Thursday, April 30, 2009

Six Flag Park Magic Mountain

Wonder if any of you guys out there played this game before?

Used to play this games while I was still in high school.. maybe in secondary 2 or 3.. where we need to attend a theme park, or an empty land and turn it into a wacky roller coaster theme park with objectives to achive in a certain amount of time or certain amount of budget..

like this...

or this...

In Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, the roller coaster design/ideas came from Six Flags Park. Or something like that.. I forgot.. At first I dint know that Six Flag Parks are REAL roller coaster theme parks in the US, but anyway I did google it then and knew it existed and it is in Chicago.. So I was aiming to go there one day.. (went Chicago a few times but was winter and its not open)

Anyway, back to the game, it was fun you know.. building your own roller coaster and controlling them.. and keep imagining that one day we can ride on the roller coaster we built ourselves.. ;D

Although later on, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 was out, with 3D and we can have camere view of how it feels riding our own roller coaster... but it felt EVEN better when I actually visited Six Flag Park Magic Mountain in LA. (yes later on I also found they have a few of these parks in USA and other countries..)

So here goes.. after all the crapping.. My OWN Six Flag Park Adventure.. :D

Yee Peeeee!!

Once again I planned to stay in the room, but this time my junior roommate from Hong Kong who happens to have an ex-schoolmate here decided to go out. At first she planned to go Disneyland, or Universal Studio, which I've been to before so I dint wanna go but her friend decided to bring her to Six Flags instead so I unshamelessly (I reclined to accompany her to go Disneyland and Univesal Studio which means if her friend cant make it she is going alone but when I heard she's going to Six Flags... ) asked if I could join along.. how unshamelessly Alison is.. sigh..

reaching soon!!

From far already damn excited...


ok this random thingy from buzz lighter got his picture taken cos it keep knocking on me when the car turns.. but its kinda cute so nevermind.. trying to kiss me wtf.. lol..

oh I built this thing once!! And here I see a REAL one!! :D :D :D :D

Ermm... I think I forgot their name.. I tell u thier names once I remember... gosh hope they dont stumble into my blog and read this! :(

First game: X2

Sneak peak:

This is another ride beside it.. Viper.. dint manage to play that though..

but we manage to take pictures.. my HK junior.. I think its Lanny.. good... memory coming back.. :D

That's Tatsu.. :D I'll show you THE FUN later!

Well, just like the game I had once played.. TV are placed in the queue up line with entertainments so people wont get bored.. ;)

more peek -

means we are reaching soon.. 1 more hour.. Oh we queued 2 hours for this! Cos it's a Saturday and heck lots of people are coming here to release some stress!!

oOOoooOO.. Scary...

see what I recorded..

Bored waiting.. took my own shadow... For such a sunny weather.. and its not hot but windy.. hmm..

I remember the guy's name! Matt.. He's working in LA now.. he's a Taiwanese and is dating.. erm.. her.. Lanny's friend.. I know her name starts with P? Peggy? no? ARGH!!!

Gosh.. I took picture with her! And I cant remember her name ady!


Lanny trying to group pic us four.. failed..

This is better..


right on time X2 passes by.. We are so near!!

There! see this vid (recorded by someone else... there are loads of it in YouTube!)

The Goliath stone writing so big, can fit into the camera..
Wanted to try this game but also another 2 hours or queue.. so.. pass!!

there! better! without me in it..

And this Superman - a self-launched rollercoaster

See what I recorded:

See what I found in You Tube:

Cool eh?

No dint get to ride that either. damn lots of people man.. Must choose the best ride among n such a short time there...

Cannot see much but some that's Swashbuckler - like the spinning thing in our Genting..

Why I can remember its name and not Lanny's friend? Cos I still have their map!!! :(

And this is for kids only - tweety like thing that spins kids around in cages.. lol..

Me with Tazmania.. Why must pictures I take with mascot have to be SHARED with other kids? Like spidey-man in Universal Studios??? ergh!

A funny mascot..

And a naughty girl hit him at the back so he came running after her.. But that girl ran into the cafe where he's too big to enter.. lol.. should have recorded it.. :D

And finally,


The best game ever..

and its an upside down ride!!

Worth the 2 hours queue..

See vid:

This guy went on all the roller coasters and record the point of view - for fun or for their podcast, I dunno but I get to show them here.. heheh..

Well, after that game its kinda dark and since Lanny and me have flights tomorrow morning and the journey back takes 1 hour.. we have to end our trip..
Yes, only 3 rides for the whole 8 hours in there.. each ride need to queue for 2 hours, (and each rides finishes in 2 minutes!) the rest were used to locate the ride, lunch, toilet breaks and walking.. -__-

Although I have no problem coming back here again this whole year, cos I got myself a ticket pass for 1 year! :D They were having promotions for spring/summer USD 59.9 for a year pass.. or USD59.9 for a day pass.. of course we choosed the year pass..

-i love six flags-

Saturday, April 25, 2009

To perm or not to perm?

Shall I perm my hair or not ar? My hair is now quite long ady so its either to cut it or I wanna try something new.. which its to perm.

I grew my hair since I was 17 and I never cut it short ever since. I bleached and coloured it crazy during college days but had since stop and now my hair is fully natural... :)

Im thinking of perming it with big curls..

And Gyna said I should colour it a bit if im planning to perm cos it wont look nice on dark hair (even though my hair is not 100% dark, its kinda brownish under the sun.. only under the sun.. )

So, shall I color and perm? just perm? or just trim it short? vote me k? :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bored... so I blog...

