Sunday, March 27, 2011

A week passes so quickly...

Even that I'm doing nothing @ home... :(

It's like "what I did last Monday?" I don't remember! What bout Tuesday? What have I done so far other than Yoga at night?? I don't know! I know I went out on Wednesday... and that's one day gone~

Candice and I bought each of these from Popular Bookstore. Its like 70% (RM2.4) for a box of 3.
Though I need to stir up the glitters when I need to use it.
And Im praying this will work
Wondering what is the difference between this and those expensive "Ice stickles"
And Im guessing its not acid free
 I made a list of thing I wanna do, but yet nothing I felt is done ON TIME!

I haven't crochet a beret cap till now.. not any caps at all... *fail 1*

I started this on a Friday night, and finished it of on Saturday morning..
What can you see? What you think it looks like?
I don't have black yarn so I sub with blue.
I don't have mushroom eyes so I knotted up the thread and made eyes.. :(
The bee's mouth are slanted, making it looks like a wicked bee.
what else?
this is how the bee supposed to be..

*fail 2*

I feel like I am a Total Fail Person TT__TT
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 

 Sorry I cant help it but to express it... =*(

a tineeee "rose flower"
ok lah, can make a few more and stick on scrap layout...

And Im so freakin broke right now.. and I still wanna buy summore! TT____TT

Just spent like RM500 on work wear shopping on Saturday! 4 tops, 1 set of black suit. Luckily its kinda sale..50%.. hmmm.. at least I don't need to buy work wear like for this year.. I HOPE!!! Yeah, Hubby is paying.. but I paid with my CC first leh TT__TT

I feel useless.. =*(

And can you believe it? I'm waiting for company bonus so I can buy summore Martha Stewart Punches.. *fail 3*

My snow globe is not done yet T_T *fail 4*

I varnished them with epoxy glue on Friday (One whole day!)
Now, its on testing period, soaking it in water and see if the water seeps thru or not

I wrapped a laminate to this pic and seal the back with epoxy glue too..

Its a mess... I know
But this morning I found that I dint seal it properly,
The corners of the pics any seeped.. =( *fail 5*
That's it this week, that's what made me so disappointed with myself =( I have done nothing!!

Well, on the "bright side", at least I made myself sit and finish March magazines, wrapped up some craft books I bought... sigh..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Granny Tissue Box Cover

Fuh! Finally its done! =D My fingers are cramped! hahaha..

Sorry, I have no other nicer place to take a pic, else my yellow bed.. haha =P

I added 2 pom-poms ^^

The scalloped edges..

This was taken before I added the pom-poms..
 Whatcha think? Im gonna make a beret cap next.. =P

Pattern from Royal Sisters

Monday, March 21, 2011

No, I did not procrastinate...

I just got lazy to blog... haha..

This past week, Im making myself really busy with soooo many "art work"! I even make up a list so I'll make sure I do it! :P I kinda have a feeling that Im gonna start working soon, no time for all those crafty craft anymore.. I think.. so I try my best to fit in everything I can make now..

first attempt is:

acrylic flowers and strawberries
They are really mini mind you.. ;) I know im not that talented in arcylic nail art so since molds are "in" now, I bought "a few" of them ;) Then I bought some arcylic powders and whalah! :P

tadaaaa!! :D

I am so not going for manicure sessions anymore~ hahaha :P

Then, there's this:

I blinged my Vaio!
 I have always wanted to do that.. Since I got this laptop.. Make my laptop more princessy.. haha.. Then I was busy flying.. (I know this is a 5 minutes job done thing) I purposely bought some swarovski crystal (not regular rhinestones) And when I posted this photo in fb with the caption "new limited edition Swarovski Sony Vaio", I wonder did they believed it or what, cos they were so many "likes" lol

Then I bought some paper clay from Popular bookstore, mix in some metalic arcylic paints and made these!

Its not done yet... Im planning to make a snow globe! hehehe.. Im now trying to figure out how to waterproof the picture so it can soak in the globe  for a long long time... Also have to waterproof the clays.. I saw a video use epoxy glue on the clays.. but I havent been able to find how to waterproof pictures.. =P

All else fails, picture stick outside the jar, clay inside! hehehe...

And these:

I told you I printed A LOT of the same pictures.. I dont know what I was thinking then... Now that I have plenty, I must finish them right?

