Saturday, August 27, 2011

I quit...

Yes.. I tendered my resignation letter.. Well.. Its not that I can't cope in that company... I just couldnt stand their culture there... As I have so far managed to score my target and have my outlets all pass 100%... except this month's Jusco BH outlet.. -__-.. (ok if u wanna count in my June's Lot10 outlet.. I have nothing to say..but I was new...) I even reach a 120CTR(customer turn-up rate) this month whereas my target is 90... ^_^  So... my reason of resigning?

1) I truly dislike that we in this dept. have to work 10-7pm on a Saturday.

2) There is no OT pay for working that long hours. My job description in contract is working hours 9-6pm or 11-8pm. Yet if you have morning shifts and leave on time, you get the "roll-eye" stare.. leave late, there is also no goodbyes from that manager who roll eyed you..

3) Cold calling - its fine... except I cant stand to lie just to make people come.. whatever the promo ends this week is fake. As long as there is respond to that promotion, the promo goes on...

4) Customers lie too. They just sounds like really interested to come for an appointment but then did not turn up, saying forgotten, emergency, lazy, busy, turn off hp, no answer... etc.. sick of it

5) Managerial position people are really ass-holes..(I have stories in that too) but then.. if they are not assholes, they won't be sitting there to command you today.. ;)

6) HQ consultant have to make minimum 70 cold calls a day. (Outlet 30 per day per person) Raya season: HQ 100, Outlet 60... crazy.. in 70 cold calls I made, 10 gets thru and listens to you, 2 fix an appointment, the rest would be no answer, network message, voice mail, hang up, pick up silent. You are lucky to not get scolded... In that 2 appointments you make, probably that 2 person will not even turn up or answer your call anymore after that.. or they keep postpone and refix that bloody appointment.

7) Due to Raya season, response is really low, due to a) people need to spend $ on celebrations  b) all balik kampung or puasa reasons.. So what they do when follow ups have all been called thru?(1 outlet have 3 outlet consultants, 1 HQ consultant.. and if that outlet couldn't achive their target, temp staff are being hired to back up. 1 old outlet may have 2000+ old datas. 4 consultants to make 250 calls a day, in less than a month, all datas have be called and recalled, making them "trash data".) Sometimes I do pity those people who sms in, as they will be bothered and annoyed for 1 whole year or more, unless they come for that appointment. Or, change numbers... After they come for appointment, they also get calls from skin consultants for that regular appointments... -___-

8)There is this system they created where all datas are only 1 years old, older than that, they will be exported out from system. When response is not enough, and target is not reached, system data have been "trashed", they exported some 2-3years ago numbers for us to call. Name them archived data. Now this is worse. in 100 calls I made, I get ZERO appointments.. but then my follow up calls are really high :)

9) Company's dirty culture. To hit 7million sales per month, those consultant made all kinds of dirty tricks to get $ from you; to hit sales target or "to close a sales" consultant must collect a minimum RM500 from you no matter what trick they use. So no matter how sincere I ask people to come for appointment, I promised them free first facial, next thing I get complains that to get that "free facial" they have to pay RM500 to be member; 1 bloody eye treatment cost RM430? RM9000 for 10 collagen-and-i-don't-know-what-else-in-it treatment?? Riddiculous! If you are just that strong and do not want to sign, you get "threaten" by bigger size consultants, then 2 more will come in, then later another manager will come in and ask rudely.. some said they lock the door and not let you out unless you pay some "deposit" Or said their package is today only offer and next time come back no more such offer, just to get you pay... sigh!

I could say I myself was a victim too... I went for a first trial in LWM for like RM20 6-7 years ago and the next thing I know after treatment I was being brain washed for package. When I couldn't afford, they asked for my atm card and start poking them into the machine and "extract" my savings out. Thank godness I was poor student and couldnt pay full amount! Till today I have RM1000 inside and still unused 8 treatments!! >(

NewsFLash! The boss n wife took a trip with a few top manegers/directors to Milan recently and the wife had spent SGD100000 (or was is 500000??) for branded bags! How we work our ass off and how lavishly they spent! Woohoo!

I would be really stupid for not leaving... yes unless my face is that damn thick!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I watched all the season finale of my favourite American dramas on Saturday... =D  (GG, OTH, DH... TVD ady watch) yeah I know I am so late to catch up but yeah I was that busy.... kinda...

