Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy 29th Birthday to me~~

Its midnight now... Happy birthday to me... here I am lying on my bed, unable to sleep... babies beside me...

Nobody bothered to stay till midnight to wish me... no surprises no gift.. snoring got laah.. *sigh* is it caused by old age we no longer be bothered whose birthday? is it cos we are married for FIVE years that birthday wishes and love is no longer important? *SIGH*


Something I would like to pen down on my 29th birthday..

I'm spending my birthday ALONE.. In osotto... Which is something I've planned since last month..

Away from work, away from kids, always from husband.. It's a pampering day for my own self. If everything goes well, so will next year birthday be.. Another pampering day for only me...
Sometimes I felt the life decision I made sucks. And that's how I'm not contented in this life anymore..

If I have insisted to get OUR OWN HOME before marriage.. Life probably is better now.. I'll be MARRIED to my husband, not his family as well.. Which will make me more sane...

If I have not been so h**rny and lazy and san that condom.. I don't need to get married that early. Probably get to enjoy a few more years of single life happier with a boyfriend. And maybe a few more years in KE too..

I shouldn't have help my husband in his biz.. Not that I'm a bad wife.. But this business have taken us apart... All the stress from the business, brothers, workload, responsibilities making us drifting further.

At times I have bad thoughts of getting a divorce and freeing myself from this self-brought torturous life..

Marriage.. Sometimes I do wonder what is it for apart from binding us legally as husband and wife.. I was waaaaay happier before i got married..
Marriage is like you're automatically bound to do the extra house chores and paperwork of your husband.. And I didn't see that in our "marriage contract"

And since this kids.. Life is less sweet and excited as before marriage

Marriage makes a man(some men) think it's time to be more responsible with life and hence.. Less spending in entertainment.. More investment in a better life.. More savings=less fun

Good.. But not happy..

I don't get it, is it only my husband or everyone is like that?

Marriage makes guys think they have won the courtship and so, no need to put effort in loving the wife more, surprising her, showering more love... Which I think it's nessesary to keep the fire burning... Lifetime..

Marriage means you can be pouty or frowny to your wife and speaking less lovingly to her and she can't do anything cos she married to him... Unless the D word comes over... Which everything is too late to recover...

Yes I know social media is where we show everybody the happy parts. So I see people spending fortunes to go holiday overseas and get a hinge of jealousy. Yes we may not know probably she had arguements with her husband a day before, or work like shit at home before the trip, or family stress upon her before this trip.. But still.. Flight to LA and JW Mattiot hotel? Fuh..

But that jealously turn to sadness that my passport was not as fully used like last time. Jet setting to so many countries.. Enjoying life.. The the self questioning will appear asking did I marry the wrong guy? I should have choosen xxx instead.. I shouldn't have resign that job that at times make me unhappy and lonely but still get to let me fly around, shop around and earn MORE money...

Some incidents just make me think. Why me?? Why must it be MY DUTY to laundry the clothes, iron the clothes, filing the bills, make milk for my kids, cooing them to sleep, settling their tantrumous cries, cleaning the house.. Etc.. When I also have a full time office job? Where are my alone time? I cant even stay back slightly later in office to surf the internet! and I cant even do it at home! What life is this???? Am I not belong to myself anymore once im married with kids?????

Why I should contemplate with earning a mere 2k job and should be contemplating when ITS NOT ENOUGH???

Why should I save and spend less because I earn so less???

Why why why.. This questions will never get a satisfactory answer.. It's just things you "should" do when YOU ARE MARRIED...


Friday, September 25, 2015

The Fu*king Stubborn A$$hole

So many annoying/irritatng things happened! and I didnt have place to rant nor time to complain!! OMG..!!

#11 YBIL

for the past 3 weeks or so I have to tumpang him cos his Kenari really old ady.. keep dead engine and no aircond.. fatty needs aircon.. and so his BROTHERS (actually my hubby suggested...cos fixing that kenari will cost a bomb T_T ) decided to get him a new car (35 years old still need BROTHER to decide and SPONSOR him(deposit) a car!! WTF!!!)

