Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Which style is better to work?

the sideways-curled bangs?

that my senior suggested me to do it "for a better appearance points"?

combed up, like how i did when I was a junior..
some commented my face look wider with this style... :-/

straight bangs... the cutest haircut.. :) also got compliments that im cute with this haircut... :D and also look a little like korean... :-/ but its more than a year dy and im starting to get bored with it..

so vote me! nuffnang poll at my side bar (red poll). If other coloured poll appeared, refresh till you get my new red poll... :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New York~

Aint have anything to blog lately... sigh... same destinations... Atlanta.. New York... Atlanta.. New York again... nothing special to blog! Even more amazing.. I dint go out shopping in New York also!! Have to work out my resolution man... save $$..

There's nothing to buy in the mall also.. so small and limited stuff and with the currency in such a big difference... its just too expensive.. hmmm :(

for example, wanted to get a Ipod nano in the US but then the price after conversion is just a few bux cheaper than Malaysia.. what for??

or I can say my bank is so empty now after all the christmas sales... T_____T

or I can say im saving for my new laptop. I have an eye on that new Sony Vaio for rm 3988, 14 inch and good spec too.. and very nice feature.. hmmm.. actually the feature and prices took my attention.. hehehe.. dint really compare it with other brand.. but i guess is around there.. ;)

on the way to hotel...

So, what do u think if I comb up my hair for work? Been having bangs for more than a year dy so I thought to comb it up.. but my bangs is so thick and short, I nearly used half the bottle of spray on my hair!! Gimme opinions ok.. :)

Anyway... New York snowed!!

Well it dint snow on that day I arrived but snow are still everywhere cos NY is freaking -7C!!

See... snow everywhere!! is it too cold that no one go out and detroy that smooth piece of snow ??

Well... I AM!!! :D

Coat: Zara (boyfriend bought it for me)
Cargo shorts: Tommy
Boots, stockins, cap: Korea
orange turtleneck and black long sleeves(see how many layers im wearing): Korea.

See!! white white snow

This is the garden outside the crew lounge in our hotel. the fountain also frozen ady.. haha..
Since im alone, I ask Mr ST to help me take picture... :)
*ST: self-timer (sorry xinli if u terasa I copied your idea.. i am :P )

Cool eh? heheh...

ok I ter-edit this pic with too high contrast and accidently saved it.. :-/
I adjusted contrast and brightness on all the snow pictures cos that day was too gloomy for a nice photoshoot. :-/



Was trying to kick the snow laaa. but camera dint capture it.. :(

opps.. wrong timing..


eh tired of trying laa..
Cos its so cold outside, no one step out to play with the snow, so the snow were so smooth and untouched..

cant resist but to chop my hand print on it.. hehehe

And scribbling stuff...


Double :P

That the glass window!! yup! those are my footprints too!! :D hahahaha!! *wicked*

My best scribble..
ok its a bit of mushy mushy la.. but what to do.. ways of declaring my love from across the world ok? :P
While what happen in Korea?

at 5am this morning!!
The snow was so strong, in 5 minutes the plane was covered with snow!!


Can you see the dark sky? the blury thing are the snow lor...

I show you vid lah..

Opps... I spoke cantonese.. oh well.. :)

The snow was so heavy, everywhere is wet and slippery!!
And I fell down on the way entering the hotel.... with lots of people looking at me... T______T
in an irrelevent topic, I already got my DKNY Apple, a gift from Christine, my cousin from Singapore..
She's a silent reader of my blog so here, I dedicate a "thank you" for her..

and show off also.. heheheheheh!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Triple Layered Chocolate Cream Cake with Strawberry

Yeah... the urge to bake again :)


Well.. I use shortcut :

cake mix... hehehe...

Bought from us la... so I have to bake eventually or otherwise I forgot bout it and left it there to be expired ler.. :P

And for a packed cake mix, you still need some raw ingredients like:

3 eggs


and butter ( no pic sorry)

And I added strawberry for the extra flavor.. hehehe..

Strawberries are from Korea, which is a lot sweeter than our Cameron... Actually Korean strawberries are so sweet, even the US berries cannot compare. Wonder what they put as fertiliser so it became so sweet? Water it with sugar?

But anyway, that strawberries above are bought from the local Jusco supermarket. Just imported from Korea. At RM23!! for like so small amount. Cos I bought a packet of Strawberries from Korea last week (cost like only RM 15 for more and even fresher) but I dint have the time to bake so the berries were all eaten by the "ants"... -___-

Deco ideas.. :P

okok... I use a heart mold to bake them. then cut them up to slices.. :P Was planning to make it for someone la... :P


pre packed again. :P

Cos I really failed to make nice icing. and its more time consuming to make icing from stratch. hehehe..

this is like the second layer, and added slices of strawberries before adding another layer.

Like this.

My end product. hehehe..


Cos its my first time putting icing over a whole cake. With NORMAL kitchen utensil (butter knife)

But from side view, my cake actually slanted due to the uneven baking. :P

The chocolate powder are actually Milo powder, cos I dont have coco powder and I dint get it cos this baking is another last minute thing I decided to do. :P

Nice leh..


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I know!!! Another late entry!! no mood to blog lah wei... :P

anyway, started the celebration with early lunch with Gyna and Candice, cos all of us had plans for night celebration.

We tried out Marche in The Curve.

My soup.

ehem... by time I blog this out i've forgotten the name of it. while I remembered Gyna and Candice ordered the very creamy mushroom soup.

What? mushroom soup can always drink ma, this is something else hardly get to try.. :P

It tasted like tomato. or they have tomato sour taste in it. or IT IS tomato soup with some fancy name. dunno.

the interior..

the passport.

Everyone of us got 1. So when you order something, give this passport to the cook/waiter to chop or sign what we took. If lose this passport have to pay rm200 leh. so unless you eat more than RM200 amount of food, dont lose it. LOL.

My ribbed eyed steak. With baked potato.

Gyna & Candice Grilled Chicken.






Boyfriend and moi.

Yeah we waste our $$ on stuff like flash light, confetti and devil's horn.


Boyfriend sudah gila.

Now the above is the BORING PART. The limited amount of words and picture to describe the lunch date cos we just ordered enough to fill our tummy, then ordered a bottomless coke to share and chatted for 3 hours. The silly camwhoring with boyfriend while waiting for the time to pass, cos we went there like at 9pm to get a parking spot (wanted to park outside but at 9pm also outside is FULL, have to go park in basement, which we took 1 hour to come out after countdown.)


We bought 3 cans of snow and coloured string sprays, selling there like pasar along the closed streets for the celebration. 3 can = RM10

We thought we will save this 3 cans till 12am.

10 pm

im already at such mess.....

Cos this is how they PLAY there.

Sellers spray snow at you so you buy more to spray back to them.

Passer by also got sprayed. Sorry for all the blurred pics. No time to really stay and focus.


Hahaha! I sprayed boyfriend with the green strings.

All this happen at the zebra crossing between Ikea and the Curve ok! Anyone passes there sure become victim.

Dunno who attacked me from the back.


I turned but they ran dy..

By 12am, we've spent RM70 on spray cans. Add up a confetti we bought, a devil horn, and the flash lights its like RM100 on a night like this.

Some pictures of fireworks to wrap up this blog.

Heck I supply you videos to sastify you lah:


This is what left along the streets by time we leaving for home.