I went back to Seremban finally, after near 2 months. Yes Seremban is near Kajang, but this is the only weekend I get to have Saturday and Sunday off.. ;) or just tad too lazy to go back cos I rather spend my only Sunday chillax... =P

Though I did not achive a 40 visits this 1-10th (some extra $ incentive if I do) but I kinda got no more mojo when I know the yellow rally will affect everywhere... :(

Yet this 2 days was just too short and not enough for me to start a layout scrapbooking or a little bit of knitting, I wanted to knit my own sun hat and some baby booties for Soo's new born baby girl~ can't wait for her to stop by KL and meet her... I hope...

Also didn't have the "time" to edit my Macau-Zhuhai-Shenzhen pictures.. (mostly Macau, cos I stoped taking pictures in mainland due to excessive window shopping and shopping =P

Mr Hubby went pms just now for I did my laundry late at night and ask him to help me to hang it up... He don't get it why I love doing laundry at night.. But I have my reason... the sun here is limited due to condo blocks so if I do my laundry early morning Im afraid it won't be dry enough by evening.... So doing laundry at night, the clothes are like 40% drier by morning... at least I done my laundry at night I don't have to wake up earlier to do it in the morning = more sleep...

And Hubby was like "why can't you do it in the weekend??" like hello, I have to work on Saturdays, and if Sunday I would love to got some sleep in than stressing to wake up by the alarm just to do laundry.. And these 2 days weather was a bit cookoo... I wanted to wash the bedsheets.. It's already 2 months and its starting to have.. "nice" smells.. =(  And I just can't only do laundrys on weekends? I might have to clean the room, do ironing (though thank goodness I din't have to this weekend) Not that I have maid to help me... >( and not that YOU will help... >( >( Mr.Un-appreciate!!

Anyway.. enough of complains about Mr Hubby.. time to sleep.. hope to be able to leave office early the whole next week and start editing picture to blog and post.. T__T

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3rd day @ work

I would say I hate cold callings... Perhaps I hate ppl who cold calls me, or the feeling of being rejected... But once I got hold to it.. I mean the trick and tips of convincing ppl to come to the outlets (yea I get paid if someone I called actually comes to a fixed appointement) its kinda ok..

Been starting to cold calls since yesterday morning.. was really hard to do at first, especially I was given old contacts to follow up... its kinda a back up way for the monthly target... cos I am still new.. these are just for "practice".. but this morning, a colleague told me I actually made 50 calls, I was surprised! I did that?? LOL!!

And when I found out 3 of ppl I called and receive call actually came up for that appointment, I was estatic! Until the meeting today (I was in office till 8.30pm for that meeting, my parking $ today was RM12!!).. I got a little stressed when they was like saying "wow! three days here got 3 ppl ady!" Its like they are expecting me to do better than today! What if tomorrow I dont get that much.. its just luck ya know..

I have to practise 1 thing for sure, to pick up calls even before they ring.. cos the other 2 in my group is like seniors.. they are really quick! I havent even identify which number is ringing and they already pick them up! Cos till now I am only giving follow up calls, and not fresh data, while they have it.. so they totally have better $ that me...

Oh well im new I know.. I just wanna rant.. I know I'll soon have those data (like next mth they said) and I'll have to be fully responsible to get target, no help from the other 2 seniors.. now, I shall make myself enjoy "backing up" hmmm..

There are fun and not fun calling.. fun when funny things ppl said to give reasons to not come.. and not fun when ppl actually hang up or get angry and so on..... like eg, today a colleague fixed an appointment for this aunty to go in lot10 at 5pm. Aunty said will ask husband to fetch her. And do call her back to remind her. So when colleague finally manage to call her after many failed attempts of unanswered call, she ask if aunty still wanna go, but aunty's son picked up the phone. said mom went out with dad..

Ask if his mum coming to lot 10, he said no, they are not coming.. then he was stammering unsure how to respond to us... and said want to let her sis to talk to us.. then hang up.

Of course.. my senior-very-pro-colleague called back. this time Im not sure who answered.. but said they are not coming, wanna change the coupon amount she bought to product (which was impossible to change names or even products in this promo) and funny was, aunty "went out".. but he did not put us on hold and said "MA! They said cannot change ppl or exchange for products"


anyway... lesson 1: Do not simply sms for more info, unless you are interested to do so, else you get calls every month persuading you to go their outlet or buy their packages...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First day @ work... Layout #8th

Yawn!! First day at work was soooooo boring!! Well.. cos I am new, and they haven't set up the system for me yet! And looks like people are not gonna teach me everything.. I'll have to ask and wait.. if not.. they just do their stuff.. I guess.. But I cant judge someone so soon right.. just wait and see...