[FACT 1: Do you know my 1.6cc car cannot accelerate up 120km/h WITH HIM INSIDE??! Normally can speed up quiet fast]

And I beh tahan he so like a kiddo when he wanted a MYVI! (his bro suggest axia cos its new model and cheaper... after all brother sponsor deposit he pays the rest of the loan...) the way he said he wanted a myvi... OMG...! #behtahan

Then cos loan approval took like more than 2 weeks he like nearly everyday ask me why the perodua didnt call yet, when can get the car? and I have to help him call! GOSH..

Nevermind... Alison very kind hearted de.. I called.. I helped.. I fetch him to Perodua center to submit is details summore...(its on the way home anyway)

What I cant tahan (and no where no one to rant cos he is in the office, he is in MY CAR, he is at home, he is my husband's brother!! #frustratingenough) is from the moment he decided to get a purple myvi, he eye-ing EACH AND EVERY MYVI THAT WE PASSED BY... Co-incidently the first week, we didn't spot any purple myvi and he keep asking why can't see this car color.. then he finally start seeing some purple ones and keep asking why is the design look different.. (the fact he couldn't really remembers how the new car look like excactly but keep asking out loudly annoys the heck out of me... in today's technology, one can google the lastest picture or when we go the center, snap a pic of the car la! but no, he never have the mind to google, and he FORGETS to snap a pic BOTH TIMES we go to the center.... -________-"  )

The problem is when he keep asking everytime and it starts to get ANNOYING!!! Cant he just think it in heart and shut up! (summore I dont know why I find his voice irritating...)

Ok la maybe he gets over excited cos he finally gets a new car... but I have no idea why it annoys me So So So much!

Even when the car arrives.. his excitedness ANNOYS ME TO DEATH!! 

No. Im not jealous he got a myvi.. (Hey..! what car am I driving?) He got so precious of his car, he said he haven't drive above 90km/h... like really??? And he willing to WALK 3 blocks away to Mr DIY to get his car accessories..(he is so fat and heavy he dont like to walk too far.. he even ask ah onn(another staff) to tapau him food (mostly economy rice... cos and Onn... well, took what Onn like and now finally he willing to walk to tapau cos he wants MORE MEAT MORE RICE) And he got kancheong when he found his carpets got lots of sands from his own shoes, he wanted to go get a car wash.. I that time so nicely told him not to waste money somemore.. In the end, he bought a RM33 in-car vacumm.. lol.. I actually have one I got it cheaper but hardly use(and I kept in the office lol...) cos I clean my shoes and TELL my passenger to clean thiers too before stepping into my car. EXCEPT THE FATTY, TOLD ONCE, TOLD TWICE.. THIRD TIME STILL COULDN'T BE BOTHERED BECAUSE ITS NOT HIS CAR... MOTHER-FUCKER...And when I told him just clean your shoe before stepping in, you know what's his pariah reason??
"if raining how you clean your shoes? the more you brush more sand right?"


So I just didnt bother to let him know I have one and let him buy his. ;)

And hello... SO DUMB!!!!  Dont know what sign is this/that at the dashboard ask me, DONT KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE AH????!!!!  ASK ME FOR WHAT????

And so HOO-HAA when some cars didnt want to give way.. complain people nearly hit his car lar, and that time was "helping" me fetch annabell.. so no need 2nd time... HELLO!! THIS IS KUALA LUMPUR!! YOU THINK YOU KAMPUNG AH???

So precious of his car, dont dare drive far somemore... hahahaha

And SO STUPID! SO SO DUMB!! DUMB AND HIS MANY STUPID REASONING!! His brother helped him adjusted the side mirror to his brother's view.. doesnt mean he cant adjust it to HIS OWN VIEW RIGHT???? a Car nearly hit him cos he couldnt see it.. OMG... Thank goodness I was in the car.. GOSH.... 

 #12 YBIL
Him again!! He is getting more and more daring and doing his own way.. I already close one eye how he like to control EVERYBODY (except his brothers) and Ms tung[accounts] (cos ms tung dont make conversations with him, he probably shy to talk to WOMAN, and he know nothing about accounts, hell he couldn't even pronouce her name #slaphead) he even wants to control me!! How you asked?

