Saturday, December 21, 2013

#throwback First crafty-worthy project I did

Hi ya...... Blog... Readers...?

Ya. I abandoned ya'll again... Sorry~~

So I'm gonna join a tag crafty workshop tomorrow @ scrap-n-crop (it's free and "sponsored", just bring own stash! And that's how a started rummaging my boxes of "treasures" and found this: 

Back in 2011 I guess.. My first "Vintage Mini Album" project. And how I started hoarding craft worthy tools. Lol

I don't remember if I ever blogged bout this yet. But yeah Imma repeating it today and post this to me " I made this" album in fb later. Teehehehe. 

How I found S&C? Started my first ever scrapbooking with some simple stickers and silver pen on A4 paper, and feeling not satisfied with the end work, I started googling ideas how to scrap better and started taking down pictures and examples in the world wide web.. Till date I have at least 2000 pictures took down and ideas and reference. But only done 3 layouts :( I blame on time, space and procrastination. :((

Anyway when I found those references I started looking for the tools they use to create and lead me from USA online scrapbooking stores amazon and eBay to finally trying to look for stores in Malaysia and online (don't have a car then. Shop online no need people to fetch me and wait for me impatiently.. Lol)

And how I found S&C :))

And when they offered a project and I didn't even know what mini album is... I join in to see what's in it. 

And from that class I learned what is crackle paint, stickles, emboss, tinting, ways to "vintage" a brand new metal box, and so many kinds of stamps out there that I can use and want them all!! WOW..! *over-board-hyper-to-the-max-wish-I'm-a-millionaire-and-buy-them-all*

Enough talk and more show: 

    The inside


    The mini album inside

    Album; standing- first page

I am supposed to add in picture to that white space but such a small album and then ago I didn't make and print such small picture to put in

But give me time today and I still will not put in pics. I'll make a BIGGER one. This is too small~~

    Album; standing- second page

    Album; standing- third page

Yup. I'll redo it bigger one day. Lol

Ok night!!! Muakz!  

Monday, November 11, 2013


Testing my new Signature ^^

Giving blogger iphone apps another try

Update: The pictures posted is pixelated, albeit I'm already using phone quality photos, compared to a DSLR picture :( And photos are posted at their original setting, so large pictures get offset and needed adjustment from a computer... hmm.. Emoticons not working too.. And my signature not seeing it anywhere! Why!? 

Meh, just bored, distracted by YouTube and fb that made me didn't not manage to do my pedicure even after #babyisasleep early.. And lying down on bed and finding ways to blog more efficiently. Downloaded a new apps Dayre and I thought it links to blogger but no.. So Imma gonna delete that app.. No time to maintain so many things and in a mini-limited-space-i5-that-is-getting-fuller-with-baby-vids-and-pic (ya a long story on why I got myself a 16Gb i5 instead of 32Gb one day) And trying if by using apps my new self-create signature will pop up or not.. Hehehe.. Let's post a latest picca:

This is Hong Kong's McD version of Hello kitty Circus Collection. 

While Malaysia does a second circa if HK collections. And Candice wanted people to get her this from Hong Kong.. If can... FREE. Lol!!

I'm somehow not interested to collect soft toys.. But I did bought the first "Ugly Duckling" Kitty for my ~bell... 

She was so happy this 9 month old (monkey)🙈 can tear the pretty box open and nicely chewing the kitty.. That's how babies show their liking to new toys! Lol! 

Hahah!! Not bad! Can post more than a picca!!! 😄 Did blogger upgraded their apps??! Or did I hit an error last time? And I can put in emoticons!! *hyper*

Missing is putting captions, color, bold or italic fonts.. Upgrade more!!

Let's see how it turns out when I post this up... 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stuffs I bought from - Online discount shopping portal

No la, not a big deal about this site, but rather, things I have bought...

I wanted to do this so long ago, but ever since with job+baby, blogging took a back seat.. :(

Hell, everything took a back seat, my scrapbooking, my crocheting... haih...