Well case point was at about 4pm++ and I already had nothing else to do after reading and re-reading the guidelines and info they printed for me, so I finally open my mouth and ask how can I do some calls, and THEN, only somebadee taught me how to open the data.. but wthell! I dont have those file sharing folder... -__- So called the technician again to enquire.. and they said they will check for me.. and there I am again trying to spend off my time till 6pm.. -_______-" I even played games.. freaking boring and sleepy nothing to do!!

Anyway.. as promised.. 1 last layout before I start work... I finished this last night.. Im guessing I'm couldn't/wouldn't have time to scrap.. I do hope I have time.. You know my Tioman pics still have 3-4 to go... Ady thought of some layout.. but I guess I'll keep it for a free weekend.. I dont think I can do it by this weekend, cos I guess I have to work on saturday and sunday its laundry and ironing time.. TT___TT

No flowers, no hearts... =P
 I squeeze my brain juice out to not add in flowers and hearts.. lol.. I only thought bout the buttons last minute and after some trial arrangements.. I came out with this.. =P I bought this pack of vintage inspired buttons from Targets also last time, together with those chipboard flowers.. but never used them yet... till now.. LOL..

I drew broken white lines on the paper..

Looks like stitches isnt it? hehehe.. the blue is too plain without some borders.. and it just matches the buttons... hehehehe... I even drew on the boats.. forgot to take their picca.. =P yeah.. not original.. idea copied.. but atleast I dont have to wait for a future home to bring my sewing machine over to finally use the idea! That'll gonna be a few years wait and these trends might just be outdated!!  =P

Stickers from momoyo...
Well.. gotta go zzz now... have to wake up at 6.30am! TT__TT

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1000th day... =)

Ok.. might be silly for you... but just a reason to eat out... heheh...

I just have to keep a copy of this... hehehe...

Went to have lobster @ Lobster man SS2... Pics later.. haven't "extract" out from iPhone.. =)

Ok, maybe I should celebrate our next 2000th day.. hehehehe.....

I was asking Hubby, which anniversaries we should celebrate? Our official dating day? 10.10.10? or August 5th? Or all three? Then Hubby said why don't we also celebrate the date we meet, the 1001th day, the 1111th day....etc? lol!!  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Layout #7

I did this yesterday.. but blogger was upgrading or fixing something.. so didn't blog... ^_^

Us in Tioman.. (still) with the rented 2 person bicycle, while waiting for the time to pass to depart back to KL...

I dont wanna use the flower elements.. so I tried with heart... =P

Yeah~ I use the word LOVE again!! Just couldn't think of any quotes! And I don't wanna put long quotes! Or initials.. or leave an empty space!!

I "cut" my own scallop edges.. hehehe.. with a corner rounder punch! =D Even used a smaller corner rounder punch (yes I have 2 sizes.. =P) for the picture.. but cos it wasn't the right size.. 1 part kinda went out of shape.. but you wont notice it if I don't tell you right? hehehe....

I cut the tree and the grass after a random draw behind that wrapping paper.. just some scraps I still keep.. lol.. and of course used my heart punches for the "leaves" ^_^


If you do notice the side of my blog panel.. there is a countdown.. and today... its...:

yesss!!! Tomorrow is our 1000th day aniversary.. lol lol!!

I told Hubby about it and he laughed.. I thought we should go out for a simple dinner to celebrate.. and have some piccas taken.... hehehe...

Anyway.. Im jam stucked now with my next layout.. I have hundreds of sample from the online and magazines.. but I found most of the samples uses flowers to decorate.. those without, uses patterned paper.. which I'm lack of.. =(

What matches Dark blue card stock and a beach theme? and have a masculine feel in it? hmmm =( Apart from using hearts again, any other ideas?? What I tried searching online, those without flowers looks out.. I mean.. the trend now is flowers embelishments.. =/ or 3D... I kinda not used to empty scrap-space..