1) courier guy comes around 1.30pm.. sometimes when things get busy I forgot to prepare the parcels on time, but no worries, courier man is friendly with me he dont mind to wait 5minutes or so for me to prepare.. but he like to "REMIND ME" to prepare the parcels before the courier guys comes.. which I dislike cos I know my work.. who are you to command me? You are no boss to me and not someone I respect...

2) EVERY FUCKING DAY by 5.30pm, ask me have I back up my systems. To "PREPARE" me to turn off the computer ON TIME to LEAVE on time. Previously cos I am supposed to leave early to fetch Annabell from day care.. But I know my responsibility LAA! I know how to arrange my time!!! If I cant fetch and Hubby is around and available, Hubby will fetch OKAY!!! WTF.. If hubbs gone outstation/overseas, I CAN MANAGE MY TIME TO FETCH OK. The daycare can wait. WHY MUST YOU BE IN CONTROL OF ME???? Hell, he even COMMAND ah onn to TURN OFF THE COMPUTER BY 5.45PM... WHAT THE FUCK??? Who sits in front of computer who turns if off whenever he wants la right? When he sits for that computer (they rotate their duty) he turn off the computer by 5.30!! That computer I connect to the internet-radio!! So WE ARE ALL LEFT WITH 30minutes of silent moments-radioless.. OMG.... #hitwall

 #13 YBIL

 So now to the main reason of this blog post.. I knew this thing happen earlier.. but I found he is getting more and more daring to do it his way... and recently it affected my work.. so I must let da boss know..

Intro: His duty include packing orders and putting on our own warranty stickers to each item. These stickers are special made where is so fragile it cannot be removed nicely once stuck to something. And in the size of 6mm diameter, they are numbered with 12 months of the year and we have to use a marker pen to dot the months/year and stick it to our product following the current month we are in. Get it?

So during "slow" times, sometimes he prepare our products with stickers so when order comes, less work needed to be done. Sometimes by last week of the month, he will start sticking stickers dated for the next month. Eg: End of september but sticking October stickers already. Reason is those stocks are prepared for next month order. Im fine by that.. until this month I keep hearing him COMMANDING ah onn to dot October sticker (he dont like to do it, he commands people to do it. So now no more malay girl or junior staff, he bullies ah onn... by age, ah onn is junior, by work, ah onn knows more than him, more capable than him.. but he deem he's more senior cos its his brother's company!!) and THERE ARE 2 WEEKS BEFORE END MONTH!!!

And last week, I have to do a LARGE credit note (and CN nowadays so troublesome, have to refer previous invoice, thanks to GST!!) and from seeing the CN stocks, it's dated May... but when I search for May invoice, its not there, but in APRIL invoice... HOW FRUSTRATING IS THAT?????!!!!! I'm talking like about 50-60 items to be CN-ed!!! I took 4 hours to do the CN that day and still couldn.t finish!!

So I know asking him is useless. he will give me more useless reasons.. I straight told Da Boss about it and ask da boss to tell his brother off. He nodded in front of Da boss but after boss gone, he did the same thing again!! So that day after work(tuesday) I kept ALL the Dotted October stickers... and also inform hubbs

Next day, he ask ah Onn where are the stickers, ah onn said I kept them. So when I arrived office, he ask for it from me, I said stick September first, and he got pissed and gave me silent treatment whole day... which Im soooo happy (sorry to say but sorry no sorry) nobody COMMANDING ME the whole day!! #jumpswithjoy
Then Thursday is a public holiday and today (friday) once I arrive office he asked me again in a more angry tone, to take out the October warranty stickers, it is only 25th of the month.. 5 more days to go.. what's so big deal about sticking OCTOBER STICKERS?? I told him to ask his brother, (which I know he wont) and he said "ok lo no need stick the products lo" (which ofcourse he

But I notice he later DOT HIS OWN OCTOBER STICKER!! Oh Gosh.. how I felt that time!!! So pissed, annoyed... angry!! WHY IS HE SO FUCKING STUBBORN....!!!! HE JUST WANT TO WIN AND CONTINUE HIS BULL HEAD MIND TO STICK OCTOBER STICKER. I cannot take it anymore and told Hubbs and Da Boss about it.. At least I let it out of my mind.. Let them settled it.