See, I make my own crochet flower and I dont feel "sayang" to use.. =P I bought some studs from Art Friend, they were cheaper than S&C.. and stuck it in the middle.. :)

Ok ok, next scrapbook Im gonna put pictures of me instead..

Next project: crochet more doillies and more flowers... ^^

There is this jar of sands I "stole" from Redang back in 2007, and I put it into a ikea glass jar with a few shells... I "dirt" the stick (I got it from Ikea, for stirring coffee, though at first I thought Im gonna buy an ice cream for it's stick ) and stuck this picture that I've photoshoped it to lomo looking and made it look like an instax film... I wanted to decorate it more, but in the end I think this is sufficient.. Or perhaps I got lazy~ =P

I regret I dint take sands from Tioman, Pangkor and even Hawaii.. haha.. but who knows, I will go again... ;)

Finally, my first orders came from the USA.. this one I bought from Ebay~ I cant find Rangers Perfect Pearls in S&C, (dint try looking in 1U) and it wasn't that expensive, cos Im sure if they selling it here, price are marked up higher.. and a 5x7" arcylic stamping block.. its like RM75+ including postage.. and I saw S&C selling theirs for  RM100+++ for that size...

So now Im gonna mix some own glitter spray and use it for my next scrapbooking ^^

Gotta go now, working on my crochet tissue box and maybe a beret cap later.. will blog and show :)


Friday, March 11, 2011

More Hauls.. =P

Went to Art Friend in The Gardens yesterday.. and got myself these:

Draw pattern thingy, arcylic paints in metalic, embelishments stickers, puffy alphabets stickers, mini cotton balls, yarn in green, stencils, and this woolly wire thingy called chenille stems..
I wondered if you guys played this before when you were younger?
I remembered I had this ruler before when I was young.. Use those color plates, poke into any of their holes and circle it around and around the template, and you get nice symetrical patterns, depending on which hole you poke into.. ^^  I lost mine when I was young, and I couldn't find this in any shops anymore, so when I saw this for RM1.5 in Art Friend, I just grabbed it hehe... =P

Then I got these doillies from Jusco, for scrapbooking! =P I cant find smaller ones yet, and these patterns arent that nice I think, but who knows after mixing it with colors and embelishments it'll looks nice? ehe...

These are yarns I got from Sg Wang today, I was in KL for lunch, and just stopped by Sg Wang to get these and will try to make more crochet stuff.. i want make arigumi doll, mayb a hat? or a bag.. =P

yeah.. I wanna scrap summore.. so much to do right? aha...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deco-den Nintendo casing ^^

Food minatures resins and tubes of sillicone "cream" I collected for some time..

Im gonna bling this!!:

After 30 minutes or so~


Im patting myself at the back for having some effort to do what I have wanted to do ( and also clearing my trash).. Hope to accomplish everything before I find a job, or start working... hehehe...

Its actually quite fun and easy to decorate! Just squeeze those sillicone cream out, I even bought the icing tip to make the effect.. den poke in those miniatures! I also added some heart pearls and some pink diamente cos my miniatures arent enough and the case look empty..

I feel addicted to it and wanna make more! haha.. but then Im not gonna do this to to my psp casing.. Im gonna *BLING* the psp casing instead (yeaps I have lotsa those diamentes too =P)

But its not cheap, buying a little here and there, I have forgotten the price, but I've checked some prices in the website and its at least RM1.5 for those mini cakes resins (bout 1cm), and those large pretzels resin (2cm) do cost more! That have excluded the "cream" that I bought from an online shop from Japan! (I saw a website here selling a tube for RM80!) but also some other alternatives for bout RM40..

I still have a tube of pink silicone.. if someone is interested in doing so~ or wanna pay me to do it for them... hehehe.. =P


Update: Fug... Now it can't fit into the white casing. :( have to buy bigger casing...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gurl's D@y ouT & stuffs...

Yawn!! Im back from a window-shopping-movie-girls-day-out with Fish! :D

Fish came for a monday interview (and reason to see bf) and we decided to hang out in MV! Well, nothing much, lunch and catch up, movie, ice-cream, and dinner! lol! ALL FOOD!!

at this newly open Garden lifestyle & cafe..