Some recent picture of Gyna, Lee Chin and me having Korean BBQ in Incheon...

Since LayChai left the company we hardly get to meet at all, so all 3 of us together in Korea? Seriously once in a blue moon... :)

Hehe.. I tagged this photo in FB and LeeChin scolded me for revealing her no-makeup side.. lol

We only ordered a bbq for 2 and a kimchi stew and the rest of the side dishes here just comes together.. Kimchi, fresh vege to wrap the meat and eat, kimchi pancake, a steam egg and some nice salad. :P

And total of the meal is KRW 25000 (rm 70)

Maybe it dint look that delicious here but its really nice you know.. pork meat, marinated with some sauce and barbequed...

the cons of bbq? your hair and clothes stinks after that.. :(


In another random thing to blog... Here's my favourite cousin hanging in my room... her mummy have to go to school (she's a high school teacher) for some parents-teacher meeting and no one take cares of her (her daddy's working and her day care closes at 1pm on Saturday) so there she is..

Now at 4 years old, she love talking but her words are not that well spoken yet, so its kinda hard to understand what is she trying to say.. and she pretty active climbing up and down... and 1 minute she wanna go "wee-wee" and later she wanna go "poo-poo".. and I have to carry her up and help her with the "business".... so i complained to my mum..

mummy said "yea la! last time you were her age that's what I did too.. and when your poo stuck and cant come out and you cried so loud cos its painful, I have to use my finger and pick it out" ... ... o.O


get you to think twice before getting a baby dont it? ;)

Here's her stint and imitating her favourite Simpson's toy dancing..

Kinda like the one and only toy she found in my home. Got that Simpson 2 years ago in Universal Studio LA. Me too was fascinated my the dancing Simpson and the phrase he likes to say in the cartoon, I bought it without thinking whether I can fit it into my luggage bag or not and dint even convert the price yet before buying (I was a junior then, anything above rm100 like so expensive for me.. :P I mean not that now RM100 is nothing for me.. but I dint squirm like last time lor.. :P)


And there!!!

Got myself the DKNY Fresh Blossom..

From the airport its only USD 55 for 100ml.. Compared to USD 70 i Macy.. emmm.. Delicious!

Eh that's all I think.. boyfriend's here with teochew porridge for lunch and he's bringing me to movie. gotta go ready.. ehehe..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To my Dearest...

(ehem, so that it rhymes, not that I call her Dellina wtf -__-)

You have made me the proud owner of you for the past 5 years...
You have been accompanying me while Im on a sleepless night, finishing all my assignments..
You have accompanied me when I stayed at home alone,
You have accompanied me while I meet new boys, or breaking up with them..
You watch me laugh and cry...
You have been my loyal date for countless movies and dramas we've watched together
You had been the witness of me doing mischivious things with technology :P
You, have even inspired me with my college project: (from her model: Inspiron 6000)

I am so proud of you... :)


Ok lah, I want my dell to know how much she'd done for me ok..

5 years ago she had the most advanced specifications (compared to my other collegemates) The lastest graphic card, biggest harddisk drive (60gb), memory card reader, bluetooth, wifi and stuff.. and very big too: 15 inch screen.. ;) I mean I dint buy it to boast around, but I did need it for my college projects and assignments that time. :) She was pretty much the high-end type of laptop, costing me (i mean my dad) RM 4313. I can still remember the digit.

Even after my college years, she still follows me around the world.. letting me utilized her to the max...

And she's been very strong for me for 5 freaking years...

Eg: Cracked corner

Others: Stratched surfaces, staines from stickers I used to stick on her...

See how strong she is. I carried her around even now when im working, so she gets knocked up once in a while due to rough handling... :(

Tried to beautify her with keypad stickers from Disneyland :)

I even bought a large amount of crystals to stick and bling her but then I had no time and those crystals are still sitting in their plastic bags... :-/

Well... time to say bye bye to her now..


And say HELLO!!

Miss Vaio CS. :D

Oh, my beautiful Vaio...

My dream Vaio... I've got you now... :D

Bought it during the Pc Fair promotion.. well the price is same, just more free gifts.. :P

Cost me Rm3988, with the specifications of 2.4Ghz, Nvidia Graphic card, Motion eye camera (so I dont need to lug an extra web cam on my trips..) and a glowing Luminous LED syncronising with the music I play.. :D Guess I dont need to explain a lot cos you can check out its website...

Free gift: A laptop bag, a laptop sleeve, and a custom made keyboard cover only for CS model... :D And these free gifts are claimed to cost RM200 each!! :D Oh not to forget an extra 1gb of RAM added to it (so now it had 4Gb RAM innit)

Gave the laptop bag to BF cos I dont use it, I only use the sleeve for travelling..

And I choosed the new colour: Nude Beige.. that kinda looks like light pink to me. Cos I dint like that striking pink colour they had as well..

Me and Ms Vaio while she's being configured at the shop in Lowyat.... :D

Well, hopefully it last AT LEAST 5 years... (Gyna's Compaq laptop of 1 year and 9 months died last week)

I brought it to bed that night I got her... :D

No! Nothing is wrong with Dellina.. Im gonna reformat her (soon, i hope) and pass it to Mei to use.. since she'll start her degree course soon... aside the not so good looking feature she had now, she is still very good. At least, Mei can stil use it with her assignments and online and some storage of movies.. :)

At least I (kinda) sponsored something for Mei's education... :P