Monday, May 9, 2016

F*ck Mother's Day... >(

He post a picture of happy mother's day in his wechat moments.. and in his fb... >( this kind of social wannabe, potraying such a good person la wishing everyone HMD..


Im not pissed he didnt wish lar, 3rd year already... but Im pissed him demanding me like a MAID...

Bell is sitting on the table with him, eating hotdogs, and he sat there with her watching his ipad, and I sitting on the sofa mending my things (tv) and he can demand me to get a cup of water to bell... Why cant he move a bit and get it???

Ipad dramas can be paused but no, im the maid!

Sommore MOTHER'S DAY I toast bread and made milo for him ... not the other way round meh!!! 
I willing do so if its been ask nicely, not demanding like a maid!!!! >(   #sopissed

He ask me to call unifi and ask how long more the contract for taming, WHY CANT HE CALL IT HIMSELF??? how hard to call 100 and press BAHASA MALAYSIA??


Night time BIL ask to join for dinner, since I didnt go back seremban to celebrate with my mum, and so we went.. I took out my ipad for bell, but I played a bit of games first before passing to bell, and he can sternly warn me not to play such things there???? is it illegal to play games?? Its cooking dash!!! WTF? He read his soccer news can???

and the whole dinner he is so pissed looking.. he didnt even want to order food!


We cannot talk nice conversations anymore, its either he turn the topic to make it his point, or just annoy/irritated I've talked.

What have I done wrong???

I told him I need to go times square and he can forget about it and wanted to yumcha with a property agent, then I was just telling him there is a nice new cafe open near us, we shall go visit it sometime and he got pissed WTF

In the end I go Times Square didnt get my things, I have to accompany him to buy his slippers WTF


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