Yes, what I want to use as my background now is a dark blue card stock.. but Im having some time to think of matching colors and embelishments, without flowers... =(

Give me some ideas? Pretty please??

p/s: wtf I have 23 visitors today (ok minus 2 which is me) and most of them are my coca-cola post viewers!! I'm kinda shy with that post now, cos my fringe was PERMED so ugly by the Koreans.. and I wasn't even in good makeup and clothes!! >( shall I hide that post?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Went for an interview today in Menara IGB... in this company that opens Yumnam, London Weight Management and New York Skin Solution...

While on my way home.. They called to confirm me! And I am to start work next Wednesday!! haha! So soon! =D

Its a Customer Service Officer, calling and receiving calls and inquiries for either one I'm working above.. and persuade people to go to the outlets, and each successful visits I get my commision.

Well, I don't know how tough is it, or the target that I'm able to hit.. I do hope is an easy peasy job *finger crossed*

Pay wasn't that much that I expected, but well.. pretty sufficient I think..

And Hubby said this is only temporarily, till his "shop" is ready for bussiness, and I am to help him there.. =)

shit.. it hits me now that I have to start working in a week's time.. o.O" Time ti keep away my crochet and scrapbooks?? I dont know... =(

Monday, May 9, 2011

layout #6

Erm.. I quite not happy with the result... =(

I think too much gold used.. looks so..... hmmm... M? Should have used some other colors for leaves, but I cant think of what color to combine with gold..

Watcha think??

I bought this metalic gold paper like for ages! I think since college or so.. never intended for scrapbooking.. Don't know for what... lol!

I made 4 large hibiscus.. and I thought I keep 2 for future use.. but in the end the layout looks quite empty and I ended up using all four of them.. And I was lazy to make more tiny roses.. but I think the page is over-whelemed by all the flowers ady.. Maybe I'm so used to a few photos in one layout.. not quite used to looking into once picture.. hehehe...

This LOVE is embossed!!! =D I got this gold embossing powder in that craft shop in Frankfurt.. (if u remember, together with my punches.. which now I notices its actually EK success.. -__-")

I never used it before.. but earlier, I tried on embossing powder (black) and it dint work with hair dryer.. so I was kinda excited seeing the powders melt.. hehehe.. ^_^

But then the embossed gold and the paper gold is of different shade! And the flowers over-powered the embossed!! =(

I wanna make at least another layout before I start work! Please make me do it!! *cross fingers*

But you know what, ever since my first layout, I've been using flowers as mediums.. I wanna change! But I have no idea what to use apart from flowers!! And shall I make my next LO flat? or how?? Btw, I'm very close to finishing the printed Tioman pics! Yay!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mummy's Day~

Stuff I did for Mummy's day.. lol.. its a rare occasion.. cos previous years of attempt to celebrate with mum comes with a "no thanks" from mum saying I'm wasting $$, or I'm not around... etc....

these are sea salts+lemon+Burt bee's body oil... ^^
I subscribed to Martha Stewart's Craft, and they emailed me ideas to make home made gifts for mom... and I decided to give the bath salt body scrub a try.. heheh...

salt = RM2 (large pack, I only used a little)
lemon= RM1
Burt Bee's Oil = RM55 for 115ml, but I only used like 15ml... the rest can be my moisturiser or body massage oil... ;)  

added in lemon peel and juice for the fragrance and color.

pour in to the jar I got from jusco for RM7.90 (before 15% discount)

tadaaa!!! =D
I know if I buy gift for mum, she'll nag me for wasting $, and going for fancy eateries also gets another no thank you... cos some how mummy never believe in celebrating lavishly.. lol.. and I'm jobless right now to not be able to do it lavishly~ hehehe...

So Mei and me decided to make things homemade this year..

I made a card too... =P
Yes, I have time to make another card too ;) I came upon this idea from the internet, but I forgot where.. so there.. I'm not original.. just in case the "designer" of this card did see my post, here, I said thank you for your inspiration =P

yes ;)

I made the pot's pattern with one of the templates I bought from paper wishes, and sponge in my pink ink.. then I drew borders with brown ink pen around the sponged pattern (cos I feel pink is not that visible from the yellow card)

The flowers are thick precut cardboard flowers I bought from Target in Atlanta (yes I still remember) its a large pack with many many different card flowers... Well.. kinda out dated now, cos I bought and kept it so long, hoarding it not willing to use cos just-in-case-i-finish-it-and-cant-buy-them-again-anymore wtf but now I have to make more use of them and be done with it.. -__-"

And the flowers were a bit tad boring, so I stick on layers with smaller flowers, added rhinestone and tried to glitter them with the popular glitter glue I bought (no idea if its acid free or not)

I stamped the message with my new acyclic alphabet stamps, and some flowers and butterflies rubber stamps from popular I pretty much got a few rubber stamps from popular earlier, cos I thought stamps in scrap booking store is too expensive... T_T but then now I pretty much own a load of them... =P temptations...