Im not being stubborn, but Im helping the company. Date the sticker earlier we are giving ONE EXTRA MONTH OF WARRANTY TO THE CUSTOMER! THAT'S WHAT.. 13MONTHS WARRANTY????!! Who is at lost now??? The COMPANY!!! 

But if so the Lee's decided to side their brother, just ONE Word from them.. so be it. I no eye see.. Not to say, but if so happen I will plan my resignation....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Little Annoying Things #8, #9.... #10






No, I didnt know UNIFI NOW doesn't post bills. So I enquire. Yes they send u E-billing cos they know your email. They dont know my email! I've subscribed unifi waaaay longer than you and they didnt ask for my email address. They never inform me they will ceased posting bills. So you dont "act" like you know.

Then I got pissed and spoke more "animatedly" (shoulder & next movement) and I have attitude.

what the fuck...


Is it me or they over over over quachang??? 

Daughter fell from sofa and knock her head (big blue-black bump) and HOOO HAA how she fell?? Blame EVERYBODY why never look after "HER HIGHNESS"?? 


and the wife can cry... OMG.. OVER-NYE...

I mean yes it sure is heartache but when Annabell fell down same situation also before! It's not like a horror thing lar! heck FIL SLAPPED my baby! I didn't cry la. I wonder if FIL slap her baby... kill FIL??  ANNOUNCE DIS-OWN FIL?? HAHAHA!

You own flesh and blood you scold people. YOUR FATHER SLAP MY BABY GIRL IT'S MY GIRL FAULT??? 




Friday, June 5, 2015

Little Annoying Things #7

Dear MIL,

Really?? If you are so tired, please do not wash your laundry at night. I have no choice cos I need to go to work in the morning and cant wait for the washing to be done and hang it out. I like to hang my clothes my way, I also need to "CHOP" the laundry area. And no I cant get up earlier just to do my laundry. I AM DEAD TIRED. 

So, PLEASE DONT HOG THE WASHING MACHINE WITH YOUR CLEAN BUT UN-HANGED CLOTHES to hang in the morning cos you're dead tired at night.

I want to wash MY LAUNDRY but you hog your clothes there, I HAVE TO HELP YOU LAUNDER THE CLOTHES. Even when its already midnight and I need to wake up for work tomorrow. Else, I felt guilty knowing there is clothes in there and I ignored it *OCD?

Also, please dont waste my husband's MONEY. Those "hau jou san" is not cheap. I can't hear my girl's phelgm, its not phelgm okay. Dont assume just because my girl make those "throat clearing" sound. (smart Alivia!) Vomit IS STICKY AND MURKY. It's NOT PHELGM... Cos our body processed the food with acid and its mid-digesting. Don't simply assume its phelgm and feed her a whold pack of Hau jou san.



Monday, June 1, 2015

Little Annoying Things #6

Many things happened lately... on MIL, FIL and BIL It'll be a looooooooooooooooong story to tell here.. lol..

Anyway, that annoying thing that made me snap yesterday... When I must do the work and must do it quick when commanded.

Everyone is so into the HK drama now (Empress of China) and Annabell (whom having mild-recurring fever this few days) is feverish again.. at the most kancheong time!


Why only me? Your son cannot go?? YOU Cannot go..???? its at the kitchen only what.. I MUST GO RIGHT AWAY??? 

So I snapped!!

I just say can I give her the meds after this drama? Its just another 15minutes left! And there is no advertisement in between! Why must ONLY ME sacrify the most kan-cheong part of the drama? Another 15minutes wont kill!! (its not emergency situation what)

And YOU of all people get to rewatch the drama again and again the WHOLE DAY NEXT DAY!!!! 

I doubt I have time... So much to do and nobody help...

But in return I got scolding from Henry. What the fuck??