I have a slight time today also because I'm slighty free-er and probably due to lack of sleep(baby having flu and cough, she can't sleep will, neither will mummy), I'm in a dreamy day and have ignored doing my work today. (Then container got hold by custom and no stock arrive yet so more free la... )

Ok back to topic

I guess I started with Groupon.. then more website started getting my emails from I-don't-know-where-and-how and in the end more and more this kind of "discount" site pops up.

Well I would say some stuffs you can't find in retails start popping out. Its good, as this kind of portal gives opportunities to SME a kick off in their biz I think? (But I heard those merchants need to have at least a sum of cash as some site only release payments MONTHS after their item close deal and you need lotsa $ to buy back stuff in bulks for cheaper price..etc) but I only heard rumors.

Some item they might sell quite expensive in retails (rental, utilities bill, salary and profits) so selling online in bulks is cheaper.. But that would be the beginning, now merchant gets smarter, people became lazy to shop out and opt to surf the internet more and rather buy online, some things are actually more expensive to buy with this kind of discount portal. (sorry for the long explanation)

Some quality is ok some not... I'm talking about products lar... I hardly buy services as in food vouchers or spas cos all those locations are quite far like in PJ or I don't have time. And I know la service like spas or facial or treatment is tactic for you to buy their packages.. if you are my reader you'll know what I worked as before... lol.. And my time is last minute, I can't seem to plan early now with baby..

So Hulala...

I think started my first Hulala purchase with a Forever21 bag. Back in March 13 (obviously I viewed back my purchase history.... lol)

I don't know is it an actual F21 bag or not la, who cares now anyway.. but I was looking for a sling bag for outing with baby tagging along, all my other bags are those large tote bags, no zip, heavy that deem troublesome when pushing stroller, carrying baby and baby bags and dangerous to thefts and robberies nowadays in Malaysia.

The price I would say cheap, compared to if you buy them directly from F21 store

I'm still using it till now so I give this bag a 9/10 point. It looks nice too, not too cheap looking. ^^

2) Next would be a Shawl type knitted cardigan..

RM33 is not expensive I guess? its "knitted" what... lol... I bought the one in pink as I thought it look sweet.. WORN ONCE.. That's it.. I doesn't cling to me like how it did to the model, probably cos the model is sitting still while I move about. And I believe the model is petite, Cos the cardigan didn't hang on my waist, feels more like a cropped cardi. And last I worn in I LOOK FAT INNIT! 

I'll give it 2/10...

But maybe I'll try it on again one day when I'm slimmer...  I'll let you know by then!

3) Third purchase with Hulala will probably be the As seen on TV "Amazing TV Whisk" 2 for RM55..

I shared with Candice.. But till now haven't have chance to use it yet.. By time I wanna cook an omelet I probably reached for a fork and whisked it already.. Nope not yet have a chance to make other things in the tiny crowded kitchen.. not even beating on fresh milk for a cuppa... (hmm I shall probably do that!) Perhaps it will serve its good when I moved? Let's hope :)

4) Then here goes the next purchase: Tattoo Stockings....

With the hit of tattoo stocking earlier, and I didn't get them during the rave cos I thought I wouldn't wear it and no where to wear... Then I saw pasar malam at my place selling them but not the design I wanted... So when this pops up in my email and its only RM22.9 I thought why not?They gave a measurement that a tall gal like me can fit, I went ahead...

The parcel arrived quick, I guessed cos it's ready stock, but I AM SO DISAPPOINTED! I couldn't even pull it up to my hips!!! Oh mai gawd!! 

This legging is for like really petite people! I think more like for kids cos I doubt my petite sister could fit into it! Damn disappointed... Gah!

Never trust everything selling in this online discounted sites...(Not hulala only, other sites also) No I didn't change it and I doubt wrong sizing gets to be changed, I am lazy to do so... oh I don't remember why.. I believe the "perks" for these online merchants for selling reject stuff or boasting-a-certain-item-to-a-certain-over-boasting-level is people get lazy to get an exchange or refund as there are tonnes of emails to reply to and forking out more $ to send back the faulty piece and then waiting ages and more emails and callings to do before finally getting a new pair or refund and in the end people (like me) just give up and put aside for donation or give away or just throw! Some merchants also tend to not reply or not answering calls. I have some exampleSS... I'll probably blog in another post...