Mummy's breakfast... ^^
Yes, Mei and me got up as early as 7.30am this morning to fry some heart shaped eggs and hot dogs.. I cut the cucumbers and gardenia bread to heart shape too... hehehehe...

Well.. its a successful idea for mummy who always "no thanks" us... lol! She was.... "touched" (cos I don't know is it a sincere one or not.. she looked fake doing the "touched" look.. LOL!!)


btw.. here's my upcoming layout:

TH "dies" I traced on some gold paper

Pretty much old wrapping paper I bought in college years...


These are large flowers from here... using large and medium "dies"... and the stamen from the mcgill punch I got...

This is another rose flower I learnt from youtube
Using the same range of dies also.. so stay tuned for my layout very soon ;)


And I couldn't resist posting this... hehehe...

hehe.. I saw it in youtube once.. and I saw it from anonline store.. I got it... >.<  for RM39.9... a bit ugly though.. I already colored the pink cat eyes to black.. and later might "alter" it my way.. hehehe.. It was pretty fun earlier, trying to put in 50cents coins.. But the box couldn't fit much coins.. kinda full ady.. =( 

oh well.. time to sleep! I woke up too early~!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Im useless... =(

No, its not a emo post.. pms-ses over..

At times, I do feel useless.. sigh..

I find myself not being able to be qualified for a job. Yes I blame part of myself being choosy.. and part of it couldnt even qualified for some requirements..

Eg: Graphic Design. I had a Multimedia Diploma cert. But that was 4 years ago. I keep saying I went to a pariah college. But the fact is IF I ever did put some effort in my projects and portfolio, Im sure Im better. My other college-mates seems to be working fine in this industry. Why not me? Now I see the requirements, Like you need to know HTML, or 3D, or Flash.. I mean I can self learn 3D, but flash and html is kinda hard.. to me..  =( Then now some printing companies requires me to know the printing block or something for separate color printing machine.. which I don't remember anymore.. =(

and then, part of me is feeling that with my qualification, how much can I earn in GD? 1k? 2k? is it even enough? I've been sooooo used to 3-4k pay!!!

Now, skip GD, we go to other industry that I may be able to work... Like admin! or HR! but requirements: Minimum diploma in bussiness admin, or human resource.. SIGH! I dont have that! Unless I go take a diploma/degree course now! Who's paying me? Even if I study part time, I need a job to pay for it right? Who's hiring me~??

Sales.. Been to 2 inteviews! Ok, so I dislike the Dell.. but Citibank kinda sounds interesting.. but till now no news.. I dont know is it the way I gave my answer in the interview to not get these positions, or just Im not qualified cos I have no experience or what-so-ever.. =(

I wanna do sales, cos I believe if I put my effort in, I am able to get my previous salary amount.. but if it requires me to cold call... well... I already dislike ppl who cold calls me.. now I have to do the same?????? I dont know.. =( If that sales requires me to go out and find clients.. Im not sure how good am I to be able to talk to them and sell my sales.. low confidence... =(

We had some talk that day... hubby and me.. and he actually suggest I take an interior design course and then future up a biz in kitchen design and hobs.. I am interested! Someone's actually agrees to me to learn ID!! =D  But after a bit, Hubby thinks that biz needs a lot of revenues? Cos have to give me time to study ID, work a bit for the experience and hire contractors and lorry drivers.. buy lorry... etc etc... sigh!!

I even researched for a ID college. And I found a part time 1... I mean I do have some basic, so I can pretty much learn them more easily right? I'll have to talk to Hubby and convince him...

And mummy actually thinks ID is not good. And ask me to learn to be a Hair dresser wtf... -____-"" I am not looking down on hair dresser, but its not my field of interest.. I might just learnt it and dump it half way right? I rather she let me learn nail art.. ah... speaking of mummy.. I dont know what kind of things in her mind, asking me to apply for a government job. Easy and good pay job wtf.. No, I dont like to join the M work force!!