Henry said I should just reply "wait" but dont he know his mom by now??? the reply "wait" is not gonna shut her mouth! She keep commanding until I go! If I dont go henry also unhappy! Because I didnt listen to his MOTHER!

Im sooooooooooooooooooo PISSED!!! 

You scold my girl "Chipet" I didnt scold you what. So many times ady and I kept quiet!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Little Annoying Things #5


Especially YBIL(Younger BIL) !!

Stop forcing me to fetch him along! CONTROL FREAK!

When he is in the car, everyone is so tensed! I dare not gossip or say anything. I have no where to rant my feelings!

I cant joke #truestory  because he dont laugh at my jokes. And I dont find his jokes funny. #ohmygod #wrongchannel

Im very stressed when someone waiting for me to be ready and go to work.

I already compromise my punching card when I'm late for work, and my pay cut for lateness! WHY YOU WANT ME TO TUMPANG HIM!


HE LIKE TO DRIVE FAST AND DRIVE HIS WAY. So when he is in may car he ALWAYS COMMAND me to "go this lane" "go here here"

I like to drive MY WAY and sometimes, I might need to go somewhere to get something


I can compromise ah onn and kayong following me but I really cant tumpang him

Somemore just because he is my YBIL, like the front seat written his name. Then he dont speak but closes his eyes, then he SO HEAVY

I very scared my car suspension cannot take his weight =_="

I cannot even have smoother pickup (yes my VIOS car!) when he is in my car!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm stingy, but I couldn't bear to let my kids put this on anymore!

I couldn't believe it at first... Malaysia's most favourite baby lotion (J&J) is a safety hazzard product. (link1)-dated 28/5/2013  (link2)-dated 13/8/2013 And most of us bought it to use on our newborn's delicate skins..

Annabell pretty much finished TWO LARGE bottles... and a few more bottles of those travel sized...
Thank goodness Annabell's skin didnt have any reaction to them.. Because Annabell have no reactions, so I got the same brand for Alivia and started using it since she got back from the hospital (Annabell started using J&J like around 5-6mths as I got 2 bottles of organic lotions on sale during mother expo.. it was good, but expensive, so I switch!)  

But due to Alivia's body more prone to sensivity/redness, she tends to have red patches around her body... We thought it was ezcema.. and very hardworking-ly slab on a lot of those ezcema creams.. sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.. and I heard (not yet done my own research ) those ezcema creams doctor gave HAVE Steroids too! and then from red it became white patches.. We still think it was ezcema, and doctor said it will go off later..

Then.. J&J lotion finished, and I didnt have time to buy another bottle (if you know my story) I managed to find some leftover bottles of organic lotions (no idea who gave or left it at home, not expired yet, probably left by MIL day-care babies) and used it on Alivia. The first tube was Sebamed. But I hated its thick consistency. My hand could never "slide" over my baby's body.. felt like Im rubbing her instead =_="

So I tried the Bud Everyday cream and yes, smells nice, smooth and guess what? Alivia's body have lesser and lesser red pathces!   What else? Maybe Alivia is sensitive to some ingredients in J&J lotion.. So I got myself another tube of Bud's Everyday Organics Baby Cream. Waaaaaay more expensive than J&J (J&J retails RM20~ for 500ml then, Buds RM35.9 for 150ml on a discounted online website and RM50++ on baby shop...) but what to do right?

Anyway.. Since Annabell started daycare(another story, another time), I thought she need lotions after her bath there (I've stopped applying lotion to Annabell since she is around 2years old, MIL said she apply it once in a while, but since somebody is applying her lotion, why not? heheh..) and there isn't any J&J lotions at home anymore, I went out to get a tube. The pharmacy have a varieties of normal lotions, so I thought I check out their ingredients and see which is the best..

To my HORROR... they all contain cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol (ain't alcohol evaporates and leaves your skin even drier????) fragrance(it is fine, but link1 said J&J had a lot of fragrance in it that it scales a dangerous no8 (1 is the safetest), Dimethicone(What? Link said danger level 3 and " a silicone-derived emollient, is that its occlusive nature (meaning that it coats the skin with an impenetrable layer) can cause irritation when sweat gets trapped underneath. Not only are synthetic silicones non-biodegradable, but they also may accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes, where they may foster the growth of tumors." TUMORS?? OMG Mother F! ), Methylparaben, ethylparaben! propylparaben! (PARABEN!) OMG I dont even..! , Titanium Dioxide!? Aluminium Hydroxide?? ALUMINIUM in BABY'S LOTION???  Acetate??? I use acetate to remove nail polish!