I like this pic, randomly taken by fish~ ^^
Watch No String Attached, starred my Ashton Kucther (is that how to spell his name?) funny! At least I got a companion to watch chick flick with me, no need download it.. you know la, hubby dont like chick flick, only action movies... haih..

anyway.. lemme show you!!

 My first Martha Stewart punchers order arrived!! =D *hyper*

Punch around the page combo - double loop
Monarch Large Butterfly puncher
 hehehehehehe.... nice hor? =D

I ordered it from a usa spree.. cheaper than buying it here... but then the catch is have to wait ONE month... so if you want it cheap-er, you need to wait, or buy it at RM129 for the combo in local craft stores.. :)

Im gonna get more ~ *addicted*

I regret I dint buy any of the earlier in my flying career.. now that I dont wanna go back... hmmm...

Anyways.. here's what I've achived lately in crocheting...

mini butterfly!! :D
 Fish said it looks like godilock's hair wtf.. -__-"

dont looks like it.. but took me the longest to make the petals T_T fingers also cramp.. T_T

Latest: mini doillies... use it as it is...

or sew it together , add a button/bead in the middle, and make crocheted flower.. ^^ 
Oh well, I'll try to make more tomorrow ^^ nite~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My "Box"

Opps... I went missing for a day.. : P

Well, I kinda dint touch a single crochet or any papers or crafts yesterday.. and today.. :( cos I was drooling on some online craft that wanna buy! like some Martha Stewart's border punches... and I wanna get that mica powders so I can make those glitter spray (buying 1 bottle from craft shop cost me RM20++ and making them cost cheaper, can remake, and can use the powder for many purpose...) and i kept on browsing, and browsing... and more poping out as I browse... and I was making lotsa decision and mind controlling to not straight click buy! Cos they are mostly from USA website, and since I'm not flying, I'll either have to send them to an agent and then they send to me, or pay for a international shipping. T_T..

No, not to worry, these stuff are either selling more expensive in KL, or there's none available in here! :D

Now that I kinda made my decision to buy which and to save which for later, just gonna confirm my shipping address later and wait for my parcel!! :D

Oh, I also join yoga class yesterday! :D So, was kinda tired after all the muscle stretching (you know how long I dint do a real work out??) So I was tired last night after the class, and having muscle pain on my thigh, arm, even my stomach muscle today! T_T

I'm gonna go for yoga every Tuesday and Thursday for a start out, if I'm capable, I'll join more classes next time! :D

hmmm... okay.. let me show you my "hoarded stuff" ^^

This is my box. FULL. Its those Ikea 12"x12"x15" boxes..

That's the first layer~

2nd layer...
 Mostly embelishments I've collected over the YEARS.. hahaha... where ever I found nice/cute stationeries.. I'll buy them :P that daiso box are a few mini punchers I bought from sunway pyramid like a year back, and some pattern scissors, and 2 mini stamps...

That checkered heart? Korea.. but I guess I am still "sayang" to use it yet.. too precious!!

Some butterflies clip that I thought I will remove the clip and scrap it ONE day, or just make "copies" of it (wires, organza, paint, glue... i hope)

3rd bottom layer, left side... Started "hoarding" these since I-dunno-when.. some are alphabets, or glittery, foamy, 3D, velvet... but some, I just don't know where to use them on... too cute! and yet I have no cute pictures to scrap! Perhaps I'll start giving them away to my cousins... :)

more punchers
 I told ya I have lotsa them! :D I'm gonna buy some Daiso box soon and put them in.. mostly are punchers from Daiso Taiwan.. where EVERYTHING is RM3.80!! O.O!! 4 or them (the largest ones) are from a scrapbook store in Frankfurt... Stumbled upon the underground shop 1 day.. but cos its all in Euro, its kinda expensive.. but they are not those regular punchers... only half the pattern is punched... and the punched part will be folded to create a full shape.. ^^

Oh, those 2 reds are those regular punch lor... :)

pens... :P

craft knife...

embossing ink and powder...

Distress inks..
Yup... this are just part of them inside the box! There are other stamps, quilling tool.... tapes... etc!! And its getting more and more! I need to clear the other box and fill them with MY STUFF!! :D

So now you know why its so hard for me to scrap! I have to dig out everything to do something! and most of the time, scrapping a layout needs mostly choosing and picking everything inside the box!!

Hmm.. hope I'll be able to do something tomorrow... ciao!!