You may say "how come those with lesser qualification than me can have jobs and I cant?" And I say it again.. I have a part of me who couldn't sacrify for a lower pay... but to get that higher pay needs more qualifications... so how?

Now, advise me what to do? Im so stuck.. and the longer Im at home the lazier I get... you know... procrastinations.. and penniless... =(

Monday, May 2, 2011

Layout #5

Yea lor.. =( till now only 5th layout... =(

I think not bad for a beginner... hor? =P
I didn't use my new punches yet.. I don't know why.... actually.. I do know.. I was doing it on a day where Hubby is around.. I don't want him to know I just bought them, so they were hidden =P (ok I know the severity of my shopping habit >.<)

He saw some of my scalloped heart punch and my 1" circle punch and he already questioning me..(my stash scattered ALL around the room when I scrap, thanks to small space... ) IF he saw that at the same time.. opps... =P

I made these flowers myself!! hahahaha! Yes, the large bloom is from one of that TH (I don't wanna type the full name, just in case someone search online and found me and tell TH and who knows TH will sue me for doing that to his pattern..  >.< )  tattered floral "die" I made.. the blue ones in the middle are punched out... The colors were also spritz from my own self-made "glimmer mist" and I added a pearl into the middle... hehehehehe....... looks real~

Ok, I didn't invent them... tutorial from here I didn't copy exactly cos I don't have a star bust punch, (pat myself at the back, not planning to buy them.. not right now...) so I took out my daisy punch and did the same... I'm glad I have no urge to buy a star bust punch, but also not so glad, cos I cant wait a month for the stamen punch, I bought it DOUBLE the price it should have been @ SnC... bad Alison!! Just for the sake of I can be able to make nice flowers asap! >(  I know there' many small words in here, try not to read them... =P

The dark brown daisies are not glimmer misted, just distress inks with my "blending tool" =P and added in a rhinestone from my collections.. =P The only thing I use from my new arrivals are the branch leaves...

I glimmer misted the doilies I bought from Jusco too ^_^

Cherish stamp I got from Craft Haven... sales cos its old stock and the stamp is yellow... but who cares as long as its usable... ;)

I... erm didn't stamp it properly so the vines weren't nice, so I drew them up again with black ink pen.. is it obvious if I don't tell? =P There are actually 2 stamps in here.. notice those extra curly vines on the left? It was another mini stamps.. I feel that part was too empty without it.. =)

I was pretty stuck with the title till I found both of this.. hehhehee...

And that night after I created this, I suddenly have SO MANY ideas on my mind!! I nearly couldn't fall asleep!! But as I wake up the next morning.. Idea still in, but mojo gone... =(

Anyway... was surfing around and found more pro designers. Totally inspired me.. but I need to make myself do more.. hmmm.. stupid procrastination disease!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crocheted hat, and more shopping hauls... =P

Here's a sun hat I've promised to do for Candice...

lol.. I was pretty sastified.. I followed the pattern from here... but I added extra lines cos my yarn is a 40g. If I follow that pattern without adding my own lines, I'm afraid this patten will only be suitable for a child's head.. lol... Though my first hat might not be that perfect.. but I think its ok... =P

*ok Im so doing the praising myself here... -__-" *

Anyway, my next hat project is gonna be for my own, and I have bought dark blue yarn for that.. ^_^

I found a yarn shop called "Haby&Wools" in Ampang Park. This shop have more yarn choices.. but of course, nicer yarns is more expensive..  But, of course, it wasn't as expensive as that shop I've visited in Pearl Point Old Klang Road.. -__-'' This shop is apparently been there for a long, long time. I believe so, cos I remember going there for some sequined threads for my self made retro pants for that "Induction 70's Concert" 2005 in college ;)

double knitted yarn 50g
I bought a few of these (RM19.90 each!!) and decided to make some little shoes for Soo's baby girl.. I asked the shop keeper and she said those yarns I used to make the sunhat is too rough for baby's leg.. And of course, I can also use this yarns to make other things. Maybe for my own future baby? =P Or make and sell them... hehe..

I also bought a book there that have some patterns with I would love to try my hands on...

sigh... cost me RM69.90..