Not advertising (I dont get money from them anyway, I PAY them for their lotions) but do you know what's in Buds Everyday Organics Baby Cream?

aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, -aloevera
simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil*,
butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit*,
olea europaea (olive) oil*,
cetearyl olivate,
sorbitan olivate,
portulaca oleracea extract,
helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil,
olea europea (olive) leaf extract,
lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*,
pelargonium (geranium) graveolens oil*,
phytic acid,
sodium benzoate,
potassium sorbate.

parfum made from essential oils
*ingredients from organic farming
99.6% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
20.0% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
99.3% of the plant ingredients are from organic farming"
In the online shop I shop, Buds is the most economy organic lotion for babies.

Im so spending more $$ on Organic lotions for my babies T_T Sorry Annabell mummy put poison on you for such a long time TT____TT

Please let me know if you can find even better and cheaper organic lotions  (apart from making it myself -_-")

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Little Annoying Things #4

Sometimes Im angry/pissed at something... including myself...

Something small... Today it'll be on SIL and MY Kiasu-ness *sigh*

4th Uncle brought 3-4 large bags of kids clothes that his kids have outgrown on sunday night. Having to juggle the two kids, I couldnt check it out that night and sort which was nice.

Off to work on Monday morning...

By evening I'm back, SIL already sorted and picked the clothes  T_T

The kiasu-ness in me got pissed lar! Im sure she picked all the best ones already! *sigh sigh*

Hell, she already washed and laundered what she picked >(

I saw a nice legging (looks like disney) that Alivia can fit.. Alivia is 6 months old. Her daughter is 14months old but tiiinyyyy... She also can fit that socks!! 

I saw some nice girl clothes too laundered... :(  

I wondered what other boy clothings she took? Well... not that I have a boy... just wonder.. 4th Uncle do have some moolah... I have seen some pretty clothes on his boy... but Im not sure his wife got give or not lar... she probably give the nice ones to her gfs ady lar.. lol..

You know, her girl is so tiny, a stockin I passed down to her a year ago still with her. I saw it in her cupboard... She didnt return it to me. But I didnt see her girl wearing it! What she wanna do with that stockin? Her coming baby is a boy!   >( I passed to her cos I thought I was expecting a boy next! Now I have a girl, cant you give it back to me first? Make Alivia wardrobe becoming limited cos most clothes for 6-12mths her daughter still can wear...

By now, you understand how kiasu I am...

I felt not worth buying too much new sets for Alivia, cos she is my last...

I have to bear with it lor, since I also do not feel nice to ask it back,

Telling myself, my room is out of space, its ok. its ok lor... chill Alison... worse of all just get new pcs for my baby ok! 

So here, I complain. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How To Juggle 2 Bosses, one of them is your husband, another is your brother in law...

Mostly juggling the Bro in law side... how to avoid stepping over the line.. lol 

The Brother in law

What he wants he want it NOW
Want EVERYTHING his way
Doesn't want to hear explanations when he want that something NOW
Thinks he is the ALMIGHTY
Whatever he thinks he told us, but in fact he did not, he only THOUGHT he did said it.
No use arguing, as he will fight till the last breath word
Calculative to other people, wife, okay. (perhaps included, its behind their closed doors, lol)
Doesn't appreciate what you do, ask you to do even more as he PAID you. (sai sei yan)
HOT TEMPERED even the wife cannot tahan him
He knows you know how to do it, but still wanna instruct you again, which I hate very much.
You are not important to him unless he needed something from you. self-centered selfish asshole. So he don't remember things that he thinks not important until last minute and he scolds you for not reminding him.
Unhappy with me, but prefer to complain to my husband about me, make our relationship sour. Confront me cannot??


