Friday, June 16, 2017

Another Update of My Life...

Can you imagine I started this blog at 21 years old and "mg keng mg gok" its already 10years!!

Sadly the main purpose of my blog (which is to share my happiness of travelling and life then) changes to become a platform for me to rant my anger, hatred and sadness.. things I have to express out or else I'll go crazy and theres no other place.. Perhaps my ego is too high to rant to people around me, or just didnt wanna worry them.. hahahaha but funny thing is, ranting to a public blog is OK cos people may or may not know me to judge me (at least face to face) and nobody have time for blogs nowadays anyways... hehehehehe

Being having a huge ego, and also self control of not letting everyone know too deep about me and my problems (I dont know, stalker?) (yes call it ego too) sometimes I dont post my stories, occasionally I still update my blog, but they ended up as "saved as drafts" but at least I ranted out..

More blabberings again..  lol

The most famous title in this blog now is probably my Public bank branch codes.. heheh and many googler contributed to it too.. haha. at least something is useful in here. Once upon a time it was my Coke Museum visit in atlanta.. but too many people "visited" that page, from all over the world and I had since retrived it having felt uncomfortable so many people viewed it >D

So update of my life.... ... ... Mom to 2 girls, 4 and 2.5 as of today, still working with husband albeit it wasn't fun, money wasn't enough(for me to spend like how it used to be), loooong hours, no holidays...sometimes face bad mood from OWN HUSBAND!! lol 

But somehow as I stepped into the 3-0ss, I have a strong believe I can't just sit at the office, and sulk with my salary..I thrive to achive more!! (I sincerely want to help my husband so quiting is not what Im gonna do unless I became a Millionaire, although there were tough times.... I may have thought to quit many times.. but a sincere heart to help my husband Im planning to stay.. unless the husband ask me to quit and have lotsa $$$ for me >D) and how I wish I have plenty of time to make more $$ by myself.. there are many things I could do... or buy... You know laaa everything got expensive, gst, inflation.. how much is enough right?

And being in my 3-0s.. Anti Aging has become my concern.. 30 ady maa.. wrinkles and old age.. and with my lastest craze of K-drama.. dark eye circle T__T (When else can I catch my drama when Im busy during the day and before my kids is asleep??)

When you talk anti aging with me before my 3-0, I will be intersted but not on top of my priority.. Now, I want that machine that tightens my flabby tummy skin, I want that all in one skin care robot that put on customized serums and moisturizers for me, I want that lifting serum that LIFTSSS my cheeks!!! I want that supplement that keeps me energized and clear my toxic and regain my youthful body! I want that! I want this!!

So so many things I wanna OWNNN!!!

Hahahaha... Well.. I guess enough of blabbering for me today.. Hopefully next update I can tell you I manage to OWN THEM ALL and thrived!! 


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