye, ears and health check ups before the class starts at 9.30 in the morning...

the rest of the training, of course, no pic's allowed as we need to concentrate in the classes.. not cam whoring. :P

but that doesnt stop us from doing so during lunch and break time.. ahaha..

the KUL group - L-R - Diane, me, Gyna, Katherine, Eline


this is what will come out from the air plane's door when emergency happens

and you slide down like this. :p

my jakarta batchmate.

kami menjungjung-nya tinggi-tinggi -____-

this is NOT how you open the door... lol..

off to work gyna?


when fire happens..

caught using the toilet...

i failed in acting.. :-/

6.30pm - eagerly leaving training center :D

till next year.. !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok, i know when u check this site few days ago you dint see this post.. well.. this post is supposed to be posted on the date mentioned but Alison got lazy and procrastinated to post. :P

well well, here here! cupcakes!! that I had been wanting to do since April... its june now!! july soon!! T___T

I heard cupcakes got famous since sex and the city aired them.. while alison the copycat just wanna make them for fun too... :)

Let me show u some pretty cupcakes i found online first:

Yummy isnt it? :D Behold the even cuter cupcakes in the vid:

Cute ? more to come!

okok enough enough... time to show off

~with julie and xinli~

You need:

self rising flour


vanilla extract


weighing scale


and apples.. dunno where is that pic?? hmm... mis-uploaded :-/ eh? sugar not here too...?

paper cupcake holder thingy..

most importantly.. recipe!!

sifting the flour

and measuring the butter

creaming butter and sugar...

and blending them with my new hand mixer!! wuaahahahah!!

with the make-shift blending table aka iron board - cos the only plug available is over there :P

taking turns to blend wtf -___-

pouring batter into the tins...

behold! silicone cupcake mould - in heart shape :)

you can squash it like that! ahaha! bought it from frankfurt last winter.. :)


while waiting for the cupcakes, we decided to make another batch with apple and banana.. :)

putting smashed banana into the batter

xinli peeling the apples...

me cutting the apples into pieces...

while julie "shreading" it...

mixing it into the batter...

julie imagining herself in the wardrobe from narnia while waiting for the cupcakes to ready.. lmao...

fresh from the oven... :P

while these dint turn out that nice... :(

our deco and ready made icing - from my previous chicago trip.. :D

Time to decorate!

guess what im creating?

ma cookie monsta!!! <3

xinli's creation..

ma cookie monster and julie's rose

xinli's cookie monster...

julie decided to eat this cupcake cos it's ugly..

ooo... yuuum...

caught in the act!! curi makan!!!

our mess...

our creation...

pretty not??


my flower

sesame street : i know big bird doesnt look like him... -____-

the space-y cupcake

porcupine!!! if im selling this im gonna charge triple - cos it took me a long time to create this.. :)


us with our proud creation... :D

So how's that? Am i qualified to make more cupcakes for sale? hehehe...