-I tried to do my best.. but putting the line there, he is forever my brother in law, not my god. Need not put all my blood, sweat, heart in everything... as by end of the day, I am not appreciated. (yes I got that year end bonus, I should be thankful, but no, it's little compared to the profit margin I saw and the amount of work I did.. my salary? Merely can cover me.. just because I work for my husband I'm expected to swallow the fact my pay is low, but I must work as hard. As you cant find a staff that does the work like me... and staff/outside people have to choice to leave when they are not satisfied... unless his wife can take over me... but his wife didn't want to work here...  lol)
-Always tell myself, I am a human, I do mistakes.
-Don't rush his things. Its not appreciated. The more you rush and do it faster, next time he expect the same thing and thought you can do it just as fast as you previously did (he never consider maybe then I was free/less work, now I have work loaded and I wanna do my work step by step, not cut queue)
-when he nags, no need to argue to make your fact right, like I have said, He want it his way, he want to win, he is always right... yes, I'm not happy getting naggings/scoldings but it'll be over later, no need put in heart and make myself sad/feeling imperfect/stress.
-My salary does not include being his PA. So I always remind myself not to talk to much to him until he thinks I am his PA.
-Learn to mind my own business and not be so nice to do everything.

The Husband

-He is the 2nd director, he understands how controlling his elder brother is, so he try to not know or let his brother do the controlling, as 2 hot tempered person ruling a "kingdom" ends with war..
-But of course he made his voice heard when needed.
-Listens to explanation, try to think in staff's shoes (after all he worked as a salesman for 10+ before.. how he does salesman/staff "roll"... unlike his brother who although also work as a salesman for 10++ but yet does not understand how people roll)
-Sometimes when he need something he also expect to get it from me like ASAP. And I am suppose to voluntarily be his PA because I'm his wife T_T
-I am to report what-ever things he didnt know back to him... I'm his spy in office wtf.. lol...
-When the brothers have conflict, I am to be blamed together (the Mother-F**k*r brother will find fault in me... even if it it what I said YEARS back... so hubby will lecture me and me being me will try ways to protect myself... and pisses hubby off and we fight, I cry, he angry... sigh...
-I must prepare my explaination/reasons well before it's being accepted. And I must propose it nice and sweetly... sigh...
-there is always a conversation involve work at home. where we have more private time to talk about it... sigh sigh sigh..
-sometimes there is no topic to converse about other than work. or just face the phone..
-sometimes he get sensitive when I "sided" the staff side. Im supposed to think like a boss wtf .


Wednesday, February 11, 2015




Next time anything regarding tom star, please, im not gonna be involved.

Order 4 battery, yes la, I know it doesnt even cover the cost to post, arrrgghh.. I know I shouldnt call to order, but i was just trying to do my job! like that also kena shoot!

really, Im I really that stupid?

Sometimes I really cannot trust anyone... Who called brian to complain?? Irene?? TS Office???? 


how big sigh I can release? now my heart not song, kena shoot >( 

Im suspecting the previous order of m900 lcd also got stock, but they said no stock cos not enough to cover postage lor..

beh song beh song beh song! really beh song now!

These things made me think I really shouldn't stay.. even though Im worried other people cant do my position, cant do my thing as good as me, cant be "in control" but things like this make me unhappy, and even if I quit this job I'll be facing MIL ALL THE TIME, I just wanna give up

Though these feelings is just temporary, Alison is so forgiving... sigh..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Herbalife (Malaysia) - Review after one year


There are many usage for Herbalife shakes:

Drink it to slim down
Drink to keep fit
Drink to gain weight... what else? lol..

I started Herbalife since Feb 2013 - after CNY, and was pregnant with Alivia @2nd month.