But I tried searching this kind of pattern online, and I cant find it, or I'll have to pay for it.. So I might as well invest in this book which have at least 8 patterns inside.. =)

This is an English pattern book.. which means I also have to be careful to know confuse myself (I followed American's pattern and style due to most tutorial in youtube is American's...)

hmmm... you know lace vest is back on fashion? =)

but Im not sure WHEN will I be starting them, or can I even successfully make 1 that is wearable.. lol.. So I spotted some nice lace vest in Nichi that I might get them first.. =P

Jaspal have them too, but waaaay more expensive~

I wanna make this top also!!! =D


In another shopping chapter, these are stuff I bought from paperwishes. An online shop in USA... I sent it to Washington, where Gyna collected it for me.. and it nearly went to a whole world before reaching me.. Kinda took 1 month also.. LOL

Ok, it dint go to a whole world, just Korea-Penang-Korea-KL... and finally to my hands from LeeChin.. LOL...

Templates from the company...

I cant afford the Slice Elite yet.. and they have these template where I can trace many kinds of pattern and cut them up.. yes lotsa fussy cuts.. but hey I dont need to get all kinds of punches..

Some cost USD 1 (sales) and other cost up to $6.99.. If I dont remember wrongly~

Alphabets stamps!! =D and some mini stamps.. and a pack of girlie embelishments..

a book of papers for me to play on
Its vintage pattern, and its for me to use when I start to venture to 12x12 LOs.. (is LO = layouts?) apart from its pattern only on 1 side, and slightly thinner paper material (but its written there improved to heavier papers) but its alot cheaper than buying piece by peice..

I think these are like a dollar or so.. so I just click buy.. lol..

I WILL venture to try up soap making in the future.. =P


Okay. Call me silly, or stingy.. but I had an idea to NOT buy the Tim Holts distressing tool.. I used that once in the SnC class.. and it was pretty much like an office stamping tool but have some velcro tapes and foams on it.. So I ask mummy if her office have unwanted old stamps..

Mummy got some back for me (pretty much) and I removed the rubber from the stamp, stick and stapled the velcro on it.. bought a piece of felt form Art Friend and cut them to mini pieces... and....

 Who cares if the wooden stamp is a bit dirtied and old? LOL =D


You have to pardon the dark look.. my iPhone is not listening to me =(

I did tried it.. looks preeeeety okay on that sample...

Another silly thing I did... I am / might not purchase a die cutting machine.. cos that is very expensive I believe, getting a die cut machine and its many kinds of pattern and the cover thingy to cut the pattern out.. compared to a Slice Elite.. and die cuts can only cut 1 pattern into 1 size.. and of course, space is very important to me...

But I like that TimHoltz tattered flowers very much! Especially I saw many experts out there having them and making very, very nice flowers.. So I came out with this silly idea: I googled for the largest size of TH flower pattern, check out their actual size and resize that picture to their actual size.. then I printed them out, and stuck it onto a hardboard.. and cut them out!! =D

Benefits of a Multimedia Diploma.. haha.. -__-"

Taadaa!!! =D

Looks real right ; )

Well.. it involves more fussy cutting.. cos when I need those flowers, I will have to trace them onto a paper I want to cut, and cut lotsa layers of it (if I need 10 petals, I have to fussy cut each and every piece of it o.O" ) hard work.. but till I have my own cutting machine.. hehehe..

I kinda got this ideas from those templates I bought.. like since I dont own a machine.. why not have template instead.. Of course, I also like TH's bird cage.. but that is TOO MUCH fussy cutting.. Im gonna skip that.. =P


Last but not least for today, I had a LOVELY surprise yesterday!! (not really a surprise, but just didn't expect it..) Suddenly got a call from the postmen in the afternoon, that they have my parcel, in front of my block, I was like "huh" I dint order anything did I? But remembering the date and kinda thought what it was...


=D =D =D =D =D  


deep edge punch lattice heart

Edger doily lace...

deep edger butterflies...

scalloped dots..

punch around the page combos- vintage florals

punch around the page combo - double heart...
and a leaves punch I forgot to take pic.. =P

So HYPER-LY excited!! =D

Now, I'm not gonna tell you how much I've spent.. but I can say I love end of the month.. hehehe... and no more reason why I don't have this or that to scrap? I hope so..

Im kinda in a brain freeze.. dont know how to scrap.. Im guessing Im putting my aim too high (wanting my LO to look like those experienced experts) and so spending time to coordinate embelishes.. but I forbid myself on getting a kit.. I wanna try coordinate things and colors myself!! Which takes time..

Im trying to listen to those experts out there, dont use too much time on a piece of LO.. hmm.

*finger crossed*