Saturday, February 14, 2015

How To Juggle 2 Bosses, one of them is your husband, another is your brother in law...

Mostly juggling the Bro in law side... how to avoid stepping over the line.. lol 

The Brother in law

What he wants he want it NOW
Want EVERYTHING his way
Doesn't want to hear explanations when he want that something NOW
Thinks he is the ALMIGHTY
Whatever he thinks he told us, but in fact he did not, he only THOUGHT he did said it.
No use arguing, as he will fight till the last breath word
Calculative to other people, wife, okay. (perhaps included, its behind their closed doors, lol)
Doesn't appreciate what you do, ask you to do even more as he PAID you. (sai sei yan)
HOT TEMPERED even the wife cannot tahan him
He knows you know how to do it, but still wanna instruct you again, which I hate very much.
You are not important to him unless he needed something from you. self-centered selfish asshole. So he don't remember things that he thinks not important until last minute and he scolds you for not reminding him.
Unhappy with me, but prefer to complain to my husband about me, make our relationship sour. Confront me cannot??


-I tried to do my best.. but putting the line there, he is forever my brother in law, not my god. Need not put all my blood, sweat, heart in everything... as by end of the day, I am not appreciated. (yes I got that year end bonus, I should be thankful, but no, it's little compared to the profit margin I saw and the amount of work I did.. my salary? Merely can cover me.. just because I work for my husband I'm expected to swallow the fact my pay is low, but I must work as hard. As you cant find a staff that does the work like me... and staff/outside people have to choice to leave when they are not satisfied... unless his wife can take over me... but his wife didn't want to work here...  lol)
-Always tell myself, I am a human, I do mistakes.
-Don't rush his things. Its not appreciated. The more you rush and do it faster, next time he expect the same thing and thought you can do it just as fast as you previously did (he never consider maybe then I was free/less work, now I have work loaded and I wanna do my work step by step, not cut queue)
-when he nags, no need to argue to make your fact right, like I have said, He want it his way, he want to win, he is always right... yes, I'm not happy getting naggings/scoldings but it'll be over later, no need put in heart and make myself sad/feeling imperfect/stress.
-My salary does not include being his PA. So I always remind myself not to talk to much to him until he thinks I am his PA.
-Learn to mind my own business and not be so nice to do everything.

The Husband

-He is the 2nd director, he understands how controlling his elder brother is, so he try to not know or let his brother do the controlling, as 2 hot tempered person ruling a "kingdom" ends with war..
-But of course he made his voice heard when needed.
-Listens to explanation, try to think in staff's shoes (after all he worked as a salesman for 10+ before.. how he does salesman/staff "roll"... unlike his brother who although also work as a salesman for 10++ but yet does not understand how people roll)
-Sometimes when he need something he also expect to get it from me like ASAP. And I am suppose to voluntarily be his PA because I'm his wife T_T
-I am to report what-ever things he didnt know back to him... I'm his spy in office wtf.. lol...
-When the brothers have conflict, I am to be blamed together (the Mother-F**k*r brother will find fault in me... even if it it what I said YEARS back... so hubby will lecture me and me being me will try ways to protect myself... and pisses hubby off and we fight, I cry, he angry... sigh...
-I must prepare my explaination/reasons well before it's being accepted. And I must propose it nice and sweetly... sigh...
-there is always a conversation involve work at home. where we have more private time to talk about it... sigh sigh sigh..
-sometimes there is no topic to converse about other than work. or just face the phone..
-sometimes he get sensitive when I "sided" the staff side. Im supposed to think like a boss wtf .


Wednesday, February 11, 2015




Next time anything regarding tom star, please, im not gonna be involved.

Order 4 battery, yes la, I know it doesnt even cover the cost to post, arrrgghh.. I know I shouldnt call to order, but i was just trying to do my job! like that also kena shoot!

really, Im I really that stupid?

Sometimes I really cannot trust anyone... Who called brian to complain?? Irene?? TS Office???? 


how big sigh I can release? now my heart not song, kena shoot >( 

Im suspecting the previous order of m900 lcd also got stock, but they said no stock cos not enough to cover postage lor..

beh song beh song beh song! really beh song now!

These things made me think I really shouldn't stay.. even though Im worried other people cant do my position, cant do my thing as good as me, cant be "in control" but things like this make me unhappy, and even if I quit this job I'll be facing MIL ALL THE TIME, I just wanna give up

Though these feelings is just temporary, Alison is so forgiving... sigh..