Ok next!

5) 10 pcs of 24K Gold face mask with bone glue zymogen (what the hell is that) and crystal collagen? 

I bought this but they didn't come, instead got refunded in "credit points" Actually already like bought this pre-cautiously,  cos I don't believe REAL gold mask cost that cheap and 10pcs some-more.. and not refunded in cash, credit points means they "encourage" people too buy again from them!

Probably the merchant didn't get their MOQ... only 11 bought it! But then if not enough MOQ this sites normally continued their sale... hmm no idea...

6) Color Changing Egg timer

I believe I got it a bit higher than the actual price, Cos I don't believe it really cost RM42... And looking at the distorted packaging it arrives in, I believe it only cost like RM5 or lesser.. But what sold me?

It claimed to be able to make the egg yolk half cooked while the whites fully cooked(medium). Or maybe I misunderstood?

I remembered going to Sungkai hot spring and there is this "cooking" place where eggs are boiled for 7 minutes at their hot spring point and the eggs turned out like the medium picture. Whites fully hardens but yolk half cooked with some slight liquid-y flow.. yumz!!!

Bought a tray of eggs and tested on a newly bought mini electrical cooking pot in the office...


Turned down the heat for a nice pic. Timer started to yellow at the sides...

Boil it to medium...

And I got a BOILED EGG :(

No, I did not stop there.. How can I give up so quickly!? I attempted more tries and I got either half boiled eggs or cooked eggs again. I tried medium heat, slow heat, I tried the timer at soft, in-between-soft-and medium, medium, and no eggs I wanted :( I stop here.. Shall paster hubbs to go Sungkai soon! I'm craving for that egg!

Stop ranting rubbish and going on next! Few more to go and gotta go home! (Yes I bought That many from ONE site in less than a year!) If I don't finish this blog today I doubt it'll be posted soon!

7) No 7 will be a 13pcs Hello Kitty figurine in Relax Time Collections..

I didn't know what got into me, but I wanted this set badly.. I gave it a 3rd-4th thinking and finally gave in and bought it. I checked it and the quality was not bad, and now I had it kept in Mummy's home at least till I have a display cupboard for the new home, If Bell is good I'll probably have it displayed in her room... or where-ever~

8) Blushing Hello Kitty 7pcs make up set

I only have 2-3 brushes for make up and what the hell, its full collection in pink! I have a use of it!

This is the main reason I die die stay in office so late (8pm now) and blog! (Can't blog it at home with baby) Sadly I ordered it in June and it never arrives.. I sent like dozens of emails and calls and merchant never reply.. Hulala replied and sorta dragged it long enough to give me a refund. Just got a "credit points" refunded today (5months!!) Don't order anything anymore if Merchant is Vii Synergy Marketing.. Let them go bankrupt!!!

9) Japanese Panda Rice Ball maker set

Well, this is a happy purchase! I like all kinds of cute Japanese stuff! (now you know why Daiso is my fave place to visit!) And I already dreamt of making cutesy food for my baby! Bentos anyone? Haha! But I only found out I got it a little bit expensive than Taobao after I paid for it.. order from TB I can get it at around RM20 and only takes 10 days, this have to wait one month! But not that baby Annabell can eat rice yet... lol!

No, didn't tried it yet.. will talk about it once I do.... Oh well..*shrugs* I'm kiasu like that...

If you notice all the print screen, all last day! no la although some I did bought it last day, some not but when I re-click the link on my history they pops up "last day" as that is the last time they edit the post before a deal closes... 

Ok that's all folks! Thank goodness Hubby stopped reading my blog long ago.. He will keeel me!

Thanks for ever visiting the lonely blog!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Update of my life

Now that I discovered I can blog from iphone (cannot upload photo to where I wanted. Only at the bottom )I shall update what's happening I'm my life that's been absent here WAY LONG!! Ok here goes a long long post!

