Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Little Annoying Things #4

Sometimes Im angry/pissed at something... including myself...

Something small... Today it'll be on SIL and MY Kiasu-ness *sigh*

4th Uncle brought 3-4 large bags of kids clothes that his kids have outgrown on sunday night. Having to juggle the two kids, I couldnt check it out that night and sort which was nice.

Off to work on Monday morning...

By evening I'm back, SIL already sorted and picked the clothes  T_T

The kiasu-ness in me got pissed lar! Im sure she picked all the best ones already! *sigh sigh*

Hell, she already washed and laundered what she picked >(

I saw a nice legging (looks like disney) that Alivia can fit.. Alivia is 6 months old. Her daughter is 14months old but tiiinyyyy... She also can fit that socks!! 

I saw some nice girl clothes too laundered... :(  

I wondered what other boy clothings she took? Well... not that I have a boy... just wonder.. 4th Uncle do have some moolah... I have seen some pretty clothes on his boy... but Im not sure his wife got give or not lar... she probably give the nice ones to her gfs ady lar.. lol..

You know, her girl is so tiny, a stockin I passed down to her a year ago still with her. I saw it in her cupboard... She didnt return it to me. But I didnt see her girl wearing it! What she wanna do with that stockin? Her coming baby is a boy!   >( I passed to her cos I thought I was expecting a boy next! Now I have a girl, cant you give it back to me first? Make Alivia wardrobe becoming limited cos most clothes for 6-12mths her daughter still can wear...

By now, you understand how kiasu I am...

I felt not worth buying too much new sets for Alivia, cos she is my last...

I have to bear with it lor, since I also do not feel nice to ask it back,

Telling myself, my room is out of space, its ok. its ok lor... chill Alison... worse of all just get new pcs for my baby ok! 

So here, I complain.