Wanted to have a healthy eating lifestyle and diet for me and my pregnancy (during my pregnancy with Annabell I got really fat and water retention... thanks... Anmum!) and my bestie keep telling how I should start now as it benefits my baby as well as me, and even after giving birth I will help me to slim down faster... and...

that time I just got my bonus so have extra moolah... i decided to try... hehehe

if you read my post here, last year I said I have once joined HB before like 10years back when I was still a student... I PAID RM80 for their membership but no money to buy their product so my money just GONE like that... T_T

the pros & cons for joining HB now and previous:

Now: They have health clubs to mix your drink for you. Good for lazy people (like me) or busy people (like me... lol) as drink is served for you at a price.
-so you pay their montly fee - in my case RM360 for 30days (equivalent to RM12 per cup)  their card are like a attendance card with boxes to be ticked off, so everytime you come to drink they sign on a box. In my case:- I dont/cant come everyday (sometimes late for work sometimes lazy and I wanna EAT breakfast) so my card can stand for like 45days instead of 30 days... hahaha..  or if you dont want to pay that much, you can pay for your cup daily @ RM14... RM2 more expensive.. you count the maths. update: they have now shifted and thier new card is RM120 for 10 times, finish 10 you buy another 10....
Then: Join member, go to their motivation courses, buy products to drink it yourself. Just like that. Water + Shake. If you just started you get hungry so fast cos the shake is too light for those who normally have normal breakfast.

Now: Shared fruits.
- They used to cook barley everyday (and cool it down) and put in 2 scoops to the shake for more fulfilling meal. And also fruits of the day. So they can buy a whole watermelon and since so many people drink the shake daily, the watermelon finishes in a day. Only that they don't have luxurious fruits like peach, strawberries, avocado la.. too high cost.. lol.. if you buy a watermelon at home, how soon can you finish the fruit? Don't say watermelon, apple also cant finish in one shake right!
But now they have newer strategy: 2 scoops of Oats, and a banana... They said they copied vietnam style, and focus on the nutrition in the shake and not the additional fruits. but I believe it is cut cost, and less work.

 Now: They have additional Protein to add to the shake to promote muscle growth. Also have other products to boost their shakes like Omega3, Aloe drinks, teas etc..
Then: Im not sure they have these things or not 10 years ago... no money to buy then T_T

Now & Then: Price. They are not cheap. If you are not a member you buy them at retail price (wondering can I annouced the price or not?) Join member and you be at distributor level and get them at 25% cheaper.. and for even more discounts you have to buy like A LOT (im talking few thousands Ringgit), earn 500vp points to be at Senior Consultant level. and they have many more level where you need to maintain a certain point every month else you wont get more discounts. Their member price is a yearly thing..

I joined their membership.. but then I found out I wasnt/are not capable to be that active to level up ( I am still at distributor's level now cos I only buy and drink them myself) Im not sure why but my circle of friends are either those who dont believe in MLM or just couldn't afford.. I tried to ask them to join but they never "appear" so I'll just leave it at that.

Since my bestie joined and have a few supporters, she managed to level up to Senior Consultant and there I buy my products from her account... my advise is no need join member unless you are 100% sure you can work up from there and make herbalife your income source. But provided your upline willing to let you use their account to buy the products la.. if your upline not willing what can you do right? (I heard its "illegal" to share account lar... but those are rumours so that everybody must join member ma)

I guess I am one of those who quits.. lol!

Im not saying their product is bad, just expensive for a normal, normal low income person, . Diets are expensive. Only few can afford. If not how they can manage to have such a BIG Corperation right? How your upline get incomes right?  No $? Do it naturally - eat less, eat healthy, stay away from fast foods and high carbs food, rest more, drink more water, work out.. eventually you can lose the fats.. but more hard work lor..

Did it work for me?

Hmmm...  50/50

I did not get bloated during pregnancy, which is good... but of course, I did gain weight.. But I never follow their "proper" way lar, I only took it to replace breakfast. In the begining I drank it at 8.30am but got hungry by 11am.. now.. I manage to wait until 1pm lunch time. The "proper" way was morning 1 shake, 4pm 1 shake, before sleep 1 shake at night.. but eating like that will cos a BOMB... so.. yeah

As I write this post, Alivia is 4months. I slimmed down quicker compared to Annabell's time, but I still have that baby bump like I'm 4months I still did not/couldn't follow their proper way.. lol.. I prefer to EAT FOOD than DRINK FOOD..

hahahaha... yeah... that's probably me and my reasons..