So I got pregnant in June last year (or May if counted from LMP) and I manage to visit Universal Studios Singapore and PLAYED THEIR ROLLER COASTER.. With a fetus inside me *insert scary face* Ok I planned the trip already, bought tickets and only noticed my period is late in Singapore... So I just went ahead... :P

Ultrasound @ 6th week

If Hubbs knew I'm pregnant he wouldn't even let me go Singapore!

Anyway.. Due to previous bad experience, I was in a "not sure" and "wait-and-see" status.. I took my SWEET time after getting back from my trip before I got myself a pregnancy tester.. And another sweet time to meet the doc (6th week) after that.. Didn't want to get all excited yet... At the same time hoping all goes well..

You know what's Hubbs reaction when I showed him my positive tester? Only an acknowledgement.. =_=" I believed he too not giving so much hope, afraid it becomes another dissapointment... :( he too did not rush me to see doc..

But this time apart from first visit to the previous doc, we went to a specialist in Pantai Cheras after Hubbs uncle found out I'm pregnant and suggested his doctor.. (Shall talk about doc in another long post)

Bumps getting bigger as months passes by... ^^

Well time passed.. And my baby seems to grow healthily.. My Tummy getting bigger and bigger as months passed by. While Hubbs made sure I'm at all time safe.. And do less heavy work.. And very sensitive to things I do or going to do too.. *roll eyes*

No sex for the whole of pregnancy, no cold drinks, no coffee, no tea.. Drink red dates tea boiled by mother in law (MIL) alternate day, and occasionally homemade chicken essence with ginseng slice... Twice a day intake of Annum (he even make it for me as I tend to "forget" things) daily reminder to take my calcium, vitamins, acid folics... And frowns when I told him I forgot.. ( so I tend to say I've taken it although I didn't... And secretly take when he didn't see :P )

Well couldn't blame him, as I bleeded in the early pregnancy, fell down on my 7th month.. Each monthly visit to the doc I go with a anxious heart.. Hoping to know my baby is healthy.. And ever since I can feel baby's kick I made sure I can feel it a few times a day.. Felt strange and wish to rush to doc when baby kicks less.. But anyway my baby seems to know mummy's anxious.. She made sure I felt some kick or movements when mummy's worried ^^

Hubbs is generous enough to paid for some expensive birdnest that I started to take after 7th month weekly too *grins*

and on 3rd February 2013....

<3 td="">

baby Annabell is born!!

3.35Kg 51cm in height. Baby is normal and healthy~

Induced.. :) Well Mummy is kiasu and wanna have a dragon baby.. so die die also convince doc to induce. 3rd Feb is like the last day of Dragon year... (according to chinese calender)

So start a life where I will have no life and evolves around baby baby and baby.. and there goes my journey of breastfeeding, mid night waking, lack or sleep, no more sleeping late... etc..

Would like to talk about breastfeeding journey.. but I think I have pretty much forgotten most.. Summary is I bf for 3 months and its a mixed feeding cos milk just seems not enough for my baby.. had my depressed time but its over.... oh well :)

Formula is not that bad.. I grew up on formula too! And Im as healthy as can be. I seldom fall sick also what!

Anyway I had an extra "maternity" leave.. and its unpaid lar~ due to I insist to at least bf baby until 3 months old even though she is mixed fed... (wanna feed till 6th month but had some arguements with hubbs and managed to bargain for 3) as office is an open concept and every corners have cctv apart from the toilet. (and hell no, im not pumping milk in toilet!)

Hmmm.. anyway, Annabell is now 3 month old.. and Im officialy back to work on 2nd May 2013.. same as Hubbs (he had since quit Pensonic and full time in TTS )

@11 weeks old
 Thats the latest picture of my Bell in my laptop.. others in iPhone and its late now I kinda lazy to upload it.. will update later in another post..

So thats it.. will update more when I have time! I have so much things I wish to do sometimes I just dont know where to start!